8y, 10w 🎱 Tom
Biologist turned programmer. Unhealthy food, cocktails, bad takes. London.
6y, 35w Randoming
Senior Developer based in London. Enjoy running, linux, sailfish. python,php,docker,tdd
Escribo de tecnologia y de comer y vivir en Caracas. Me dedico al Diseno Grafico, Social Media, Fotografia y
3y, 25w Diva
Londoner with a global outlook
~ 37y old in London
Web developer who loves cycling. French living in London, UK.
Interactive Creative, London.
3y, 21w Wyclif
Anglican ordinand. Former land surveyor. Pilgrim to Jerusalem; also Athens, Rome, London, and Philadelphia.
Junior Web Developer, London UK
One of those Italian in London. Opinions my own.
londoncalling.hu ~ 42y old
random tech guy
~ 37y old in London
1y, 33w Nick Myers
Likes to tinker with web development
Web developer (JS, Go, Perl)
amdouglas.uk ~ 33y old in London
1y, 23w Ricardo
1y, 16w 😅 Sam
Developer (back in low-latency algo trading at the mo!), manager, wannabe-everything, human.
~ 43y old in London
Software engineer with a First-class Law degree
~ 31y old in London
pthm.dev ~ 30y old in London
Mathematics, Cognition, Learning
1y, 16w Mary
~ 33y old in London
Software Engineer based in London
arborist.dev ~ 28y old in London