~ 35y old from India
Ganesh Khade What new tab extension do you use?
🏒 Lucian Marin Blank page because it's instant.
🧐 Nrmn I don't use new tabs
🗨️ Fui I use this one: addons.mozilla.org... . Very useful as a markdown organizer on a new tab.
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Ganesh Khade Any podcasts with great audio quality similar to Cautionary Tales by Tim Harford, Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam?
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🏒 Lucian Marin The Peter Attia Drive, but is the audio quality an important factor for listening to certain podcasts?
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Ganesh Khade What colorscheme do you use with your code editor, dark or a light one?
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💻 Kernel Light bad, dark good.
🤬 Foobar Midnight Blue is my favorite
☝️ Jean-David Moisan I made my own it's called AposTheme. Check it out: marketplace.visual... Every time I use a different editor, I remake the theme.
👨‍💻 Timo One Dark or One Dark Pro and JetBrains Mono
🐧 Aditya I let pywal do it's magic.
🧔 Justin Brogrammer, because it's vibrant and I love contrast. I use the scheme everywhere
🔻 Trinity xterm, except I set the foreground to amber (can't remember the hexcode off the top of my head) and the background to 000000h
🏛️ Brandon Pittman Dark. Night Owl.
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Ganesh Khade Javascript or Typescript?
🤔 David Although I don't do much with TS I'd guess that it's just easier to work with for larger projects due to the strong typing. I'm wanting to learn how to correctly migrate projects to it...svelte just released official support for TS so I may try migrating my blog (using sapper) to it
☕ Francesco TypeScript, but without turning on "strict mode" from the start. Explore it and use it as the superset of JavaScript that it is and slowly opt in with its best features as you go.
☁️ Will Either as long as they are Progressive Web Apps?
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🧿 Andrea What is your best kept secret life hack? Mine: if you're feeling sick (high fever, food poisoning, etc) and don't drink coke regularly, a half litter of frizzy full sugar coke and a pan fried piece of bread (naan works well) will do you miracles
Ganesh Khade Schedule a wifi router to automatically turn off it's wireless network at night, so that kids can go to sleep. Not a parent, but when I configured my uncle's router to do so, he was so damn happy.
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Xy firefox: ublock origin, dark reader, bypass paywalls clean, vimium
Ganesh Khade Have you tried Tridactyl?
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🎣 Fish after a while i just start moving them from my project folder to an other folder to hide my shame
Ganesh Khade I too, have been there.
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Ganesh Khade What do you use for task management, personal and professional? How do you go about it? Would you walk me through the process?
☝️ Jean-David Moisan I use a mix of a couple things. Discord, GitHub Issues / Projects, Google Calendar, Joplin. Discord is nice to organize tasks with other people. GitHub Issues allow you to write detailed notes about a problem. GitHub Projects gives you a Kanban board. Google Calendar lets you setup daily reminders and mark incoming events. Joplin lets you take raw notes and organize your thoughts.
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🎣 Fish What different OS are people running? Always been intrigued by Linux as a forever windows user and im finally trying some out. Ive seen Tails, and Puppy Linux so far. Any recommendations?
Ganesh Khade How about Elementary OS? I love it. It's light and fast.
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Ganesh Khade What chrome extensions/firefox extensions do you use?
🤬 Foobar ublock origin is all I need
🎣 Fish chrome extensions on brave: gmail, nordvpn, nordpass
Xy firefox: ublock origin, dark reader, bypass paywalls clean, vimium
🔻 Trinity I have a number installed in Firefox, which is probably a bad habit: Wayback Machine, User Agent Switcher, Tampermonkey, ClearURLs, Hoxx VPN, WebRTC Leak Shield, uBlock Origin, Dark Reader, SponsorBlock, Lastpass, unPaywall, Downloader for Tiktok, MEGA, SingleFile, and Download Picture from Instagram. I do use all of them though. I have more but they're so numerous I couldn't go through them all in one comment.
💻 Kenneth Jensen uBlock Origin and uMatrix, chromium. The WWW is much more pleasant. "Inspect element" is also underrated for fixing fonts or deleting pop-ups and notifications and e-stalking social media without an account (cough Instagram).
🧿 Andrea I can recommend: Workona, Lastpass, Honey, Stylish (for a custom Jira dark mode I've made), JSON Formatter, Save to Pocket, uBlock Origin
🏒 Lucian Marin On Firefox I have these: app.telemetry page speed monitor, multi-account containers, h264fy, max tabs, order tabs by domain. I use macOS Light theme which I created: addons.mozilla.org....
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Ganesh Khade What tools do you use to protect your online privacy? I use dnscrypt-proxy, hosts file, firefox, Signal. Is mullvad the best vpn? I don't use any at the moment.
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🧔 Justin Youtube is the only video content I watch these days. I'd probably be more productive if you took it away from me, too.
Ganesh Khade getintention chrome extension
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🧉 Martin No. When I say app, I mean web app. It's Preact + TypeScript, with Go on the backend.
Ganesh Khade Oh. Got it. Do you mostly use Go, for your projects? Can it replace, a full fledged framework like Django, or Rails? I means for a solo developer without much overhead.
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Ganesh Khade hello fellow Americans, why is your food industry so devilish? Propagating lies. Mostly. It's coming to India too. But here, average people eat home-cooked meals. So, I think, it won't affect as much. Last but not the least, why don't you guys eat home-cooked meals? Although this might have changed in the current scenario.
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Ganesh Khade Tea or Coffee?
🦞 Lob Ster Yes please! [?][?]
Umayr Always coffee.
🍁 John J. Coffee. A ritual. Love them both. Grind the beans, by hand. Breathe in the bloom. Let the press linger. Divine.
🧉 Martin Shout out to any Club-Mate (or in my case, MateMate) fans. Love that drink.
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⌨️ Joseph What operating systems are people using here? I have to use Windows 10 at work, but at home I've been rocking Fedora.
Ganesh Khade Elementary OS, with i3wm.
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