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So I came across a post about 'Tech Idealism' (glinden.blogspot.c...) and had a few thoughts. (1) Is creating libraries and tooling--often for free--in support of 'tech idealism' when those efforts are often picked up by for-profit entities? (2) Would it be better to create software for non-profits and for-good causes, even if proprietary, vs making purely open-source projects?
As I was doing some research on easy-to-use and open source CMS solutions I came across this beautiful website: Definitely recommend checking out the design!
It looks absolutely stunning
We just launched a very basic website for the Police Data Accessibility Project. You can check out some simple details on our mission at Since this is a small group I'd love any feedback and criticisms if anyone has any :)
Looks great. Performs well. Good accessibility. Nice work!
Ooh, /discover looks interesting. Why the change ?
Based on some people's feedback, "search" was confusing. I hope it brings more clarity to how you can use it to discover more content.
David, do you know what should I modify or add to make threads collapse on the /Saved and /Discover tabs as well? I'll try it someday if you give me a hint or something. As I'm not very savvy w/ those things...
Alright guys, I decided to make a GH repo for alternative CSS themes for subreply: if any of you have customized the look to your own liking then please submit a pull request and add it in!
Awesome, This is a good idea! Thanks for continuing the work. It would be cool if there was an input in each user's account settings to add personal CSS overrides so we could do it without browser extensions (especially on mobile).
Nice, thanks for the work Dave!
First pull request :)
Happy Read-only Friday! So, I'd like to read your thoughts about this question: What are the little things--whether you do them yourself or see them happen--in YOUR daily life that are enjoyable? For starters: I've become fond of shutting my eyes at work every few hours or so and just listen to the noises in the office. I'm not sure if that counts as meditation. Regardless, it's relaxing and usually calms any bad mood. With that, what about you?
I finally have a lava lamp on my desk. I really like it.
Welp, this is my first time pulling an all-nighter for work. Had a deadline appear all of a sudden with some tight requirements.
Took a break from work and messed with the gist again--I updated the textarea element to not look awkward and span the whole page. To anyone who may be using the CSS go ahead and update it if you want :) (dave_ant, digitalwestern, diff)
Looks much nicer overall!
The addition avoiding the page to zoom back to the top is appreciated, very nice. Thanks! It was pretty annoying. I'm still tuning the thing here and there ( it's starting to become an OCD ;) )... Mine looks like that :
Since it's the morning and people are awake I'll share this again--I got collapsible comments to sorta work nicely under the Trending page: see the last comment on there for the CSS and let me know how it works out
Is there any way to make it adapt to the device's light/dark theming the same way the rest of the site does? It messes a bit with the spacing of items in the sidebar, and earlier I was having some problems with the reply box's contents getting clipped but that last one appears to be gone now.
Nice, thanks! I'm ashamed I can't do that myself... So, interestingly, works better w/ Brave than Firefox where the padding is worse. I'd like for the middle scroll bar to disappear and for the highlighted post to remain highlighted when you go on the right developed panel with the cursor (nitpicking)... Not sure if I prefer it to the default (I mean, as Lucian want it to be), but that's just me. It looks like that on my setup (MX Linux 19):
Cool man, nice work
Awesome! So much more comfortable. Thanks.
Scratch that...forgot to add a scrollbar in. I'll update the file in a bit I played around with CSS and got collapsible comments under Trending working (to an extent). Link to CSS here:
We've seen a few posts here discuss the purpose of subreply. Regardless of what we feel about its efficacy, I see that there's a general consensus and need for text-based services to become popular again (besides aggregators like HN, etc). Do you think that there is something missing from existing services? Forums, sites like Reddit? What if there was a service that was text-based entirely and operated with features from the aforementioned? Or, what would you improve upon?
Subreply would be easy to integrate with Keybase:
this would be a nice feature!
I have chosen to discontinue my use of keybase in light of their acquisition by Zoom given the number of times Zoom has implemented what appears to malicious features.
now that you mentioned scraping, I might write a simple cron job to track post data, active hours, post bursts, and geolocated activity. Would be neat to look at!
yes you could just ping it over to Segment maybe?
I'd definitely be interested to see.
So there have been ~21k posts on subreply if the data-attribute on the 'save' Node is the total increment count (neglecting deletes of course).
Since the post was deleted I'll ping you here. I agree that identities do not affect the quality of a person's opinion. Yet, the color, gender, or sexual orientation of a person may strongly relate to their held beliefs. Including a greater number of those people will also increase contributions in support or defense of those positions. So, actively promoting and including people from all backgrounds greatly assists the diversity of contributions. Do you disagree?
I wholeheartedly agree! The central message here is that societies need more intellectual diversity. The color of the skin, gender and sexual orientations are a byproduct of that and may or may not correlate in an expected fashion.