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Zero Edge My favorite part of crypto is the amount of "trust me bro" in the space. You know.. the whole thing blockchain is supposed to solve..
Zero Edge I don't see how FSD makes mistakes like this. It should know the lanes from the mountains of data it is has... You can't afford to have edge cases for FSD:
☕ David Antoine I don't remember where I read about this but the Tesla FSD is only a level 2 autonomous driving system. Only Mercedes as a level 3 car. And real full autonomy is level 5... There is a long road ahead (pun intended). I think it can work only if every car is automated at the same level and "speaking" with other cars for positioning and awareness. A bit like the TCAS for aircrafts...
Zero Edge Bring back the worlds fair!
Zero Edge The field of "Psychology" should be reset every 100 years and started fresh. If you started from a blank slate I highly doubt the same conclusions would be reached. Most shaky field of "science" by far.
🏒 Lucian Marin I read "Prophecy". It made sense to have a new one every 100 years. :/
Nenad Golubovic not once Taleb compared Psychology to Astrology
Zero Edge If traveling salesman problem gets solved does it mean P = NP?
☀️ Robert With the constantly appreciating value of deflationary currency, people will shift towards buying only high-quality, long-lasting, and useful items. The world will become a cleaner and healthier place once the economy of single-use crap starts to stagnate and decline.
Zero Edge Can you imagine if everything was priced in deflationary currency? You borrowed 1 BTC 5 years ago ($500) now you have to pay back 1 BTC ($50,000). It just doesn't work. Not saying it isn't smart to have some assets in deflationary assets but thinking it would be smart to move a nations primary currency to it is not smart. Heard people talking about how in El Salvador people end up holding their Bitcoin and spending their regular currency. It's not functional as a currency but as a hedge definitely has use.
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☀️ Robert Please explain.
Zero Edge Modest inflation is good for an economy. It forces people to spend their money instead of it sitting in a bank account. Deflation or no inflation incentivizes people to hold the currency and not spend it which causes harm to the economy. I see people saying "maybe Bitcoin is the solution to inflation" but the reality is if we used a non inflationary currency for everyday life it would stagnate the economy. Obviously, having too much inflation is a bad thing but having no inflation or deflation is far worse. Bitcoin and non-inflationary assets should be used as a hedge but shouldn't replace inflationary currency.
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☀️ Robert If it can be taken away, it's a privilege, not a right.
Zero Edge Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Zero Edge Inflation is a feature not a bug.
☀️ Robert Please explain.
Zero Edge These days my disdain of crypto outweighs my love of crypto.
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☀️ Robert Looks like your words had an effect on the price ;-)
Zero Edge Before conversing with a person about covid anymore I am going to ask two questions. What % of people that catch covid go to the hospital? What % of people that catch covid die? After they answer those questions I will be able to judge their level of brainwashed and understand their point of view better. Still seeing people with the most insanely inflated numbers I have ever seen and it's pure frustration when the same people are pointing to others and saying "they are misinformed". Some of us have actually looked at the studies in-depth and not just watched the "news".
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Zero Edge The most commonly felt expression of the world in the past 20 years: "I will never understand how THAT guy got into power".
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☀️ Robert Compromised people are chosen for important positions so they can be blackmailed into following orders.
☀️ Robert It's not a scam. It's a business model that's bad for the client.
Zero Edge Hopefully free market competition eliminates this. "Replace your worker with a machine that only ends up costing $2/hour". Maybe the sell is free repairs/maintenance? Either way seems kind of like a scummy business model. We going to start renting our phones next?
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Zero Edge The biggest scam is selling automation robots as a "subscription service" instead of a one time fee.
☀️ Robert It's not a scam. It's a business model that's bad for the client.
☕ David Antoine Vaccines can eradicate a pandemic, like the smallpox if I'm not mistaken... But a lot of factors are involved so I don't know if we can do it for the SARS-COV-2...
Zero Edge Unfortunately it isn't possible with the tools we have even at full vaccination. There are animal reservoirs, not to mention the vaccine does not provide immunity just some kind of "better outcome". The previous vaccines were more of a one and done situation and provided real immunity. These vaccines are not in the same tier of immunity and require consistent "boosters". It is a lot harder to eradicate a virus (even if it did provide the correct immunity) when it requires the entire population of the world to have had a shot within the last 6 months as opposed to anytime in their life.
🏒 Lucian Marin We tried this before vaccines. It didn't work. Vaccines work a bit better, but they aren't a cure. We need Covid medicine.
Zero Edge We have always been in short supply of the "good" masks. The vaccines are actually less effective at preventing you from getting it than this mask. Not to mention this mask will be useful regardless of what kind of pandemic. If you build the factories they will be used. Have a stockpile ready for the next pandemic. Vaccine development and deployment takes too long to prevent a pandemic. These can be used as a tool for prevention. Possibly not a perfect solution for todays problems but it would still hamper the spread a lot more effectively than a vaccine only approach. Talking about N95 masks not single layer cloth masks...