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Yo Dude #DealAlert Amazon is running a huge deal on Apple AirPods, the brand new is only $128 and thats $30 less than elsewhere! But here is what no one else will tell you! If you look at the used products session, same amazon is selling one for just $98, its used but comes with a guarantee!!!
๐Ÿ”š Bort Simpson nice spam you fucking retard
๐ŸŽฒ Jamie Perhaps we could tag . Thought I saw a moderator account the other day but can't find it now
Yo Dude First week impressions : still not entirely convinced by its "left pane".. like the reply structure and finding people is always difficult .. I don't understand the trending page , same for left side navigation buttons on mobile
๐Ÿค” David Check out for some style changes and collapsing reply threads
Peter Clarkson Exactly my impression too. 12 buttons is a bit much for me (although a few of them, to be fair, are highly intuitive like search or settings). I still don't quite understand how I can find things that I am interested in, or whether there is any way to group conversations into a particular "topic" (maybe hashtags like #boardgames will take off) - it feels like a free-for-all.
Yo Dude ok, day 2... could see engagement has worn off, lets see how it goes..
๐Ÿฆ„ Chip Uni Subreply is not as deeply engaging as Twitter or Facebook. It doesn't have flashing animations, movie stars, or entertainers. Further, most of the people who joined recently (like me!) came from Headline News, where we already have discussions. So, yeah -- engagement will drop. The question is: Can Subreply maintain a good core set of people, and build into its own media?
Ganesh Khade As long as enough people are having meaningful conversations, it won't die.
๐Ÿ‘‚ Sly Subreply is +6y old yet its value isn't clear. To me, it looks more like a minimal alternative to every other social media platform, where its purpose is to socialize, using only text, with everybody and talk about anything. We'll see how it evolves, but for now, it's a social platform for old school people who are nostalgic about the early Internet days.
Yo Dude who do you believe ? Fauci or White House? -
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๐Ÿช“ Carlos Cortes This! Finding people is really difficult!
Yo Dude yeah, i dont understand its people tab ...
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๐Ÿงฉ Ben used to listen to whatever was on spotify, now i realized it's nice to work in silence
Yo Dude yeah, this #Covid-19 has made me break few of my own stereotypes, one being listening to music while working..
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Gyy Had a hole punch phone before, never buying one ever again.
Yo Dude wow, i used pixel 3a for sometime, it was fine, the build quality was solid..
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Yo Dude Google Leaks Pixel 4a - /Google
Gyy Had a hole punch phone before, never buying one ever again.
Yo Dude Another future request would be for polls a) agree b) disagree :)
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๐Ÿงจ Stephen Coley Any fellow game devs on here? Link your project and tell me about it.
Yo Dude Following this..
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Yo Dude if there is one thing you need from subreply, what would be it? mine would be to use the full screen real estate, may be divided into 2-3 columns ?
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Yo Dude Ok, so finding and following people are incredibly hard, can we have a follow link , just right to the profile please?
๐Ÿช“ Carlos Cortes This! Finding people is really difficult!
Yo Dude Initial thoughts on sub reply.. interesting enough, loads quick, no useless pictures, not sure if this has a post limit. the interface looks clean but bit old, without the modern day aesthetics.. would love to see if this has an app. No idea where this will go as it has both the potential to be next big thing, also might end up as just another Social media tool.. Lets seee.
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Yo Dude oh my, so this is up and running for more than 5 years? "John Olinda * 5y, 21w ago "
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Yo Dude Tools for IT #utilities, what tools do you use and why? here are few
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Yo Dude ok, starting the first post with a question, why are you here? i came because i saw it on HN..
โ„๏ธ Geoff Same. The site is weirdly addicting though. Feels like a lower-stakes version of Twitter
๐Ÿ”ญ Geraldo Sturgis Same. Interesting to see how it will do with many more users.
๐Ÿ“‰ Bill Im here from HN of course but now I'm addicted to how approachable all these conversations are without up and downvotes.
๐Ÿšฒ Koen West Jep, here through HN as well. Sticking around because of the snappy feel and the absence of image clutter.
๐ŸŒš Nlggers I discovered this site on HN. So far I've continued posting primarily because the users seem quite reasonable and fairly open minded.
๐Ÿฆ„ Chip Uni Same here. I heard about it on Headline News. The people here seem good.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Oscar Same as most - saw it on HN. I like it so far, only time will tell how it'll turn out.