I am cool and I like everything positive and funny.
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Hi Everyone, being awhile. Any developers on here with expertise and experience in React, Firebase, Escrow & Amazon AWS (in addition to HTML & CSS) ?
Heya! Why are you asking? I've had some projects on react and firebase
What are the names of some movies where the man realizes that he is about to lose the girl's love, and then runs to either the airport, bus or train station to meet and declare his love to her, and vice versa?
Sleepless In Seattle, Slumdog Millionaire, Liar Liar, just to name a few. In the movie Big the girl is the one running.
She's Out of My League and search for similar movies on Google.
What kind of music do you listen to? What genre?
I listen to all kinds of music. Lately though, I have gotten into lofi hip hop and lofi jazz. I also really like music by Boards of Canada (their music is electronic/ambient)
I listen to both kinds of music. Country, and Western.
My favourite artists include Radiohead, Beach House, Belle & Sebastian and Bon Iver. I also listen to a lot of classical stuff, and jazz. Lately I've been digging more electronic/synth stuff like Aphex Twin and Suzanne Ciani.
In continuation - then do product testing until product-market fit is achieved. Now by biz dev, I mean skills including: identifying customer segment, GTM strategy, grow users/customers, raising funds, developing a pitch deck, arranging meeting with investors and partners, growing revenue, explore different business models, sales, having great contacts with great web design skills (so I understand your language which is very useful).
While web developers can easily build stuffs, do they think about finding business development guys just as biz dev guys are daily looking to connect with developer/CTO co-founders to co-create together?
I hear biz dev and I don't really know what you do, and maybe that goes both ways. A developer might specialize in only one field and it's hard to know what the other side knows or doesn't know -- what each side brings to the table and whether the benefits would be mutual.
Disclosure: I am a sales engineer so I'm probably biased somewhat. My company has many exceptional and complex products that a team of super talented engineers have created. But without the ability to take distinct features and explain to someone the real world use cases they mean nothing. Not all products need this though and/or some developers/engineers can sell their product themselves.
Not really. Why do you think we never see desperate engineers on linked in cold messaging business dev guys? As a software engineer the first thing I'm looking for is someone to cover my blindspots like marketing and social media. That role is not as essential as the core product. A biz dev role is important but imo not necessary until the company is at the point when I, as the lead for engineering and product, cannot solely handle all these responsibilities.
I really like how beautiful and minimalistic this platform looks. I wonder how many members are on it.