Python developer and all things design.
Electrical Engineer, Policy Wonk ~ 46.4y old in India
i like links and files. he/him
~ 21y old in Chicago
Transforming my health and studying information security at Financial University ~ 18.5y old in Moscow
11h 🦆 Vivek
Hi, it's me Vivek.
Software engineer in the Twin Cities.
Future software engineer and maybe cs student.
18h Bugabinga
19h Nagybence
20h Benji
1d 🥝 Mr
Relentless Render Savant who lives to Crave, Think and Create
~ 41.6y old in United States
1d Log Os
Chess, botany, software development, OpenBSD, BSD/UNIX, NT studies
~ 52.4y old
~ 47.1y old in United States
Ok... Ok. Just let me think... His name was... Julio Iglesias.
1d Ianh
1d Vic
Welsh Government Digital Leader - fascinated by Technology and Learning
Doing Design Engineering / Frontend Development @ | Personal Projects @ ~ 42.5y old in Argentina
French developer trying to learn something new every day ~ 27y old in France
slice of an uncommon pie.
1d Lahosken
He lives in San Francisco. He writes code. Puzzles, computer programming, whatever. He loves everybody.