🐢 Keb reading the news is a bigger waste of time than playing video games
Deep Readup Has the World's Best Privacy Policy: blog.readup.com/20...
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🤔 David How about a subreply reading circle? :) If you like goodreads, add me through this link: bit.ly/dvaun-goodr... I think it'd be fun to start an online book club
Deep yeah that would be cool! Add me: bit.ly/320MSSH
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Deep Just read this, The best career advice for those who want to work or currently working in the tech industry as "Programmer" or "Software Engineer" or whatever else. readup.com/read/ka...
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💻 Kernel Please post the actual link: kalzumeus.com/2011...
Nick Silvestri tl;dr: everything is CRUD and you're a cog in the corporation machine that generates more money than your salary costs.
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🧉 Martin I've been enjoying reading a bunch of stuff from twobithistory.org recently. It's full of cool historical tech stuff. Only criticism: I have a "friend" who went there to read one article and stayed until he read *all of them*.
Deep Thank you, Martin! I read one of his articles about RSS feeds and found out the amazing fellow Aaron Swartz.
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Deep I was reading about RSS feed and found out Aaron Swartz. Currently watching the documentary The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz. What are your views about him?
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Miso I haven't watched that documentary, but now I want to!
🚴 Aditya I'm a fan. I hate he was made an example of. I'm also big on open knowledge and access.
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🐢 Keb Damn dude you're really pushing Readup.com. Almost half of all your comments on Subreply are an endorsement of Readup.com.
Deep Deep and distraction-free reading on Readup is awesome. Attention economy especially social media algorithmic feed is noisy and distracting.
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😃 Javier Readup has scary privacy policy: readup.com/terms "when visiting our Site, we log your operating system type, browser type, browser language, the website you visited before browsing to our Site, pages you viewed, how long you spent on a page" I better check Subreply see if they are not collecting my data too.
Deep Yes, it has readup.com/history "At this time, we do not track or use any info other than the reading progress of articles." Readup has browser extensions which track your reading only when you click on to read an article and track % of reading.
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🐢 Keb this is a really great social network. love the minimalism. i might even enjoy it more than Mastodon... :thinking: now if only there were more people.
Deep If you love to read then check Readup: Social Reading
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😕 Fine Do you like jazz? You might like Shubh Saran. I don't know, there's a lot of different kinds of jazz. It sounds a little like an instrumental Dave Matthews Band (real fans call him "Dave").
Deep Yeah, thanks! Glad listening to Shubh Saran. You might like Ezra Collective: You Can't Steal My Joy and Jazzmeia Horn: Love & Liberation
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😞 Rish Anyone else from India?
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😏 Yt L. Reading the news often makes me frustrated and angry, and I really can't do anything about what the news is reporting on. Considering giving it up entirely and purposefully avoiding the news.
Deep yeah stop reading news and start focused reading on Readup: Social Reading
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🦚 Kogicon What 1 book has most changed your life, and why?
Deep Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport, It helped to cure internet addiction
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Kristoffer What other social networks do you enjoy these days?
Deep Readup : Social Reading
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Deep How do you manage your read list? Where do you bookmark things to read? I have been using readup.com and it's been amazing for deep reading an entire article and then share your views.
⚫ Aaron I dump it all into Notion using their bookmarklet. It doesn't always work great though if I forget to tag something. Going to check out readup.
🌌 Tom I use are.na for all sorts of lists, reading being one of them. super simple to set up public or private collections and then bookmark things with the browser extension
Jayden I have a big "media to consume" note file broken down in to headings; Shows, movies, books, and articles. Then under each specific entry I include why the item made the list which is often a comment copy and pasted from reddit or hn. Other times it's things like "also wrote x which you really enjoyed". I find that context is important otherwise when I come back to the list I'm just like "why the hell did I want to read about y?" and don't bother.
😖 Pratyush Mittal I use pinboard.in. It allows me add my notes. It also provides full-text search and a cached copy forever. But the best is the search feature to see who else bookmarked that same page. It provides good content discovery.
🧿 Andrea I save it to pocket with the browser extension; every day 15min of these readings are sent to my kindle with a service I found online
Lewis Walsh Articles, as in journalism and essay, I save to Pocket. Anything technical I bookmark with Pinboard with the tag 'topdf'. I have a program I wrote that runs every morning at 4am which grabs new pins tagged 'topdf' and renders them out to a PDF file on Box.com
Burensasub Thank you for sharing these useful ideas for managing reading lists! Saving this thread
Dan Heath I tend to write books I want to read in a shared note with my wife. She uses it for gift ideas, I use it to keep track of what I want. Then I've just got a whole shelf of unread books which I pick up when I finish another one.
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