c++ developer and tai chi apprentice. Mexican and American and living in the US
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😃💬 Javier Yesterday I watched the movie Melancholia en.wikipedia.org/w...) and it is going to my collection of sci-fi masterpieces.
😃💬 Javier Truly interesting interaction from the Linux OSS community: lore.kernel.org/li...
😃💬 Javier Python Github Bug report 5771 for pyca forcing users that build that library to install Rust on their build systems...because Rust is safer...love it or leave it? :). github.com/pyca/cr...
😃💬 Javier I just watched the Disney's documentary The Sweatbox on Youtube. I highly recommend. Specially to any Sting fan out there.
😃💬 Javier 106 US House reps undersigned a Texas rep. lawsuit against PA, against Democracy and the sovereignty of the states in the USA. Each state now needs to reign in there idiots.
😃💬 Javier I made a bet: Who last the longest without knowing election results. I will stay out message boards for a while.
😃💬 Javier Recommend Netflix TV show: Queen's Gambit. Polished and well directed.
😃💬 Javier I just Installed WSL 2 For Windows 10 Ubuntu flavour. No Linux GUI! I had to open powershell (shudder) to enable the WSL feature. This is a better alternative than git-bash or cygwin for developers who want to game on the weekend.
😃💬 Javier Biergartens, Pumpkins, Baseball World Series, empty lake, empty streets the sun goes down alone.
😃💬 Javier Viernes are for chillin.. dig.ccmixter.org/f...
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