keep it simple
Wyclif So is this thing gonna take off or what?
Bnaw Honestly I'd rather not have this take off. Basically all platforms/communities degrade massively as soon as they take off.
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📉 Bill You're not concerned breathing recycled air from strangers?
Bnaw Not that much. I love working out too much. Also, our healthcare system is pretty good, so it's not that I'd straight up die if i get the corona. Though still no reason to be careless.
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Dan S. rocking ie11 for the nostalgia
Bnaw What makes you hate web devs?
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🧩 Ben content moderation is a hard problem. there's pretrained nlp models on kaggle for detecting hate speech (for some definition of hate speech) ->
Bnaw Let's be honest ML for moderation (except maybe spam) always goes wrong. I really like the approach HN takes.
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Bnaw How's everyone doing today? Anyone else stuck at work?
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🤔 Justin Dorfman Who's here via HN?
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❄️ Geoff What browser is everyone using these days? Anyone on Microsoft Edge?
Bnaw Firefox
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⚪ Ghostis What is everyone doing for during quarantine?
Bnaw Luckily gyms were only closed for a short time where I live. Now I'm back at the gym :)
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🍃 Matt Harwood I need new music - who can recommend me some?
Bnaw If you like rap I can recommend witt lowry.
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🧩 Ben might be because of some unicode or language thing. can't write chinese or russian characters right
Bnaw Actually, only ASCII is allowed on this site.
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