sales engineer (network, security, IoT, analytics)
🔚 Bort Simpson As someone who has worked in a LAMP / web admin environment for a decade without using Python, what are the most common use cases for Python?
Dan Heath Working in IT networking - Python is the defacto launchpad for NetDevOps. Most integrations, SDKs, tutorials to coax network engineers away from CLI are based on Python.
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🔚 Bort Simpson Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, the entire Echo & the Bunnymen catalog, Fear - Fear (The Record), Bad Brains - Banned in DC, plus all the old standbys
Dan Heath My brother has been pushing Wilco on me for years. Time to have a listen...
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đŸĻĨ Ash People who don't really play games anymore: What games do you find yourself going back to every once in a while? Personally, I still catch myself playing Morrowind and DOOM (1993).
Dan Heath Said in another thread - I like a bit of Civ 6 but will go back to Civ 3 once in a while, HOMM3, and Total Annihilation.
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Miso I'm looking for book recommendation - what's your all time favorite?
Dan Heath For a novel - Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. I read it every couple of years and it captures me every time. The mix of wonder, technology, suspense. I'm not sure if it's my favourite but it's certainly one of the most dependable books that I come back to.
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đŸĩ Neo What music/songs have you been listening to lately?
Dan Heath Recent albums: Glass Animals - ZABA, OTHERLiiNE - self titled album, George FitzGerald - All That Must Be, Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Chillhop Daydreams 2 compilation, While She Sleeps - This is the Six
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Dan Heath What is your favourite analogy?
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Enny John While web developers can easily build stuffs, do they think about finding business development guys just as biz dev guys are daily looking to connect with developer/CTO co-founders to co-create together?
Dan Heath Disclosure: I am a sales engineer so I'm probably biased somewhat. My company has many exceptional and complex products that a team of super talented engineers have created. But without the ability to take distinct features and explain to someone the real world use cases they mean nothing. Not all products need this though and/or some developers/engineers can sell their product themselves.
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🐮 Slater How many unfinished projects do you have in your projects folder?
Dan Heath I've yet to finish the project where I create the project folder in the first place
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🕹ī¸ Louise This may start a sad thread but i'm really curious about your answer dudes and dudettes and everyone in between and outside: if WWIII take place, do you think we will make it as a civilization?
Dan Heath We've gone beyond territorial warfare I feel so the idea of one army marching upon another land seems unrealistic at least among MEDCs because power isn't tied to landmass quite as it was in the past. Other countries can now be controlled through other means - digital warfare, espionage, media, electioneering. That doesn't damage population in the same way as traditional warfare but it does lead to societal erosion which will have effects in other ways.
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Deep How do you manage your read list? Where do you bookmark things to read? I have been using and it's been amazing for deep reading an entire article and then share your views.
Dan Heath I tend to write books I want to read in a shared note with my wife. She uses it for gift ideas, I use it to keep track of what I want. Then I've just got a whole shelf of unread books which I pick up when I finish another one.
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Zero Edge The Bible. Specifically: The Book Of Job -> Provided me with better wisdom and understanding.. gave me better understanding of God and how he works. Proverbs -> Provides wisdom on a daily basis. John -> The two most valuable commandments: (Put your trust in the higher power, love others as yourself) . Its the only book I can go back to daily and leave with overwhelming peace. Also taught me to find a new "power" in faith which I never could find with logic alone.
Dan Heath So I'm curious on many levels. Is faith for you a lifelong pursuit or something you've turned to at a point in life? Saying that faith offers something logic does not - how does that work for you? Is this an exclusive thing (i.e. faith OR logic) or do they back each other up? Many questions.
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đŸŽŖ Fish makes sense. I usually always understand why people enjoy the simplicity of macos. It works
Dan Heath I'm all for understanding the benefits of other systems and often read about them and occasionally tinker with to understand how certain features work but when it comes to it 99% of my workflow is catered for already.
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đŸŽŖ Fish What different OS are people running? Always been intrigued by Linux as a forever windows user and im finally trying some out. Ive seen Tails, and Puppy Linux so far. Any recommendations?
Dan Heath macOS. Simply put it does what I need it to. I've played with various Linux distros before but don't have a pragmatic justification for it. If ever there's a specific Linux use case I just use a VM.
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đŸĻš Kogicon What 1 book has most changed your life, and why?
Dan Heath The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. I was stuck in a loop of negative behaviours exacerbated by depression and anxiety for years. Understanding that I could reprogram these little instruction sets and correct my behaviour gave me the drive to systematically rebuild my life.
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😀 Tom I never thought I'd buy a Mac, but I saw a 2006 iMac at a thrift store, so I decided why not. 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, 24 inch screen 1920x1200, 250 GB of spinning rust. I'll look online to see what I can upgrade. A preliminary search shows that the Intel chipset will only recognize up to 3 GB of RAM. I'll see if I can replace the the HDD with an SSD, and maybe even the CPU.
Dan Heath The old Mac hardware stands up. It's a shame that some of the obsolete kit isn't supported through the newer OS versions but it's still a nice piece of hardware. I use 2x 2011 Mac mini as ESXi hosts. Nice SFF.
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👉 LÊo Here's my unprovable theory: people that produce toxic content are not people that enjoy reading or writing. Keep the platform text-only and those people will naturally avoid it.
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