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How do you manage your read list? Where do you bookmark things to read? I have been using and it's been amazing for deep reading an entire article and then share your views.
I dump it all into Notion using their bookmarklet. It doesn't always work great though if I forget to tag something. Going to check out readup.
I use for all sorts of lists, reading being one of them. super simple to set up public or private collections and then bookmark things with the browser extension
I have a big "media to consume" note file broken down in to headings; Shows, movies, books, and articles. Then under each specific entry I include why the item made the list which is often a comment copy and pasted from reddit or hn. Other times it's things like "also wrote x which you really enjoyed". I find that context is important otherwise when I come back to the list I'm just like "why the hell did I want to read about y?" and don't bother.
I use It allows me add my notes. It also provides full-text search and a cached copy forever. But the best is the search feature to see who else bookmarked that same page. It provides good content discovery.
I save it to pocket with the browser extension; every day 15min of these readings are sent to my kindle with a service I found online
Articles, as in journalism and essay, I save to Pocket. Anything technical I bookmark with Pinboard with the tag 'topdf'. I have a program I wrote that runs every morning at 4am which grabs new pins tagged 'topdf' and renders them out to a PDF file on
Thank you for sharing these useful ideas for managing reading lists! Saving this thread
I tend to write books I want to read in a shared note with my wife. She uses it for gift ideas, I use it to keep track of what I want. Then I've just got a whole shelf of unread books which I pick up when I finish another one.