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Wow. I need to catch up with GoGo Penguin; I've clearly been missing out on some lovely stuff in recent years: youtu.be/aRG3NMpqSh4 hashtagseenthemlive hashtagbeforetheplague
Tough lesson: two largely similar LXLE installs. One, remotely SSH'ing in after reboot? No prob. The other? Only once I'd logged in locally first. The problem? Multiple users on the latter: made for a different 'permissions=' line in the file under /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/
Hoping I can get Sublime to use these schemas for autocomplete: github.com/jboero/... -- it integrates fairly easily with VSC, apparently.
"A better motto for most youth [than 'Follow your bliss'] is 'Master something, anything.' Through mastery... you can drift towards extensions... that bring you more joy, and eventually discover where your bliss is." kk.org/thetechnium...
"... [Y]our own joy can be something that you produce..." youtu.be/E5Q0tuGAC... -- While I continually attempt to be kind to myself, this had not occurred to me. The freedom it encompasses is staggering.
Just used xsetwacom to set an undo button on my Huion H950P tablet. Giggled.
Anyone working with Hashicorp's software (e.g., Terraform, or Vault)?
Anyone else Folding@home?
No, I do run GIMPS (Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search) 24/7 though: mersenne.org. No luck yet :( :p I used to run SETI@Home as well, but they stopped the project. How long have you been running F@H?