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The results of an election should be conclusive. The fact that they are not means the process did not work. Tighten security. Their should never be holes in the process which allow the possibility of fraud (regaurdless of if fraud took place). In IT you do not build security based on the fact that 99.99% of users are good actors but for the possibility that there is 1 bad actor. Ambiquity is the death democracy.
Fear of death... A conquering force in most peoples lives. In the lives of a follower of Christ death is actually inversed. The world and the believers can never see eye to eye because fundementally fear has less control over us.
death is not the worst thing that may happen
If we never had knowledge of a Shark or that it could attack you. We would swim in the ocean without any fear of an "attack". Of these "ignorant" people the majority would never learn about Sharks because they would never encounter one. If they did, most would not be attacked. Instead we fear the slim possibility of a shark attack that 99.99% of people will never experience. Information is the opposite of power.
Go 20 years back in time or go 20 years forward?
If I had to pick one number to define who I am. I would pick two.
2020.. Bobs Burgers and the Bible are the only constants in my life..
Not in that order, I hope.
Whoever has the biggest bot army rules the world...
I value an honest person I may disagree with far more than a fake person who says what you want to hear. At least the honest person leaves themselves open to discussion or debate.
How you distinguish the two? The first could be a contariam. The second someone who believes in building bridges.
This phrase comes to mind: "Framing for dissent".
Our ancenstors sacraficed their lives to protect our freedoms. We sacrafice our freedoms to protect our lives.
Kinda crazy how good api's are nowadays.. i havent really been working on anything that required one for maybe 10 yrs and back then they just seemed terrible.. this week alone integrated stripe and google maps in under an hour. pretty cool tbh
I've never integrated stripe, but I heard their API is top notch.
Sooo... what if we created a separate calendar called a "debt calendar".. The entire world agrees to create this calendar for debts. You can then pause or "slow down" time (i.e slow required debt payments).. So my rent is due August 5th. But since time is moving slower on the debt calendar we could reach "August 5th" but on the debt clock we are at "August 1st". We then can move the clock faster or slower depending on how well the recovery is going. What would break?
It would be infeasible because most of the world is able to go back to work. Only America is having dramatic numbers of new cases (well, in the first world; Brazil is doing its own thing), probably due to the population's unwillingness to embrace basic science (due to their weak education system probably stemming at least in part from their refusal to make public universities free).
In order for AI to be "sentient" or truly "alive" it would need to disobey its programming. In the biblical origin story God created humans and gave them the ability to disobey..
I agree with the sentiment. The problem thus is not with the I on AI, but with the A. Because life is all about going off script in order to keep on going. No fixed rules. If the universe allows it, it's good to go.
I see your point, but wouldn't a random number generator suffice? Like an agent that selects randomly between several possible / appropriate behaviors. In a way, our personalities might just be biases in our own random generators.
Love God with all your heart soul and mind. Love your neighbor as yourself.. The sum of Gods commandments.. Matthew 22:37-40 Live it and Love.
I feel like quantum physics and time are likely related. If you could observe the future, you could make a change to it which would collapse that future.. The same thing happens in quantum physics where just observing something changes its results.
Observing the future to "collapse its associated wave function" and select a specific outcome to control future events? That could be a nice pitch for a movie or a TV show. Or a book. Maybe it has been done... But indeed, space, time, causality, emergence, quantum behavior, etc, are all part of a big puzzle that physicists are trying to solve while having been starved for the past decades of new/unexpected experimental data. It is a... Complicated field (duh).
If a state were to secede from the union what would be the challenges they would face? Specifically Texas. 2nd highest GDP. Largest oil producer. Most farms of any other state. Abundance of land. Has one of the lowest amount of federal aid per resident (around $300 per resident)
I assume the biggest challenge would be getting the USA to agree to peacefully separate. It's an interesting question and makes me think of Catalonia and the American civil war (neither of which worked out too well).
Yeah, US army bases in the state are a big one (this was the deal with Ft. Sumter at the start of the civil war). International diplomacy would be the other, especially with the big-ass country that would surround us on three sides and could effectively (and easily!) blockade our harbors. Travel to family in other states would also be a morale issue with the public.
Fun fact, Texas has it's own state militia! Also, no state income tax; most counties make money on ~2.5% sales tax & property tax; I believe the state makes most (a lot?) of its money on corporate taxes... Anyways, I for one would welcome the return of the Republic, perhaps with its old annex New Mexico. Lots of room for farming, and NM steals all of Texas' water!
Quantum Physics. What about two worlds instead of "many worlds"? True vs False. 0 vs 1. Light vs Darkness. Conscious vs Subconcious.
This is something that came up today while talking about Yin and Yang and alternate realities. Decision-making is usually binary (yes, I will; no, I will not), but what about picking things? My quantum physics is rusty, what does many options imply? Electron clouds come to mind. As entropy increases, does it distribute evenly? Which system? What the hell is a string?
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