Father, husband, graduate student. Interested in mechatronics and discussing the future of civilization.
running out of time
jonahfoss.com ~ 18.4y old in Seattle
Problem solver. Designer. Builder.
c++ developer and tai chi apprentice. Mexican and American and living in the US
bio in progress (thinking of something funny)
Swiss-born Brit living in San Francisco.
SysAdmin, US Navy vet.
Voiceover & hotelier. Moving to France in 2022 to help run the newly-reopening Hotel de la Santoire.
early 20s tech failure
I'm an inveterate tinkerer. I'm happiest when chasing bright shiny things and bending them to my will :)
feoh.org ~ 53.1y old in Somerville
makes pizza
jeffreytang.com ~ 20.9y old in Chicago
a rebel and a runner, a signal turning green
~ 31y old in United States
I am a librarian
Programmer, young father, avid reader | mailto:david@dvaun.com
College student with a minor obsession for blinkenlights
~ 18.8y old in United States
Love all things open source and Linux!
Designer, coder, strategist.