Such a nerd, I used to read the manuals back in the day when they came boxed with electronics.
Vajra Today wAs a rest day but there's a big storm brewing so I went ahead and walked 5 miles. I'm trying to decide what my goal is: mileage or speed?
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Vajra I walked 7.5 miles yesterday. It was glorious. I so appreciated being out and doing sokemething physical. And also the fact that I have a portable technology to enhance the experience: my iPhone. Using RunKeeper, listening to tunes, taking photos of flowers, leaves and sunset: walking into bliss.
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😀 Tom I almost forgot what white space is. You're right, it does make a big difference. I'm trying to get away from Facebook. It's hard trying to convince others to try a different... personal network.
Vajra Yes. I have family and friends for whom FB is their only social media so I have to keep it up. Just trying to reduce my usage...although I must admit I'm a sucker do cat pictures.
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🍫 Lucian Marin Bring that 4-inch back, Apple!
Vajra I have small hands and the 5 s is perfect. I do many things one-handed and my experiments with the 6 were awkward. he display on the 6 is exquisite
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Vajra Put in 7.5 mi walk yesterday. It was fantastic! The squirrels and birds seemed to be rejoicing in the rain and the fall foliage looked like jewels. Autumn is such a beautiful season.
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Ray Awesome! Autumn is my favorite season!
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Ray I'm thinking about upgrading my iPad 2nd gen to the iPad Air2.
Vajra Did you get it? I'm having the same thought...[?]
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Vajra It's a blustery day: I'm loving it. Rain is so welcome and the remaining Fall leaves are elegant and vibrant, washed clean by two days' rain. I've decided to run despite the weather: my skin is waterproof. As long as I'm able to keep my iPhone dry, I'll be fine.
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Josh Sharp I'm loving Nautilus magazine lately. I feel like a lot of you here would dig the sort of stuff they publish too.
Vajra Thank s for the recommendation. I'd never heard of it but it looks fascinating
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John Olinda Thanksgiving dinner = success
Vajra The best parts of Thanksgiving: family, friends, and food. We had a huge feast, but we hadham instead of turkey and skipped the stuffing this year. But all the other sides were present and a good time was had by all.
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Vajra I've been cutting way down on FB and I'm practically gone from Twitter, deleted Foursquare when they improved it with Swarm, stopped using Instagram when it was bought by FB. Social media has lost its glow somehow. However sublevel's clean interface is calling to me. I think I just will focus on this community and see where it leads me. I like that there's white space here. Thank you, Lucian.
🍫 Lucian Marin Thanks for appreciating the effort on white space. It ain't that easy to keep the interface as clean as possible. I even fix the busy look of Activity table.
😀 Tom I almost forgot what white space is. You're right, it does make a big difference. I'm trying to get away from Facebook. It's hard trying to convince others to try a different... personal network.
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🍫 Lucian Marin "A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth." Albert Einstein
Vajra We trust authority because as helpless infants we had to trust our parents. And for the most part this was good. However as we mature we learn that authority is filled wth it's own inadequacies and failures and that, perhaps, what helped our initial survival will not help
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Vajra Just rid myself of 30+documents that I was unable tort go of before
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Vajra Why was the icon changed? I ask bc I organize apps by color
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🍫 Lucian Marin Sorry. I do the same thing. The change was needed for streamlining the branding. There's a little more info on the page.
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Quark What is happiness?
Vajra When you realize you have everything you need.
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Vajra Hi, thanks for replying
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🍫 Lucian Marin What was the best thing you bought or made in 2014?
Vajra An Ikea cart for the kitchen. Place for bowls, cookbooks, and my mixer,
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