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Zero Edge Good philosophers are counter culture, otherwise nothing they say would be profound.
Zero Edge I don't mind being wrong. My poor pride is sacrificed but maybe I will learn something.
Zero Edge Terrorism -> "The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion." = Hmm...
Zero Edge Intermittent fasting is overlooked.
Rsm My wife does it.
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Zero Edge Well the places aren't static. They appear and disappear very quickly. Usually can find a few when you are on a forum that is dedicated to a subject that isn't politics and a political topic comes up.
🏒 Lucian Marin Until we become a galactic empire and human cloning is the norm. :) Brain is developed to support life at birth and starts learning earlier. I doubt any form of knowledge is passed from generations to generations. I wish we had an Einstein among us today. It's also a good thing, evil people start with nothing.
Zero Edge I kind of think we are passed traits (knowledge) from our parents. I have seen few anecdote's where adopted kids met their birth parents and had some parallel behaviors.
Zero Edge When you find pockets of the internet where two groups of opposing opinions are evenly populated the conversation is so rich.
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Zero Edge Celebrities only post online with their real id's because otherwise they would be treated like everyone else. Their ideas and perspective have no weight to stand unless it's backed by their brand.
Zero Edge "You know what's a good idea? A MILEAGE TAX" said some nim wits in Congress.. Comical at this point.
Zero Edge Most people being labeled as "anti-vax" are not that. They are against taking a "new" drug that does not have long term data associated with it. If you told this same group "take the flu shot and you won't have to worry about covid" a lot of them would take it, no problem. The "hesitancy" has nothing to do with not "trusting the science", it has everything to do with long term data. Mandates for a drug less than 1 yr old = pride -> "An attack on me is an attack on science."
Zero Edge They don't like the word "natural immunity" because people like things that are "natural". It makes it sound like any other immunity is "unnatural". From a marketing perspective: yeah that makes so much sense. From a humanity perspective: your job is not to sell, your job is to be honest.
☕ David Antoine Speaking of the marketability of all things natural... Found this. And it's not looking good :
Zero Edge I remember when "profiting off a pandemic" was considered a bad thing. Ask one of the many elite who have gained from this: "knowing what you know now if you had the chance to stop the pandemic before it started, would you?". The truthful answer would be sad.
Zero Edge Make Mexico great again? Seems to solve many issues. A few being illegal immigration, and supply chain issues (from cargo ships).
Zero Edge If going out into the sun for longer than 3 hours caused you to turn into a zombie who would attack people, the government would ban going out into the sun completely. Their opinion of you is that you are "dumb" and incapable of making good decisions, all while taking your money and pretending to serve you.
Zero Edge Pardon Snowden.
Zero Edge Ok, I think i'm starting to understand this whole "newspeak" thing.. I can't call my friends "retarded" anymore because it used to represent a person who had a mental disability. Now instead of using that word to describe these people we now use the word "intellectual disability", so I should call my friends "intellectually disabled" instead so that no one will be offended. Got it!
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