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Frank Chidera SEO is very difficult
🤘 Matthew Too bad it isn't impossible. All SEO does is game search engines. Sites that use SEO benefit at the expense of everybody using the web.
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😀 Tom Something inconsequential bothers me: A novelist writing a series of books featuring an American, spells "curb" as "kerb". "Curb" is the U.S. spelling, "kerb" is the British spelling. That spelling seems unnatural to me, I like the way other British words are spelled, but for some reason, not this one. I wonder why the author uses that spelling. I've only noticed it in his recent novels, so I wonder if he's used the American spelling in the past, and if so, why he changed.
🤘 Matthew Maybe the author has a different editor who hasn't reminded them to do a :%s/kerb/curb/g op on their manuscript?
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Frank Chidera Reddit sucks.
🤘 Matthew Social media sucks, and so does SEO and its practitioners.
Rsm Fill in the blank: There is more to life than just _________________.
🤘 Matthew being there for people who are never there for you
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🤘 Matthew I'm looking forward to Slackware 15...
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Bo Tr Hello there. <b>Test</b>
🤘 Matthew Hello. We all float down here.
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🐢 Keb Both Mastodon and Pleroma have features to only see content from within your server.
🤘 Matthew Are you talking about the Local feed? That doesn't solve the problem of trying to have a conversation with people on your instance only to have some troll from or jump in. Mastodon provides public, unlisted, followers-only, and direct--but not local-only, and unlisted isn't an adequate substitute because unlisted toots are still accessible from the open web.
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🤘 Matthew Because there isn't a surfeit of CLI music players, I wrote my own and called it "rockout". The manual page is 3x longer than the shell script. matthewgraybosch.c...
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🤘 Matthew I'm writing my first man page...
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Miso I'm super tempted to try ed :D
🤘 Matthew If you don't want to shell out for MWL's ed Mastery, "Actually using ed" will get you started. blog.sanctum.geek....
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Miso I also use emacs now. Been learning it for the past few month and having lots of fun learning elisp too!
🤘 Matthew Oddly enough, I've only just started using regex in emacs. Whenever I needed to edit with regexps before, I'd switch to vi.
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Miso I've never taken the time to learn nano yet, looks like a simple yet powerful editor.
🤘 Matthew nano's solid. If I hadn't first been exposed to emacs and vi in college, I might have gone with nano as $EDITOR. It does a good job of exposing basic functionality to inexperienced operators, but becomes more powerful with experience.
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🤘 Matthew This is an old album review that I dug out of an old version of my website. Has anybody else heard of The Great Discord? matthewgraybosch.c...
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🤘 Matthew I've found that I like using uMatrix in Firefox, even though it's no longer under active development. It's nice to have cookies, JS, CSS, and images blocked by default and to be able to opt in.
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🐢 Keb I am starting to think that any new microblog should have federation support at this point. There's too many social networks; things are too fragmented. It's definitely nice having a small community of likeminded folks, but the paradox is that every community in its early stage wants *more* users until the point where old users reminisce of the good old days when the site had "personality", and then leave to another smaller community.
🤘 Matthew I disagree. Federation is one of the reasons Mastodon/Pleroma are unpleasant; it contributes to context collapse and makes it harder to compartmentalize across forums. If I'm on server X, I don't want to hear from anybody on servers Y and Z (or see their untagged loli porn or alt-reich memes). If I wanted to interact with people on servers Y and Z, I'd create accounts there.
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Miso What's your favorite text editor?
🤘 Matthew Emacs, but I can use ed and vi when they're better suited to a given task.
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