Enny John While web developers can easily build stuffs, do they think about finding business development guys just as biz dev guys are daily looking to connect with developer/CTO co-founders to co-create together?
☕ Christopher Not really. Why do you think we never see desperate engineers on linked in cold messaging business dev guys? As a software engineer the first thing I'm looking for is someone to cover my blindspots like marketing and social media. That role is not as essential as the core product. A biz dev role is important but imo not necessary until the company is at the point when I, as the lead for engineering and product, cannot solely handle all these responsibilities.
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🐮 Slater How many unfinished projects do you have in your projects folder?
☕ Christopher About 40, total. I don't remember what half of them are. Most are React front end with some sort of experimental combination of back end technologies. I don't feel bad because I approach recreational programming with the mindset to learn, not to get rich quick. As long as you learn something and now have an informed opinion on that tech it's not so shameful.
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🎯 Gallium Oxide Wish I could turn back time to the good old days of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Currently on macOS Catalina and not very happy with how buggy it was for the first few months (MONTHS!) after its official release. I played with Ubuntu LTS in a VM for a while and that was an even bigger bugfest so I went crawling back. I'd honestly dump my Mac for an iPad Pro if it ever got clang + Docker but that will never happen :(
☕ Christopher If I could turn back time. If I could find a way...
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🌚 Nlggers What has?
☕ Christopher People ruining good things.
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Ice If you could, how would you personally improve the UX of this site?
☕ Christopher I hate to pile on with the same answers others are given but the minimalist approach is definitely the way to go and making all sections of the threads independently collapsable would go a very long way.
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🤔 David A platform like this which only shows reply counts is something I'd prefer, similar to some of the early php boards where you knew who was active based on post count
☕ Christopher I agree, I think features like reply counts would be useful to identify active users and discussions without explicitly showing bias.
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🐞 Lucian Marin is powered by Falcon web framework, Django ORM, Jinja2, PostgreSQL, PgBouncer, Gunicorn, Nginx and few other Python libraries. A high frequency Vultr VPS running a bare bones Ubuntu Server makes things fly.
☕ Christopher Nice. I had a feeling something was niche about the software when Wappalyzer couldn't pick up on anything in the stack.
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Jesus How do I make post
☕ Christopher I don't know I'm still trying to figure out how to reply.
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🤙 Adam 99 Yeah I think that's awesome - maybe a different kind of feature that I can use to quickly let the poster know I appreciated their post
☕ Christopher I think you are still kind of missing the point. The absence of popularity counters aren't for the sole reason of obfuscating if a person or their post is well received or popular. There's also a culture that this site is trying to attract that is against the detrimental idea of deriving self-esteem and shots of serotonin that's associated with social praise. Our main source of validation should not be coming from strangers on the internet.
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Mihail I like to think of them - as a group - as people with above average intelligence who value critical thinking above all else. A certain degree of liberalism on social issues, emphasis on individual & economic freedom, aversion to political correctness. The best of all worlds really.
☕ Christopher Yeah, I agree with this assessment. While generalizations are inherently inaccurate your comment best describes the majority of the HN community I'm familiar with. We can only guess the motive to disingenuously correlate HN with the alt-right. I think that perhaps some people have a conditioned emotional response when presented with the idea of aversion to political correctness.
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