c++ developer and tai chi apprentice. Mexican and American and living in the US
github.com/javieri... ~ 55 years old in United States
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Truly interesting interaction from the Linux OSS community: lore.kernel.org/li...
Python Github Bug report 5771 for pyca forcing users that build that library to install Rust on their build systems...because Rust is safer...love it or leave it? :). github.com/pyca/cr...
I just watched the Disney's documentary The Sweatbox on Youtube. I highly recommend. Specially to any Sting fan out there.
106 US House reps undersigned a Texas rep. lawsuit against PA, against Democracy and the sovereignty of the states in the USA. Each state now needs to reign in there idiots.
I made a bet: Who last the longest without knowing election results. I will stay out message boards for a while.
Recommend Netflix TV show: Queen's Gambit. Polished and well directed.
I just Installed WSL 2 For Windows 10 Ubuntu flavour. No Linux GUI! I had to open powershell (shudder) to enable the WSL feature. This is a better alternative than git-bash or cygwin for developers who want to game on the weekend.
Biergartens, Pumpkins, Baseball World Series, empty lake, empty streets the sun goes down alone.
Viernes are for chillin.. dig.ccmixter.org/f...
A Sunrise in Sisyphos: soundcloud.com/eli...
What we see every day shapes our motivations. Podcast Hidden Brain The Mind's Eye.
Virgin Atlantic files for bankruptcy protection. Owner R. Branson put his island as collateral looking for a bailout and British gov frowns. The man owns an island. News of the weird.
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