Grudnuk demands sustenance!
~ 35 years old
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First try to build a corne keyboard: Failed... I need to get a tester (I lost the one I had) and probably replace some burned LEDs :/
subreply is low-tech friendly
What a relief, right?
As Seth Godin says, deliberately lo-fi: Because better is better.
reading: The Road - Cormac McCarthy
Any scuttlebutt plebs out there?
Want to. But like with Urbit/BlockStack/etc, I wonder about mechanisms to discover interesting content on the "novel and likely technologically superior tool". Even subreply here has that 'immediate gratification' of interesting people discussing compelling things. But maybe that's not the point of scuttlebut as mentions re: "Slow Web Movement".
highest CoViD infection rate in Barcelona just around the corner
What's happening there?
All ready to assembly a Corne keyboard
Hello subworld