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Finally updated my /now page. Anyone else have one? If so, share! :)
The short story you're sharing on your now page sounds like you're living the dream! :) Glad you can explore new places and learn new languages. Here's my now page, that I actually should update again:
Just found your site and I really loved your article Why Read? Thank you for sharing and elaborating on something that has been on my mind lately!
That's a neat experience you're having! Also, the /now page is a good idea. I may create one now after I finish playing around with a little app
blake dot instantfloppy dot net/now should be up. Edit: I think cloudflare miscached it so try blake.instantflopp... (with the additional .html) if it isn't working
very nice
How's Barcelona?
TIL: 1 second is 9,192,631,770 cycles of the radiation corresponding to the transition between two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom. No, really. Take 551 billion radiation cycles to check, if you like.
I've been enjoying reading a bunch of stuff from recently. It's full of cool historical tech stuff. Only criticism: I have a "friend" who went there to read one article and stayed until he read *all of them*.
Thank you, Martin! I read one of his articles about RSS feeds and found out the amazing fellow Aaron Swartz.
I wrote a little app to make looking at my API's JSON logs a bit nicer. It's only for me, but making nice things is so cathartic! So, who do I talk to about series A?
This looks awesome! The design is very sleek
Just updated my blog to auto detect dark mode, plus a little update to /now (including a recommendation for the book Hell Yeah or No):
Congrats! Your blog looks really cool. :)
A few years ago I decided to learn Esperanto (the constructed language). I now spend anywhere from a few hours to a few days per week speaking it with friends from around the world. AMA :) (or just shake your head disapprovingly)
Do you know about the Monero project? Esperanto is their language of choice
Where do you find people to speak out with? How did you learn?
How long did it take you until you were able to speak about everyday experiences? Any particular entry book you can recommend?
That is super cool. Have you ever found Esperanto being spoken anywhere randomly? Like go to a coffee shop and find a group of people speaking amongst themselves? Have you ever used it to speak to someone that does not speak English? In my experience, being a non-native speaker of English, I catch myself saying things that sound weird in English because I'm translating directly from my first language. Have you ever noticed that in Esperanto?
What languages do you speak? Have you considered learning some other constructed language at the time? Maybe lojban?
I got about halfway through Duolingo after casually working on it for a few months. When I stopped I found myself regularly thinking in eo sentence fragments, to a level I never have while learning German. Time to pick this back up ;)
You've all inspired me to give Esperanto a go - thank you for this! I'm very excited!
Tonight I'm hacking around with some socket programming. Haven't done any low level stuff in ages. So much fun!
Nice! What're you working on and what language are you using?
Any good resources on it?
I remember when I had to gather data from Pixel detector implementing TCP/IP on its FPGA. I don't know why, but it was pure pleasure.
Having spent far too much time sitting down recently, I finally decided to buy a standing desk converter. I love it, and it even comes with an awesome new wood smell :)
Coding at 3am on a Sunday morning. Shoutout to everyone else with absolutely no balance in their lives right now :)
Nice! Same here.
Coding at 3am is only unbalanced if you have to wake up in the morning.
Language learning is such a rewarding experience, especially once you reach the stage of being able to freely think and communicate with people in the language. Interestingly, the version of you in another language can deviate a little from the other version(s), providing an opportunity to be a second person (to some degree). As Charlemagne said: "To have a second language is to possess a second soul".
This is a great point, and I have experienced it myself. I also have read articles in the past the posit that the "second language version" of you is more logical and less emotional: scientificamerican...
I am in a Portugal right now, and talking mixing my French and Spanish in order to communicate is just marvellous
I hit 112 days of my duolingo streak yesterday. Also found mango for free with a library card. Definitely recommend even using a silly all once in a while. My spanish knowledge is the highest its ever been in my life right now
I really appreciate podcast hosts who: 1) Allow guests to speak without interrupting them too often. 2) Don't add noise like "uh-huh, yeah, etc." during the conversation. 3) Are constantly aware of the listening experience and ensure it's smooth. P.S. Can I coin LX now?
Point number two reminds me of Kara Swisher. She's constantly uh-huhing. I find it very aggravating and almost impossible to listen to her cause I keep thinking about how annoying it is.
Armchair Expert almost has a sarcastic tone most of the time, if you don't properly picture Dax Shepard's goofy ass while he throws those around.
1) guilty, 2) guilty, 3) very aware. Will make greater efforts going forward.
"yes I'm the CLXO of my company."
Any recommendations for good podcasts on any subject?
Things I like about Subreply: we don't have a bunch of celebs right now unknowingly trying to get us to send money to a scam BTC address (which has already received over $110k).
don't think we've ever seen anything of this scale on Twitter before! it's much nicer over here haha.
Is this the start of the Twitter exodus?
OK, books! Here are 3 I've read within the last couple of years that I'd recommend to the tech/business/thinker crowd: 1) Art & Fear (observations on making art [in the broad philosophical sense]: fear of judgement, overcoming it, the process, being authentic), 2) Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives (40 short answers to the question "what's the meaning of life?" as discovered upon dying, thought-provoking), 3) A Guide to the Good Life (great intro to Stoicism). Over to you!
Can you say more about Art & Fear? It's not clear to me why I would want to read it for reasons other than general interest
Very interested in stoicism, so going to check out the third on that list. Thanks for sharing. I don't know if I have a book that would be interesting to a wide audience, but personally, I love "The Grasshopper: Games, Life and Utopia" by Bernard Suits. A book that tries to define what a game is (a definition that I like much more than the popular Salen and Zimmerman definition) and then extrapolates it living and finally what a utopia might look like.
So, what's everyone up to today? In my remaining few months of "funemployment", I'm working on a language-learning app idea and hoping to get something out there before I run out of time.
Working on learning Nim
funemployment, nice one. I am also funemployed, working on vertical search engine and web directory for technical texts. The 'fun' part seems to run it's course and now I am kind of struggling to finish project and not get distracted (thanks subreply!)
Polishing up my new personal site that I'd put off building for many years! Then I've a few other ideas to try and get done before the end of funemployment!
Are you using flutter?
working on a very long product demo animation. tight deadline. not looking forward to a late night. I even woke up early (4:00am) to get a headstart on it and I'm not sure it'll allow me to get to bed at a sensible hour this evening
I'm both a language learner and teacher, so if you need better testers, count me in!
The same: getting ever increasingly sophisticated at doing everything else except that one thing I'm supposed to do. tl;dr: I procrastinate.
Going through a fullstack engineer curriculum at c0d3, so far the community is very welcoming and everybody is nice and ready to help.
Learning DGraph after developing with Neo4J
Hammering out my custom notes/TODO system and optimizing an NGS protocol for cell-free DNA.
Working from a coffee shop for the first time in 17 weeks.
Hope no one sits next to you
City or suburbs?
WHERE IS IT??? Can I join you? (I'm so fiending for a cafe.)
A search for "Esperanto" reveals nothing so far, so: Saluton, mondo! Se vi parolas la internacian lingvon, almenaux estas unu alia parolanto cxi tie :)