8h 😀 Tom
running out of time
jonahfoss.com ~ 19.1y old in Seattle
Technologist, Open-Source Enthusiast, Cloud Engineer.
4d Anth
Love all things open source and Linux!
Swiss-born Brit living in San Francisco.
~ 47.2y old in United States
Relentless Render Savant who lives to Crave, Think and Create
~ 41.7y old in United States
bio in progress (thinking of something funny)
Scholar, bon vivant, champion of the oppressed. My views are my own.
Philosophy student + JS programmer
jameshall.xyz ~ 26.3y old in Oregon
~ 29y old in United States
i like links and files. he/him
~ 21y old in Chicago
Software engineer in the Twin Cities.
4w Lahosken
He lives in San Francisco. He writes code. Puzzles, computer programming, whatever. He loves everybody.
early 20s tech failure
4w Mp
I'm going to be The President.
5w Noah M.
An all around stand-up chap