c++ developer and tai chi apprentice. Mexican and American and living in the US
github.com/javieri... ~ 55 years old in United States
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I just watched the Disney's documentary The Sweatbox on Youtube. I highly recommend. Specially to any Sting fan out there.
106 US House reps undersigned a Texas rep. lawsuit against PA, against Democracy and the sovereignty of the states in the USA. Each state now needs to reign in there idiots.
I made a bet: Who last the longest without knowing election results. I will stay out message boards for a while.
Recommend Netflix TV show: Queen's Gambit. Polished and well directed.
I just Installed WSL 2 For Windows 10 Ubuntu flavour. No Linux GUI! I had to open powershell (shudder) to enable the WSL feature. This is a better alternative than git-bash or cygwin for developers who want to game on the weekend.
Biergartens, Pumpkins, Baseball World Series, empty lake, empty streets the sun goes down alone.
Viernes are for chillin.. dig.ccmixter.org/f...
A Sunrise in Sisyphos: soundcloud.com/eli...
What we see every day shapes our motivations. Podcast Hidden Brain The Mind's Eye.
Virgin Atlantic files for bankruptcy protection. Owner R. Branson put his island as collateral looking for a bailout and British gov frowns. The man owns an island. News of the weird.
I was annoyed with the canned answers from Bezos, Cook, Pichau and Zucker. Zucker and Bezos creepy as always. Cook and Pichau were cagey and non-informative. Mission accomplished.
Anyone write down their dreams? If so, was it useful in the world of the awake like in Twin Peaks?
i remember mine but they're normally pretty boring. just me going about my day
I write down particularly vivid or significant seeming dreams. I started doing it because I dreamt something I thought was going to come true and wanted a record proving that my dreams predicted the future. The thing I dreamt didn't happen though, so now I have a record that I'm not a prophet.
Is there is such thing as national US news site that is not politically biased?
I doubt it, I just read NHK (though it too is biased I suppose).
No. But Associated Press is pretty good. Most other big news sources take their reports and spin it to their bias
Nope, though I read Financial Times which isn't too egregious, at most pro free market / globalized economy.
Try Al Jazeera. I've found them to be about as unbiased as the Guardian and they stream their news channel on Youtube.
Idk to be honest. I use Axios and the text version of NPR. They both seem to have a slightly left leaning.
It is more useful to read news that wears its bias on its sleeve. I know that Zerohedge is %90 bullshit, but they are fast and when they get it right, they get it better than anyone, and you can tell what's true. The Financial Times and the Guardian try to hide their bias, which means that %99+ is bullshit because even when they're right, they're still lying about their skew.
Just follow news on twitter for multiple angles
Wire services are as close as you're going to get. Agence France-Presse, Associated Press, Reuters. They're in the journalism business. They get news and then sell it to all of the "news" companies that then smear their bias all over it to make their readership more outraged, smug, happy, whatever emotions get them the most riled up and likely to keep coming back.
realclearpolitics has a newsfeed that posts top news from both conservative and liberal sources. the real reward of following this type of mixed source for a while is that you don't feel alienated from the half the population, but instead have a fair sense of what every side is likely to say in response to a given topic. This is turn gives you the freedom to just switch off entirely.
I won't lie; most of the news I receive is by word of mouth (mostly memes on Telegram or the clover site) or from AP Radio News. I used to read BBC in 2016. I will go ahead and drop Drudge Report here. Local news is more useful to me; most of it I heard when I was working as a cable guy.
If I like the book "Antkind" what similar books anyone recommends?