i hate hn
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volta.sh this seems really useful so far!
how do i force dark mode on subreply?
Opera has a dark mode switcher. OS switcher should work too.
I bookmarked this one that should help you : subreply.com/n4n/jrg
Anyone have recommended reading on Front-End App Architecture? Preferably not React-specific, but that's fine. I'd like the knowledge to transfer to other frameworks like Mithril, Hyperapp, Svelte, etc.
Vuejs has excellent documentation and Svelte's documentation is getting better and better each time I'm checking. I'd recommend you to check Svelte first because it's the most different from a technical view.
reading the news is a bigger waste of time than playing video games
what are some options excluding TypeScript and Flow for type-checking a Node project?
I'm honestly not sure there are any except using a cross-compiled language. Almost everything is nowadays compiling to WASM. But there are other languages that compile directly to Javascript as well. For example dart.dev
You could write it in Reason and output JS. :)
the sun kil moon/jesu collab albums are seriously underrated
anyone running Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi? what's the easiest way to get it up and running fast? I got me an 8GB model with an external SSD.
There should be ready made Debian compatible packages for nextcloud. **EDIT** There is actually this: ownyourbits.com/ne...
Yes ! with Archlinux ARM on PI 4, 2 GB model with 128 GB SD Card. Minimal config. With your device's configuration, it could be easy to setup Nextcloud. I don't see any package for installation (or a snap package maybe)
drupal is the worst thing in the world
installing WSL2 on my work PC. hopefully this goes well...
Docker with WSL2 backend was a huge upgrade for my workflow.
Learning SQL! Starting with a simple app. Posted a question on stackoverflow, but wondering if anyone here can help? The full question is over here: stackoverflow.com/...
best storage for a Raspberry Pi if I want to host web applications? wondering how viable an SD card/flash drive/2.5 SSD are. I'm thinking of getting an external enclosure for a 2.5 SSD i have lying around and using that, but not sure how each compares.
I host web applications (Nextcloud, Wordpress, ...) on my rasp with an SD card (128 Go) for the moment. It's not the best i know but working well. If i buy next year the 4 Go RAM version, i'll be interested in using a SSD.
I think the main issue with the SD card (even more than speed) is the usually shitty lifetimes.
What is your text editor of choice? I'm a Sublime Text kinda guy. :)
Kakoune. It's like Vim but the other way around.
My daily editor is Visual Studio Code. I use it for a variety of tasks involving text editing other than programming. If I lived on a terminal, though, I would use Vim every day.
vim. I installed a trial of pyCharm for my python projects. Jetbrains want 8 dlls a month for the right to use pyCharm. I have to admit, it's super complete (indexing, in-line debugging, the works).
Emacs. I do most things in emacs though. Sadly, it's missing a decent browser otherwise I could practically do everything in it.
What is your RSS Reader of choice? Currently using Inoreader, but wondering about alternatives.
I've never been a big RSS Reader user but Fraidycat looks just too good.
Big fan of Miniflux but I was using Inoreader before (:
I used Feedbro browser extension (add-on).
I tried many RSS Reader and now because my RSS feeds are managed by the News app from my nextcloud instance, currently using OCC Reader on my phone, downloaded from F-Droid
I use Feeder on Android. Basic, but it does the job. I have used Inoreader in the past and liked its UI however the free version has ads, right? Also used Feedly before which was okayish.
What's your go-to minimal CSS lib/framework? I'm talking TINY. I'm still rocking Basscss (2.13kb min+gzip), but looking for something that's maintained.
To buy new PC Parts, or to wait for prices to dip? I'm in need of a new SSD.
I was told it's the right moment but I don't really know how we could prove it /:
New Samsung 960 PROs just released. The are looking incredible.
Does anyone use Lua predominantly? I'm currently learning it (along with Love2D) and admit I actually really like the syntax and the everything-is-a-table design. Admittedly it has its quirks. I'm wondering why the Lua ecosystem and community is so small compared to other dynamically typed programming languages? I tried installing LuaRocks and installing packages via it on my Windows machine and surprised how it just does not work, and how little support their is.
I learned about it while having fun with PICO-8. It's a lovely language, good design and simple.