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How many unfinished projects do you have in your projects folder?
I'd say around six.
A projects folder? No way I'm that organized.
57 folders in the projects folder between 2012 and 2019. You know the one that's finished.
after a while i just start moving them from my project folder to an other folder to hide my shame
Wait, you guys have projects folder? xD
What if we have multiple project folders with unfinished projects?
Too many.
I've yet to finish the project where I create the project folder in the first place
I filled my 500Gb SSD with failed experiments. Together with an omni text file, it become my search engine for code snippets and evaluation of ideas
Five. One of them is a fan animation project that hasn't got past the "writing the script" stage
About 40, total. I don't remember what half of them are. Most are React front end with some sort of experimental combination of back end technologies. I don't feel bad because I approach recreational programming with the mindset to learn, not to get rich quick. As long as you learn something and now have an informed opinion on that tech it's not so shameful.
None. That beautiful feeling you only get after formatting your drive.
It's all of them ;__; Some of them are "finished enough" that I get use out of them, but there's maybe _one_ I'd actually put on a resume
You know what subreply desperately needs? More precise time indicators on posts. "198ms" just isn't cutting it
Would second/minute increments be better?
It can only be done with JavaScript like clicking on "2w ago" then converting UTC timestamp to your local time and replacing "2w ago" with "Jun 1, 8:03 AM". Clicking timestamp goes to the reply now.
yeah, I'd agree, It'd make it feel more realtime
Every few months I remember this place exists. I should come here more often :)
You should follow some active people from People, Trending, Search sections so it won't look empty when you come back.
Sad :(
Nobody should be sad on Sub. Cheer up!