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Bitcoin is the one you know will win. Dogecoin is the one you want to win.
I regret not investing in Bitcoin when it came out... Too late now. It is what it is... <--- NO JUST NO
Luke 5:37-39
Which are you closer to your primal being or your immortal being?
Immortal, I hope. It'll stay around a lot longer.
If you transported your conciousness into a body incapable of having sex and your appearance is not unique would you lose your identity? If that answer is yes your identity is not rooted in the right place.
Tech is the new tower of babel.
Porn is a trap.
Much like alcohol and a few other items.
I do my best to avoid THAT kind...
Tesla owns some Bitcoin. Whenever Bitcoin goes up or down in value Tesla's asset value goes up or down. Part of Tesla's valuation is it's assets. Bitcoin's price should have a "slight" impact on Tesla's price. Tesla is part of the S and P 500. Bitcoin's price now has very small impact on the overall S & P 500...
Elon Musk should post on twitter that he is "matching btc sent to this address. Send .1 btc and get .2 btc back".. and then actually do it lol
elon musk's name is not chuck feeney, unfortunately. look him up!
Perfection exists in imperfection.
GME short squeeze is the most entertaining thing I have seen in quite a while.. POPCORN!
Highly entertaining indeed. Also regretting not hoping on that train. But I think it's more complicated and regulated to do the same thing here in Europe... Seen the guy who apparently invested $55k and ended up with $13M nearly overnight. That is life changing, good for him and the others! God...
The failure of this election (no firm consenus) entirely rests on the supreme court. Whether or not there is or was legal merit a look at the case and a ruling from the supreme court would have brought better clarity to the matter. Texas vs Pennsylvania should have happend and it is a failure of duty on the supreme court.
Indeed. I wonder and it's a bit off topic. Why not couple the electronic vote with a paper copy? You go to your voting place. ID check of course. Go to your booth. Select your e-candidate AND the electronic machine print out a copy of your vote (with some additional mark for traceability). And you give that copy like a traditional bulletin. If the electronic votes match the paper count, you're good. Wouldn't that render any fraud much more complicated? Or is it a stupid idea?
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