Anglican ordinand. Former land surveyor. Pilgrim to Jerusalem; also Athens, Rome, London, and Philadelphia.
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All of a sudden, my name starts with a capital letter when I intentionally made it lower-case. This seems like a bad decision to me.
Hmmm, who did that? Taking away our liberties?
So is this thing gonna take off or what?
Invite some people then maybe. Do you want it to take off?
I think there's a good chance. But I do think it needs a little bit more work, especially when it comes to navigation. I wish it was open source so I could contribute to it.
If it doesn't, should package this up and enable people to start their own topic-focused communities
Honestly I'd rather not have this take off. Basically all platforms/communities degrade massively as soon as they take off.
I wonder if any free social network can achieve virality while gatekeeping toxic trolls...
Just setting up my subreply