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For those who are currently WFH since COVID, how have you found the adjustment?
Tough. I managed to set a good pace with my training programme initially, but I've really hit a wall, this month in particular. Looking at new ways to structure my work now. I take it you're also WFH now; how's it been?
(Not strictly WFH, but also an adjustment) I'm a university student, and I have found online education quite tough. To me, meeting my friends in the lecture halls every day has turned out to contribute a lot to the fun of studying. Now, there is hardly a distinction between course work and free time. In terms of education quality, I don't think the impact is that significant. However, I do _feel_ like it takes me longer to understand/process the same volume of information.
I have always been an fan of remote work but was stuck in agile "we can only be productive with stickies" dogma. It is so great - albeit a bit exhausting for sure.
Before Covid I could never work from home. Now, in Covid world, I'm crazy productive.