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I've been trying to read more lately... Any book suggestions? Give me something depressing
If you are looking for non-fiction, I've been reading Why we sleep. Lack of sleep, even only a few hours, is really really bad according to science.
A canticle for leibowitz (when an abandoned technical diagrams and documentation become the sacred scriptures)
Gabriel Tallent - My Absolute Darling
Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami is nice and depressing
What music/songs have you been listening to lately?
I've been listening to The Midnight's latest album a lot. youtube.com/watch?...
I recently discovered this DJ on Spotify called Jauz. I love his music, but it's not for everyone. open.spotify.com/p...
I was listening to this: soundcloud.com/chi...
Recent albums: Glass Animals - ZABA, OTHERLiiNE - self titled album, George FitzGerald - All That Must Be, Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Chillhop Daydreams 2 compilation, While She Sleeps - This is the Six
Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, the entire Echo & the Bunnymen catalog, Fear - Fear (The Record), Bad Brains - Banned in DC, plus all the old standbys
l o-f i b e a t s on Spotify
Full Colors by Casiopea
Tchaikovsky. It's a whole syllabus on how to get more sensitive.
I want a peaceful life
How would a perfect day in that peaceful life look like? I'm curious because not everyone has the same idea on 'peaceful'.
Wouldn't it get boring after a while?
you may need to become a hermit
I just stumbled across this community... seems like a combination of Reddit and Twitter without the concept of upvotes or likes. I think this may contribute to a healthier type of community. Anyone feel the same?
Definitely. Communities start losing some of their value/upsides when they become big... I think spaces like these are really precious these days. Big centralized social networks should become a thing of the past, as we have gathered enough proof that it's not something sustainable in a lot of ways. I hope an internet of small federated communities is the future.
Sometimes I miss the ability to "like" where I just want to acknowledge a comment without having to reply, but yes I do agree.