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Just finished cleaning the bathroom. The stove really needs a good cleaning but I really don't feel like doing it right now...
After working all week, you deserve some free time to relax.
Congrats, the tough jobs deserve a little reward.
I confess I like when my stove is clean. I feel an aesthetic joy in having it all shiny and beautiful. It's the kitchen's equivalent of having a diploma hung on the wall. But that also means the stove loses some of its usefulness, as now I worry I'll dirty it while cooking. So now I pragmatically leave it dirty, so long as its efficacy is not compromised. There's a beauty in that too, as the goo tells something about the its past trials and achievements.
I just realized that I haven't been on Twitter in a while...and I don't miss it one bit!
I don't know how you do, I keep up with so much topics and people there !
Good to hear!
I've always found Twitter to be very toxic. My feed is mostly people pointlessly arguing. Perhaps I'm using it the wrong way and I need to fine-tune it, but yeah, IMO being away from Twitter is probably better than being on it.
Why does alleviating certain anxious thoughts require so much slow and deliberate thinking? I suppose it takes practice...and is ultimately worth it.
Have you looked into meditation?
It is worth it! Your wellbeing must be a priority.
It's often about understanding what you're reacting to, and modifying that reaction. So slowing down and reflecting in the right way can help that.
Reminds me of this verse: "Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters! Let every person be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger" James 1.19.
OMG...there's an edit feature now!? Thank you !! :-D
You're welcome. It shows the actual edit time too.
I had not noticed! Thanks for the heads up
Wow. Great addition (the perfectionist that lives in me is happier).
Now that is a welcome feature. Something we've been trying to get some other sites to enable for many a year
I've been feeling frustrated not being able to "like" people's comments on here but I'm beginning to realize that lack of "likes" could be a good thing because it forces you to come up with a better thought out response
I like the lack of "likes" - it encourages engagement, doesn't it?
I think you're right there, it's all too easy to hit the heart button
Or I can just comment "like"
I sort of like "like" as an important statistic that support the conversation, but hate it when I saw how many "like" the post get before reading the actual content. Maybe hidden "like" would be a feature worth experiment on?
Not again! Peach is down...
I know! I'm so worried about its future...
Is Peach down for you too?
Apologies for the delay! Yes it was - worrying times again...
After a VERY busy week at work, I am DONE...let the 4-day weekend commence!
In the US, the deadline to file tax returns from the previous year is usually April 15. This year, because of the disruptions caused by the coronavirus, the deadline was moved to July 15. On the one hand, it was nice not having to worry about it for a few months but on the other hand, you eventually have to worry about it. So today I made myself finish filing my tax returns and it feels great!
Must be nice :-) There's nothing difficult with my taxes this year, I'm just a procrastinator. I'll probably wait until July 13th.
Well done!
Nice! Always feels great when they're finally done
Today's interview went better than expected.
That's good! Right? :-)
Did it go objectively better or were your expectations lower ?
Really pleased to hear this!
Another day, another job interview with the search committee -sigh-
What are their findings? :D (srry)
Good luck! Hope it all goes well
Welcome back to Subreply (fka Sublevel) everyone!
:-) Thank you, and same to you!
I'm looking forward to engaging with this community!
It seems like iMovie will be the best for capturing analog video. I just need to figure it out! Also: It's Friday!
Good luck! And TGIF!!!
3 back-to-back meetings this morning. Thankfully the 3rd meeting facilitator gave us a 5-min break!
How was the rest of your day?
Can I use VLC or Avidemux to transfer analog video from a camcorder to a computer? What about Handbrake?
Ugh! Interview is cancelled because the candidate withdrew from the search!