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Forgiveness is greater than.
Computer Science degrees need stronger focus on ethics. There is such thing as unethical alogorithms and they are very present today....
I would rather be a prole..
A zero doesnt store treasure on earth..
Identity. Who are you in the absense of everything? Alone in the woods just surviving... Probably not a sexual orientation, skin color, gender, etc...
More than 50% of comments on the internet are from people whos brain has not fully developed yet.. Never in history have young people had such weight in their voice but at the same time we do not know who is blessed with age and who has more to grow. The internet is mud. Engage more in real life and you will see the internet is not a reflection of us but a poorely drawn caricature.
They will learn faster, build a better world.
Perhaps the wise, in larger number than we imagine, are keeping silent.
shit take
I would rather be no one in the presence of THE ONE than some one in the presence of no one.
Add a hud to your windshield TESLA. Augmented reality gps and notifications of objects in path! This is an easy win.
Bitcoin is the one you know will win. Dogecoin is the one you want to win.
I regret not investing in Bitcoin when it came out... Too late now. It is what it is... <--- NO JUST NO
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