~ 23y old
🗜️ Mx Well, prepare yourself to lose some money in the next few months.
🌋 Pod Unk Nah, holding cost of the options is zero -\_(tsu)_/-
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🥨 Shruthi Or turn it on, mine is light by default on safari iOS
🌋 Pod Unk o0o0o0o, mine's dark default on Firefox macOS (global setting). Sorry, dunno.
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⚪ Ghostis What is everyone doing for during quarantine?
🌋 Pod Unk Isometrics, stationary bike, kettlebells. Walks (with mask).
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Huw For those who are currently WFH since COVID, how have you found the adjustment?
🌋 Pod Unk Before Covid I could never work from home. Now, in Covid world, I'm crazy productive.
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🥨 Shruthi Hello friends I might be super duper dumb for not already figuring this out but how do you toggle dark mode?
🌋 Pod Unk As in turn it off?
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💻 Kernel Do we really need to work 20+ years to earn the right to call a house 'home'? Isn't there a better way to contribute to society and have a fulfilling life?
🌋 Pod Unk In Canada real estate has drained investment capital from other, more productive (in terms of GDP growth) uses of capital. I argue that getting a mortgage and buying a house is a large _consumption_ of capital that doesn't contribute as much as it could to society.
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🌋 Pod Unk Space Force was great and I don't buy the idea critics are selling that it sucked. Fight me :D
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Umayr Why does it take 40% of the width for a sidebar?
🌋 Pod Unk Centre-align all the things.
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❄️ Geoff What's the theory behind prohibiting replying to your own thread ?
🌋 Pod Unk Threw me for a loop at first, now I like the simplification of it.
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🏕️ Autumn Good morning! What's everyone having for breakfast?
🌋 Pod Unk Three black espresso and a single egg fried in butter.
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📉 Bill I keep on trying to short $QQQ but timing a top is incredibly hard. The run up since March is crazy. I can't believe it's still going.
🌋 Pod Unk "Market can stay irrational longer than [I] can stay solvent" :) That said, I figure the November elections are going to increase volatility. My bet is that it'll dip either way to price uncertainty.
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📉 Bill What will the economy be like in 1 year?
🌋 Pod Unk I'm bear gang, pretty massively short SPY (via SPXS calls) over the mid-term (1yr+)
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📉 Bill Yes the central banks and government response to COVID is unprecedented in modern times. Very interesting to see how that plays out over the long term.
🌋 Pod Unk Inflation printer go BRRRRRRRR
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☕ David Antoine Interesting quote found on quitfacebook... "Our brains are no match for our technology". But our technology is a direct result of our brains. So, put it very simply, is it matching when we do good things with it and not matching when we do bad things? Any thoughts?
🌋 Pod Unk Technology is an extension of thought and "nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." One just chooses how one wants to think, this creates the value judgement.
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😾 Oskar Technology is a form of art, formalized after N iterations. I doubt we can judge technology only in terms of STEM (utility). Morality is disconnected from technology per se as it's only a result of using it. Therefore, I would extend your argument into question whether human is inherently evil because he finds a way to misuse technology?
🌋 Pod Unk Depends on your theory of art: what if it's just conspicuous consumption of productive capacity? What if, as Adam Savage recently said, there is no differentiation between making [ie, the use and creation of technology] and art?
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🗜️ Mx The SPY will keep going up until November. Then, depending on the US elections outcome it may stay there or crash.
🌋 Pod Unk Money printer go brrrrrrr and stonks -> moon.
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