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🤔✍️ David Hi everyone! I hope people had a good weekend :) I would like to let you know that the little "Subreply Book Club" is coming to the end of our first read-through. The book we are reading is "The Three-Body Problem" by Cixin Liu. If you would like to join us, we will have an exchange about the book after this week. If you've read the book before then feel free to join in to share your thoughts :)
😃💬 Javier Excellent choice. Read it a while ago. I'll join discussion next week.
🏒 Lucian Marin I received emails from people who discovered new books on Subreply but didn't signup for an account here.
🤔✍️ David I just had my office chair swapped out due to the back losing support and the cylinder going back has been killing me for weeks because of this. Just sitting in this new chair makes a world of difference!
Dominik Same here dude. New office chair makes such a difference
Diva I am going to have to get an office chair - I am currently working from home, and my neck and shoulders are killing me.
🤔✍️ David For anyone interested in reading a book together, I made a discussion post on Goodreads for gathering book suggestions: feel free to join!
🍁 John J. Done -- nice idea :-)
🤔✍️ David I setup a book group for anyone from Subreply to join: several of you have sent friend invitation links to me! If anyone else would like to join please do so!
🤔✍️ David How about a subreply reading circle? :) If you like goodreads, add me through this link: I think it'd be fun to start an online book club
Deep yeah that would be cool! Add me:
🗨🐒 Fui What a good idea!
Chetan Vashisht I've sent you a request on GR
🤔✍️ David Found a great article describing how to implement Rust futures in C: I can't post it to yet (thanks for the invite :) ) so I asked someone in IRC to post it...anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone here has a favorite resource on programming in C (excl. K&R) and/or embedded systems?
Mhmm only i would first interpret your post and wonder why someone would want to construct a futures contract to buy/sell scrap metal... but no, org-which-must-not-be-named Rust lol
🤔✍️ David So I came across a post about 'Tech Idealism' (glinden.blogspot.c...) and had a few thoughts. (1) Is creating libraries and tooling--often for free--in support of 'tech idealism' when those efforts are often picked up by for-profit entities? (2) Would it be better to create software for non-profits and for-good causes, even if proprietary, vs making purely open-source projects?
🤔✍️ David As I was doing some research on easy-to-use and open source CMS solutions I came across this beautiful website: Definitely recommend checking out the design!
Miso It looks absolutely stunning
🤔✍️ David We just launched a very basic website for the Police Data Accessibility Project. You can check out some simple details on our mission at Since this is a small group I'd love any feedback and criticisms if anyone has any :)
🧉 Martin Looks great. Performs well. Good accessibility. Nice work!
🤔✍️ David Ooh, /discover looks interesting. Why the change ?
🏒 Lucian Marin Based on some people's feedback, "search" was confusing. I hope it brings more clarity to how you can use it to discover more content.
☕✍️ David Antoine David, do you know what should I modify or add to make threads collapse on the /Saved and /Discover tabs as well? I'll try it someday if you give me a hint or something. As I'm not very savvy w/ those things...
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