running out of time ~ 18.2y old in Seattle
Likes final stops. Or even semicolons. Removes ands, nows, and wells. English & Portuguese.
Python developer and all things design.
Astronomy And Mechanical Watches Lover - Space Travel Dreamer - Coffee & Chocolate Addict - Aviation worker
~ 45.8y old in Belgium
in the middle of the night with my tagada
~ 46y old in Toulouse
Software developer at a german university. Likes rationality.
~ 37y old in Germany
French developer trying to learn something new every day ~ 26y old in France
Father, husband, graduate student. Interested in mechatronics and discussing the future of civilization.
Programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and Hacker based in Berlin. ~ 36y old in Germany ~ 17.6y old in Moscow
Developer Musician
~ 34y old in Turkey
~ 24y old
Just generally neutral person generally vibin. An optimistic cynic and plagued with cognitive dissonance.
Not yet filled
~ 39y old
Amateur Researcher
Coding is fun.
Ask big questions.
~ 34y old
trackpoint user
~ 32y old
c++ developer and tai chi apprentice. Mexican and American and living in the US