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Made a polyfill to allow the `content` property to be animated in Safari, it's a hack job but a fun one; Link, video & CSS it runs off here The goal was to make the script require no extra work from the dev, just include it. Built to scratch my own itch for my portfolio in development
I haven't posted here in ages, but here's a cool tweet demo'ing a peak into one of my favourite final year projects.
Do you split the stream in 3 parts then draw them on each phone?
Being back at uni is great, working too. I'm getting so much done and so unexpectedly successfully too. Caught another break in life, which is sweet. It's great to enjoy your work.
I made something stupid in
That's how Sublevel started, just stupid simple text form.
Pleased to add Go to my list of known languages I've built something worthwhile in.
I made a thing ! Saka Doodle Doo "It's like JsBin but for Doodles" .. or something like that..
You should get a new domain for it. Also, I can't edit your doodle.
Should an editing suite for a publishing platform strive to look like the content presentation it produces?
It depends on the content, but it should be user friendly.
The dedicated GPU in my 2010 MacBook Pro has failed and now I have to force it to never change from the intergrated one. Really unfortunate and very frustrating.
Why is having only one working earphone so infuriating? It's understandable to be annoyed by it but this experience makes me want to flip cars.
Help I'm starting to enjoy working in Delphi.
The main heroes in Turn: Washington's Spies are really unlikable. Is this because I'm British rather than American or are they just poor characters? I can't imagine I'm meant to dislike them, right?
I hit 100 items on my BC wishlist today.
It's Turtles Classes all the way down
Very tempted to experiment with some personal off-grid solar power, pity winter just began & the UK gets so little sun year round. Thanks to this great site stumbled upon thru HN's Show Maybe once Spring rolls round again.
Just had an internal server error after posting Got error page instead of redirect to my reply thread.
That's pretty normal if your browser decides to submit two requests to the server. Your reply will be created on first request. The second request will give you the error instead of creating a duplicate reply. It can happen if your press enter twice quickly or on slow internet connections.
Rediscovering a love for classical, abandoned the bleakness of R4 for R3 for the commute.