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I have a problem at work I'm stuck on and I can't find anything online about this bug. Has anyone ever had a systemd timer configured `OnCalendar=*-*-* 01:30:00` (so 1:30 AM) but it's firing _every 12 hours_?! It runs 1:30 PM too as well as 1:30 AM. Other Linux boxes with "identical, as far as I can tell" configuration behave properly (run once every 24 hours at 1:30 AM). Ubuntu/17.04, Linux/4.9.36, systemd/232. Any tips greatly appreciated, been stuck for days on this!
What does it do when it's set to 13:30?
So I checked out GitLab the other day, the UI isn't a complete disaster anymore so I might give it another go. I'll probably setup GitHub to mirror the repos, but I just want to host my stuff elsewhere, ideally on a platform I can self host if need be.
I actually like it less now than I used to. There are so many options, features, and knobs that it's overwhelming when all you want is a simple Git repo. I like that it's a little further off the beaten path, but for my current projects it's just too complex.
I use GitLab to host all my stuff. My GitHub account is just for keeping track of repos I favorite. I decided to do this about a year ago or so and since then, GitHub's made plans better but MEH. I love having ownership over my repos (and my server is automatically backed up).
I'm really starting to like LaTeX since I started playing with it last weekend.
I used it to produce reports towards the end of this past academic year, great stuff if a little verbose at time (coming from Markdown).
It really starts to pay off once you take advantage of the libraries and methods. I'm keeping my thesis in sync with the source code of the accompanying program because the .tex file is linked directly to the source file. It takes only a couple of seconds to rebuild the PDF file, mostly because it is doing syntax highlighting for an 800 line program.
macOS tip I just found out about: you can in System Preferences > Keyboard > Modified Keys... change caps lock, among others, to do other actions like escape. You can also disable it. I'd reccomend Caps Lock either be disabled (just use shift) or mapped to Escape for Vim or Control for easier terminal use.
I mapped Cap Lock to Control because "ctrl" key is very tiny on the international keyboard.
Is the ability to map it to Escape built right into 10.12? I've remapped it to Command in 10.11, but mapping it to Escape used to require an external tool.
Is Swift stable yet (as in no longer making yearly major breaking changes)? There's a macOS app I'm thinking of writing and I'm honestly considering Objective-C given it's maturity
I wonder if the tactic of the TV License people is to continue to harass those who legitimately don't need a license just so they will pay to enjoy the silence. Leave me alone.
Their letters are deliberately over aggressive and threatening. Just ignore them, everything on them is fake (even the names and figures). Is a brilliant site, the guy has archived every letter he's got from them. You can see how the automated system loops round. The pages explaining the finer points are pretty funny too (e.g. The fictional authors of the letters and ever changing signatures). The most amusing part is the bbc's scramble to buy up
I know some people in Sweden complained over here as well. At some point (maybe still?) you would pay per screen rather than per TV. Have a computer? Pay up!
Here it is included as a tax in the electric bill. Despite this, the national TV still has 15 minutes of ads per hour and the shows and films they make are terrible, which I think is the major difference with BBC.
About 7 years ago, Steve Jobs published "Thoughts on Flash" that in many cases started the push towards HTML 5. Today, I think we can say we won. we won years ago, of course, but now we have the EOL: 2020. The web is infinitely safer and more open without plugins! Here's to Flash's long awaited burial. Rest In Peace.
Interesting article, perhaps we ought to be using X-XSS-Protection: 0 instead to avoid browser bugs ?
I must have missed something, when do I need X-XSS-Protection? Shouldn't I just be using CSP to define exactly what resources are allowed to load?
Does anyone know if it's possible to buy official Let's Encrypt merchandise? Like a shirt or hoodie? I'd love to get one if it'll mean I'm supporting Let's Encrypt financially. All I could find online was but I don't know if this actually means money goes back to ISRG. Perhaps I could donate by how much the shirt costed?
That shirt seems to use the logo simply under the Let's Encrypt logo terms, which allows anyone to sell merchandise at 0 profit. Doesn't look like buying the shirt will in any way help ISRG, it will give you a lot more street cred though
To add to Safari push only works on macOS right now - but Service Workers do work on Android as well as desktop Chrome and Firefox!
My plan is to switch to Android and to make Service Workers and push notifications work with Chrome. The idea is to be as good as Twitter Lite ( and to trigger Add to Home Screen banner in Chrome (
So a developer talk I was just at reminded me could have push notifications without going down the traditional app route. W3C: developer.mozilla.... and Apple specific: -- there's a lot of cool APIs that could be used so that we may not need a native app.
I will probably need to open source Sublevel so other developers can add features to it. I have no idea how I can handle notifications for each user on each of their devices.
I love -- push notifications, chat history, always connected presence. I should now be a more regular participant in on Freenode (my handle on Freenode is ancarda).
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