I am a librarian
Burensasub Have you heard anything about what's going on with Peach?
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Rsm And that's OK of course, but hard to jump in on the conversation right?
Burensasub Exactly!
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Rsm Verdade, e isso nao seria problema, mas a maior parte da conversa e tecnica.
Burensasub I absolutely agree. So frustrating sometimes. Keeps me from posting more often
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Rsm Merry Christmas to all!
Burensasub Merry Christmas to you!
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Diva Wishing everyone Season's Greetings! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
Burensasub Merry Christmas to you and your family!
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🔻 Trinity Check out my profile, spacehey.com/t0m :)
Burensasub Second Tom that I've added on there ;-)
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😀 Tom Lol, a MySpace clone: SpaceHey.com
Burensasub Yessss! Took me back to 2005 ;-)
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Burensasub : is Peach down for you?
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🍵 Neo I've been trying to read more lately... Any book suggestions? Give me something depressing
Burensasub Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami is nice and depressing
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Diva Pumpkin spice season - yay or nah?
Burensasub Yay! But only in moderation. The pumpkin spice trend is getting out of hand! ;-)
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Seb Tiying up my social networks, trying to disappear from the internet, I came across this site. I last posted here years ago, nice to see it's stil here!
Burensasub Welcome back! This used to be known as Sublevel and then shut down for a while. It was brought back as Sublevel several months ago (I think it's been that long I'm losing track of time, lol)
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Diva Very interesting developments in the last 24 hours; will the next one go ahead as scheduled..?
Burensasub I know, right!?
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Diva It's nearly bedtime here in the UK, so I won't hear about the US Presidential debate until tomorrow morning; will you be watching?
Burensasub I ended up watching most of it. Don't feel the need to watch the next two
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Diva Six months since lockdown started here. We have probably got at least six more months of restrictions. How about you?
Burensasub Just a bit over six months for us. That's what makes it difficult: we don't know for how much longer this will go on.
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🎧 Christopher Sardegna Re-discovering the joy of vinyl audio :)
Burensasub Nice! Any particular albums you're enjoying?
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Diva I watched the documentary "13th" four days ago and I'm still processing it. Mass incarceration is not good for society and it is not a deterrent; so it really is just a business opportunity for corporations. Dreadful.
Burensasub Of all the things to make a business out of, prisons are the worst (as well as health care)
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