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After a VERY busy week at work, I am DONE...let the 4-day weekend commence!
Enjoy it! Sounds like you deserved it.
Happy 4th of July!
In the US, the deadline to file tax returns from the previous year is usually April 15. This year, because of the disruptions caused by the coronavirus, the deadline was moved to July 15. On the one hand, it was nice not having to worry about it for a few months but on the other hand, you eventually have to worry about it. So today I made myself finish filing my tax returns and it feels great!
Must be nice :-) There's nothing difficult with my taxes this year, I'm just a procrastinator. I'll probably wait until July 13th.
Woohoo! I'll bet your weekend just got that much better. :)
Well done!
Nice! Always feels great when they're finally done
Today's interview went better than expected.
That's good! Right? :-)
Did it go objectively better or were your expectations lower ?
Really pleased to hear this!
Another day, another job interview with the search committee -sigh-
What are their findings? :D (srry)
Good luck! Hope it all goes well
Welcome back to Subreply (fka Sublevel) everyone!
:-) Thank you, and same to you!
I'm looking forward to engaging with this community!
It seems like iMovie will be the best for capturing analog video. I just need to figure it out! Also: It's Friday!
Good luck! And TGIF!!!
3 back-to-back meetings this morning. Thankfully the 3rd meeting facilitator gave us a 5-min break!
How was the rest of your day?
Can I use VLC or Avidemux to transfer analog video from a camcorder to a computer? What about Handbrake?
Ugh! Interview is cancelled because the candidate withdrew from the search!
Dreamt that my husband and I went to Taiwan. I then realized I had gone there over 20 years ago (not true)
WOW! What is your subconscious trying to tell you?
I have a busy day today which includes interviewing a job candidate
Just two months ago I was more stressed than a job candidate. It was my first time interviewing someone. After a few weeks in the role management asked me to join interviews.
Hi...my first post on the new Subreply! I love that we can keep track of conversation threads!
Hooray! It's back!!
Nothing much to say except: It's Friday!
Friday is always relaxing!
Would it be considered gauche to use hashtags on here? Are they even supported?
I'm pretty sure are supported.
Theyre supported but no one uses them. I don't ever see the point. Infact the word Hashtag grinds my gears.
They are supported because people expect them to be supported. They are useful in some cases.