dancer actor designer
10y, 1w Michael
Michael McDonald. Designer, Creative Problem-Solver.
10y, 1w Axodys
Parent, Writer, Podcaster, Coffee Achiever, VoIP/Telco Curious, 49ers fan, C-List InfoSec Celebrity, & Mobile Phone Conn
10y, 1w Mave99a
10y, 6d Barakobama
Yes, We Can
9y, 50w Carsol
I dev
9y, 49w Tmatason
9y, 49w Ray
Tech enthusiast, Podcaster.
9y, 49w Sv
9y, 48w Doug
9y, 48w Vajra
Such a nerd, I used to read the manuals back in the day when they came boxed with electronics.
9y, 48w Noah M.
An all around stand-up chap
Building to bring the relationships back into business
9y, 44w Melissa
9y, 43w John_vella
9y, 43w Elise81
I have a pulse.
I like computers.
9y, 42w Facebook
This is Facebook
web at iFixit
9y, 41w Dan Cortes
UX Analyst//Researcher//Chicagoan
9y, 41w Jason