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What project are you all working on these days?
I should do more work on my multilingual raytracing project. Also, for the last 6 months I've been playing with the idea of trying a bit of game development. Through that I can do programming, and art, and music, which are all individually things that I want to practice.
I'm grading my students for their Word/Excel/HTML exam. Neat :D Otherwise, I should figure out what occupation to seek for next year.
I created a two column layout for to use all available white space. Next I will try to fetch data faster.
I'm doing a lot of gamedev. Right now I'm coding a map editor from scratch. It's such a fun thing to code. (MonoGame C#)
This past week I worked on two books and made excellent progress.
I started working on a URL shortener service for the inclined individuals that want to host it themselves. Any must haves in a self-hosted, simple URL shortener service?
I'm working on V2 of, I hope to be done in Q1 of this year.
I am trying to make an interactive version of Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata
I'm transcribing "The Scoops" in Renoise, which I made with Charlie Brooker in 1996 on an Atari ST. 2 months in and 80% done. Pointlessness taken to a whole new level.
I've had lots of fun exploring Gemini - is anyone active in there? Let me know your about your site if so :)
what is this Gemini of which you speak?
happy friday folks! Anything planned this weekend?
I realize it's been an eternity since I've posted here. I hope you are all doing well!
currently refreshing my website and resume, I'm looking for some fresh air (:
loving the new purple theme of firefox
I can't believe it's already sunday evening. Weekends go by so fast.
Time flies when you are having fun! Love the Halloween invitation poster.
Has anyone played Tibia? It's an old-school MMORPG I've heard about for a while and today I tried it. It's loads of fun, but feels a little grindy.
I barely have time to play social games :(
It's super grindy. I played it a little, but I was more into Ragnarok.
Yesterday, pizza. Tonight sushi. I don't have the healthiest diet!
My two most favorite foods! I'd say your diet is perfect! :-)
I realize it's been a few days since I last came here. Hope everyone is doing great. :)
I'm doing good. But I have a problem. I need to leave but the cat on my lap is sleep-purring.
Pretty good despite the amount of cheese I've been heaping onto my food this week. I should be banned from buying more but instead I just went shopping and found a bunch of applewood, brie, and spicy stuff on clearance..
Apologies for being late in my reply; yes I am well and I hope you are too. It's busy at work; I'm hoping to do some socially distant socialising with friends soon though.
Happy last day of August all!
Absolutely thrilled of my new thinkpad. It's a big P53. Linux noob but I went with fedora. It's very slick right now. The transition from macos isn't so bad! Any tips?
If you are using Gnome desktop (which is the default btw if you haven't changed it), you should download Gnome Tweaks in the Software App. You can tweak all sorts of options in there. Also, nice laptop! That looks like quite a nice machine.
The GNOME dock might be fine, but if you want something more Mac-y, could always install Plank. :) Congrats on your new Thinkpad!
> Any tips? Are you looking for anything specific? I have a highly customized setup myself.
Prepare for Btrfs as default on Fedora 33. Subvolumes and filesystem compression are awesome.
nice! I was so close to not buying a new macbook this year. Was looking at the surface pro, but... inevitably, I bought a macbook instead haha. Can't break out of the mac ecosphere!
Today I should receive my thinkpad. Super excited
What an happy day ! How will you setup it ? Which OS ?
What a thrilling day indeed! With a Thinkpad you have a friend for life. I have the similar questions as . What model? New or used? Though I'm chauvinistic enough to ask directly which Linux will you run on it. :)
Which one did you get?
I used almost all the models of the X series in my life
Ooh, is this one of the new Ryzen 4k based ones?
Next film on the list: WarGames
I should rewatch that one!
I apply "the only winning move is not to play" every single day.
Happy Sunday all! I am definitely enjoying this morning's coffee.
I didn't find the time for a morning coffee but the afternoon coffee will be mine! What kind of coffee do you prefer?
Just found out about a lovely "retro web simulator game" called hypnospace. Awesome art and soundrack!
Overheard: "GNU Emacs, which is a sort of hybrid between Windows Notepad, a monolithic-kernel operating system, and the International Space Station."
I think I'm watching you be slowly assimilated by Emacs.
Hahaha, that's hilarious! I've never tried emacs, I've always been on vim (and more recently nvim). Do you think it's worth the investment?
Sounds legit to me.