Programmer, statistician, photographer, writer, and husband. Not in that order.
Yo Dude ok, day 2... could see engagement has worn off, lets see how it goes..
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni Subreply is not as deeply engaging as Twitter or Facebook. It doesn't have flashing animations, movie stars, or entertainers. Further, most of the people who joined recently (like me!) came from Headline News, where we already have discussions. So, yeah -- engagement will drop. The question is: Can Subreply maintain a good core set of people, and build into its own media?
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🕊ī¸ Adam Siwiec I am 19. Stanford CS student. What should I build?
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni You should build things that make you happy. Failing that, you should build things that make other people happy. Good luck!
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đŸĻ„ Chip Uni What (if anything) do you listen to while you're programming, or doing work that requires a lot of concentration?
đŸĻž Lob Ster I used to listen to whatever was familiar on repeat -- one year I listened to Sufjan Steven's Christmas album for most of the year! Now I mostly listen to lo-fi hip hop or cafe jazz music , although I'm trying to get used to silence.
Chicken Waffles nothing that has lyrics or singing-including chants by gregorian monks. preferrably uptempo and melodic
Adsr Music I'm used to.
🔚 Bort Simpson Lou Reed - "Metal Machine Music" on repeat for 8 hours every weekday
Rai I put my favourite online streaming radios in a git repo and pick from there. . Feel free to add yours there!
đŸ’Ē Joe A lot of Spotify. Usually instrumental or harder to understand vocals. Have had it hooked up to last FM so that's fun to look at stats and whatnot
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đŸĨ¨ Shruthi Follow up question: is fake news as much of a problem as people seem to think?
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni Yes. According to library.piercecoll... , fake news sources were shared *more* than real ones in the 2016 election.
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🏕ī¸ Autumn Good morning! What's everyone having for breakfast?
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni Oatmeal to get me going, and have something in my stomach. Later, when I get actually hungry, I have pork bao in the fridge.
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Yo Dude ok, starting the first post with a question, why are you here? i came because i saw it on HN..
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni Same here. I heard about it on Headline News. The people here seem good.
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🧩 Ben Has anyone read "The Three-Body Problem" (San Ti )? I am reading the first book right now, it's pretty great
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni I ADORE that series. It's excellent, though rather depressing. Best science fiction since Stanislaw Lem!
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Mihail Has the pandemic impacted your mental health? How are you holding up?
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni I've been suffering worse from depression. My hopes for my birthday -- a longish travel through South America -- have been blown away. I haven't been able to meet friends. An annual convention I founded won't meet physically. So, it's been tough. But I'm doing what I can to keep my spirits up.
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Prince life advice to your 22 year-old self? doesn't matter if you're younger or older than 22 at the moment.
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni Keep learning. Keep learning more.
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đŸĻ„ Chip Uni Lots of us here are programmers. What's your favorite programming language, and why?
Anuradha Weeraman Perl, for its expressive and froody syntax
Re You can tell the site was made by a white male due to no reporting system
Mihail Ruby because it has the most elegant name.
🧔 Justin Rust because everything I write in it feels pristine.
🎃 M. Clojure. Neater than average conservative lisp implementation and runs on top of JVM (granting access to huge Java ecosystem).
đŸĨ Mr I prefer python because its fast to write and easy on the eyes, but C/C++ when speed is necessary. C is funny because you almost always end up with better code after all the time it takes to plan & bug fix... python executes without even 3 seconds of forethought.
🐇 Tuan I learned Rust recently. Most of the time I have just changing stuff to see which works. But I have a lot of fun from it.
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đŸĻ„ Chip Uni I use the same. Thanks!
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Kyle Shockey FiveThirtyEight has a decent podcast ("PODCAST-19") that tends to take high-altitude views on the pandemic. For numbers, NYT's case map seems to be a good aggregator.
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni Thanks for the suggestions!
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Uscrea M. what's your favorite number
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni 532,791,536. It doesn't come up very often, but when it does, it's VERY lucky.
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🛰ī¸ Alec I've been really enjoying if you're in the US
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni has become excellent.
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👉 LÊo I can hardly imagine the amount of misunderstanding and entitled know-it-alls that you have to deal with. I hope you find an employer that values your knowledge and insight. I am a graduate student doing research in mechatronics with applications to rehabilitation devices. We use A-B testing to demonstrate that our interventions work. (I hope this is the same A-B testing you were referring to). Anyways, I am happy to meet you. Have a good rest of your weekend.
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni Well, I need to be humble, too. Although I know statistics very well, I do not have the business knowledge that the executives have. Statistics has deep limits, too. In November 2019, I estimated about our company's future number of users... but the coronavirus utterly ruined the predictions.
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Daniel Woelfel This Twitter list has a lot of good people on it
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