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⚪⚫ Ghostis Do you prefer working in an office or fully ?
⚪⚫ Ghostis Who's your favorite visual ?
✨ Jacoby Does Andy Goldsworthy count?
⚪⚫ Ghostis People who were saving money for a crisis like , how many months did you save? Did you have to use it?
⚪⚫ Ghostis What is everyone doing for during quarantine?
❄☕ Geoff Outdoor running, I guess it carries some risk with it but risk I'm willing to take
Chetan Vashisht Yoga, my neighbour happens to be a yoga teacher. Yet we do zoom yoga :/
📷🤓 Jasper Walks around the neighbourhood
Cale Daily Burn workout videos are my go-to. I like the variety of the daily 365 program, keeps me motivated. Also just got into Supernatural VR for the Oculus Quest, it is surprisingly effective. Like Beat Saber with squats.
🌚🐒 Nlggers Mostly cycling and going for runs. I do miss the gym quite a lot however. I've been debating purchasing a barbell and a few plates to do some simple deadlifts given it does not appear that my gym will be opening back up any time soon.
🧩 Ben probably misses the point but the local climbing gym opened up and i started going. super fun.
Bnaw Luckily gyms were only closed for a short time where I live. Now I'm back at the gym :)
📉 Bill Long hikes away from everyone
👾👽 Marty Fortunately I had built a home gym in August 2019
Craig Jogging for lower body/cardio and pushups for upper body.
🥨 Shruthi Pacing while on the phone
Xy cycling has really saved me these past few months. have been doing one 60-70 mile ride on the weekend with a few 20-30 mile rides throughout the rest of the week. i'm not losing weight or feeling any more conditioned, but it has had a considerable effect on my mind.
🌋 Pod Unk Isometrics, stationary bike, kettlebells. Walks (with mask).
Seth Built out a whole regime of body weight exercises that I cycle through each day. Helping me to build a mentality that there really is no excuse for not working out, no matter where I am.
💻🥞 Kernel Things are opening up here and I'm finally able to squash again... feels weird though.