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Zero Edge These days my disdain of crypto outweighs my love of crypto.
♦️ Robert Blinov Looks like your words had an effect on the price ;-)
Zero Edge Before conversing with a person about covid anymore I am going to ask two questions. What % of people that catch covid go to the hospital? What % of people that catch covid need go to the hospital? After they answer those questions I will be able to judge their level of brainwashed and understand their point of view better. Still seeing people with the most insanely inflated numbers I have ever seen and it's pure frustration when the same people are pointing to others and saying "they are misinformed". Some of us have actually looked at the studies in-depth and not just watched the "news".
Zero Edge The most commonly felt expression of the world in the past 20 years: "I will never understand how THAT guy got into power".
♦️ Robert Blinov Compromised people are chosen for important positions so they can be blackmailed into following orders.
♦️ Robert Blinov It's not a scam. It's a business model that's bad for the client.
Zero Edge Hopefully free market competition eliminates this. "Replace your worker with a machine that only ends up costing $2/hour". Maybe the sell is free repairs/maintenance? Either way seems kind of like a scummy business model. We going to start renting our phones next?
Zero Edge The biggest scam is selling automation robots as a "subscription service" instead of a one time fee.
♦️ Robert Blinov It's not a scam. It's a business model that's bad for the client.
🌲 Tho robots should pay taxes
☕ David Antoine Vaccines can eradicate a pandemic, like the smallpox if I'm not mistaken... But a lot of factors are involved so I don't know if we can do it for the SARS-COV-2...
Zero Edge Unfortunately it isn't possible with the tools we have even at full vaccination. There are animal reservoirs, not to mention the vaccine does not provide immunity just some kind of "better outcome". The previous vaccines were more of a one and done situation and provided real immunity. These vaccines are not in the same tier of immunity and require consistent "boosters". It is a lot harder to eradicate a virus (even if it did provide the correct immunity) when it requires the entire population of the world to have had a shot within the last 6 months as opposed to anytime in their life.
🏒 Lucian Marin We tried this before vaccines. It didn't work. Vaccines work a bit better, but they aren't a cure. We need Covid medicine.
Zero Edge We have always been in short supply of the "good" masks. The vaccines are actually less effective at preventing you from getting it than this mask. Not to mention this mask will be useful regardless of what kind of pandemic. If you build the factories they will be used. Have a stockpile ready for the next pandemic. Vaccine development and deployment takes too long to prevent a pandemic. These can be used as a tool for prevention. Possibly not a perfect solution for todays problems but it would still hamper the spread a lot more effectively than a vaccine only approach. Talking about N95 masks not single layer cloth masks...
Zero Edge The fact that no government has begun investing in N95 manufacturing just screams incompetence. Guess what provides better immunity than a vaccine? A N95 MASK! Guess what works regardless of what virus is going around? A N95 MASK! Guess what can stop ANY PANDEMIC IMMEDIATLY. N95 MASKS! Seriously, this not only helps the current situation but prepares you for ALL future pandemics with out having to develop a new vaccine each time which takes upwards of a year. If you had a stockpile of N95 masks when all of this started we would be living in a different world today. INVEST IN THE NOW AND INVEST IN THE FUTURE.
🏒 Lucian Marin We tried this before vaccines. It didn't work. Vaccines work a bit better, but they aren't a cure. We need Covid medicine.
☕ David Antoine Not sure about that. Also depends on how the virus circulates and it's size, the quality of masks, face leakage, surgical mask or face respirator, etc. It certainly helps curbs a pandemic but I doubt it will stop it alone. It's a tool in the arsenal. But yes they should be used reasonably. It doesn't help now that the mRNA vaccines work to avoid severe illness for a limited time and cannot stop the replication because they indirectly present the immune system with only one surface protein of the virus. Not ideal.
Zero Edge The real conspiracy is believing that powerful people wouldn't ally together to achieve a goal they all agree on. Keep filling your mind with the "narrative" and never wake up!
Zero Edge "the internet is a series of tube". Ask a politician to explain what a "nft" is in full complexity. Then ask the politician to explain how they can regulate something they don't understand. Then start questioning ourselves on why we hire people to "rule" us when they don't even understand how anything works.
Rsm Y'all still here?
Zero Edge biting my tongue more often these days.
Zero Edge Zillow: Provide real api access instead of the lackluster api access you have now and let others pick up where you failed. At my old company we had to re scrape county websites instead of just buying the data because no one had it.
♦️ Robert Blinov What did you believe to be true but actually was just marketing?
Zero Edge That a life where you do nothing and make money is a "happy" life. Quite the opposite.
Zero Edge The GMO human beings are really mad at the organic human beings. I wonder if GMO tomatoes get mad at organic tomatoes...
Zero Edge It's interesting to see how the language in 1984 has been adopted into mainstream society when many people never know the source of the words: "Big Brother", "Memory Holed", "Ministry of Truth", etc..
🏒 Lucian Marin Should I add "Green Pass" to the list? It freaks me out how every shop in town knows everything about me based on a QR code.
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