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Just returned from a concert. People taking video and pictures with smartphones, tablets, and cameras (and the occasional DS) has really degraded the experience of listening to live music.
Yep, I was 3 people deep at a small venue, and for part of the show I ended up watching the singer on the screen of the phone in front of me because I couldn't see the singer myself. And I doubt anyone is actually watching the crap-quality videos that people are taking. It would be nice if the performers told the audience to cut that crap out.
In regard to , here is a link showing what I see: screenshots.firefo...
How exactly do I compose a reply to a reply? I can't find any place to type.
Does adding the reply label instead of timestamp helps?
Is there still a way to link Sublevel and Pushover? I'd like to set up notifications for replies especially.
No. I think that was a program I wrote (subpush) but Sublevel doesn't (and will probably never have) a stable API, so there's not much you can do aside from scraping HTML. It broke frequently and these days I no longer have the source code.
Welcome ! Glad to have you here!
Sunrise at home.
Does reject image uploads over a certain size? I can't seem to get images to upload properly. Just a blank square with the missing file icon.
What size or file format is it? Can you upload it somewhere else or send it to me over mail so I can test it?
Does anyone else here admin an Active Directory and Windows 7 company?
Good morning, Sublevel!
Throughout the day I had a crippling migraine. It got to the point that I couldn't even sit up by the time I got home from work. I rested for three hours and it went away, and now I can't sleep at all.
So I've been rattling around an idea for a tool that functions as a teacher's assistant, via email (or I suppose chat would work as well). It would be designed to interact with teachers, students, and parents to remind about upcoming assignments and calendar events. I'm assuming there are projects similar to this in the wild, but I'm wondering what would be required to roll my own. Probably too much.
Sounds a bit like a tool I built at my company. It's a Slack bot that responds to various questions about Linux usage (not everyone is comfortable with command line usage). Simple questions like "how do I create files?" will reply with a message about touch and about available text editors (it'll always recommend nano). More complicated questions, it provides wiki links. It can also handle poorly written questions like "hwo to delte directory???". Honestly, it just cleans up
I really, really like the Kinda Blue Pixel 2. But why the camera bump? I just don't understand why manufacturers are so opposed to making the whole phone a fraction of an inch thicker, and improving battery life, instead of making a functional compromise like that.
I think the abundance of phone cases that basically absorb the bump is why.
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