There is no geographical solution to an emotional problem. ~ 38 years old in Japan
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It's fucked up to say, but 2020 was probably the best year of my life. I got married and went full-time as a software developer.
I am super impressed by Mailbrew. Letting me almost ditch Twitter and still keep up to date with stuff.
I was wondering why I stopped watching pro wrestling and it finally dawned on me that I stopped right around the time I got my first girlfriend.
Correlation is not causation! (But you're probably right -- having a life moves you away from adolescent fantasies of power)
did knowing the games were fixed not do it for ya?
I stopped playing video games for a couple years, sometimes it's just a phase. You don't have to love something forever to love it at all.
Haha you should definitely go back to watching it!
Applying for permanent residency tomorrow. Wish me luck.
Good luck! :-)
To a country or a hospital?
May I ask to which country? I'm a permanent resident myself.
I spend way too much time thinking about Tailwind.
CSS or are you just an aircraft junkie?
Formula 1 racer?
It feels very wrong that Basecamp's blog is powered by Wordpress
I'm working on getting Twitter out of my swapping one social network out for another. Maybe I'm doing this wrong.
It doesn't matter how many times Medium tries to get me to sign up, it's never gonna happen.
Same here, I'm not gonna pay to read a blog post.
In my case it is Quora. I find it annoying that whenever I read an article in mobile, they force me to install their app :/
Medium, Quora, and lest we forget, Pinterest. I hate how much Medium tries to get me to sign in to read stories or to upgrade to read more than 5 articles a month. It gets tired when I have to ration my free articles for the month like it's Unobtanium, and we all know just how low-quality most Medium articles are. What I do is save Medium links to Pocket, which somehow doesn't count against my free 5 articles.
Looks like Japanese doesn't work over here.
I am way too excited about ReasonML.