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Zero Edge Over half of the US population is living in an alternate reality where 1 out of 2 people who get the cooties has to go to the hospital.
☕✍️ David Antoine Is it just me or is it pretty rare to see those balanced and not politically biased articles in the New York Times? That was interesting to read though nothing exceptional, more people should have that balanced position...
Zero Edge "Tax the rich" aka tax the working class rich not the billionaire's who make most of their money through capital gains. What can you expect tho? Don't bite the hand that feeds you right?
🌲 Tho i love apple computers, but i absolutely loath apple phones. they are so stupid and underfeatured. macos and ios are like heaven and hell
Zero Edge Meh, I have problems with a Google an advertising company that tracks everything being the provider of my OS.
Zero Edge Waiting for apple to release a foldable iPhone. I like them.
🌲 Tho apple is usually 10 years behind in terms of features compared to android, so you'll have to wait for a while :D
🏒 Lucian Marin Follow the white rabbit.
Zero Edge Just fyi, from an employer: If you have no work history from about May 2020 - September 2021, you look like a lazy who sat on the sidelines while the majority of us worked our butts off. Gives off a bad impression. Probably better to make something up for those dates..
🐓 Mega "Worked on personal projects" lol
Zero Edge I break things down a lot of times into "kindergarten mode". I take the situation I am seeing and analyze it as if all the participants were in kindergarten. Somehow it makes human behavior way more comprehendible.
Zero Edge 10% (about 250k) of deaths per year in USA are due to medical mal practice. Some estimates say as high as 16% (440k). No one cares about these deaths.
🐇 Robert Blinov Makes one think about how many "Covid deaths" were actually medical malpractice...
Zero Edge A 70 year old has spent 2% of their life with pandemic restrictions. A 15 year old has spent 10% of their life already with pandemic restrictions. That is why I value less what the "older" generation is saying.. It has affected their lives far far less. For a 70 year old to understand how long it has been (relatively) it would be as if they experienced these restrictions for 7 years.
☕✍️ David Antoine $1 million or more for pics of cats? Cats are cute but fffffuck, people are insane. Or too rich. Or both... Excuse my language... :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Zero Edge Work all your life to earn $1m or sell a picture of a cat online to some goober with too much money and a foggy brain. Just 2021 things..
☕✍️ David Antoine So like owning the serial key of a software that you can sell to someone else if you don't use it anymore? Something like that? Could be useful. Because for the rest, it does look like some kind of scam when it comes to owning the NFT of a piece of art or something else. Doesn't make any sense. You don't own any of it. At least I could understand if it grants you some copyrights for example... But just the token artificially linked to the original art? I don't get it.
Zero Edge Serial key is a great example. There is a lot of utility for video game items, video game ownership, and others but the "art" thing just has me scratching my head. People are paying $1m+ for pictures of cats.
Zero Edge Video Game Collector Market Exposed:
Zero Edge I have never met a person who thought NFT "art", "avatars" etc, was great that didn't own any. I know many people (including me) who think Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc is great and I don't own any... Beanie Babies.
Zero Edge Man buys Fake Banksy NFT sold through artist's website for 244k - "Be your own Banksy" <- Such a good burn lol :
🏒 Lucian Marin Why would anyone pay so much in the first place? A tweet sold for $2.9m.
🐇 Robert Blinov Generally they are quite dumb. But they are genuinely useful for a decentralised domain name system:
Zero Edge I think there is great usefulness in "video game items", digital ticketing and video game ownership/rentals. But the majority of NFTs are not that and are some sort of selling "digital art" scheme.. EDIT: Apparently already doing video game digital ownership which is a great use case: store.robotcache.c...
Zero Edge I can't ever see my opinion that "nft's are dumb" ever changing..
🐇 Robert Blinov Generally they are quite dumb. But they are genuinely useful for a decentralised domain name system:
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