9y, 50w Ijeanes
Digital Facilitator
9y, 50w Mundathan
'Don't explain your philosophy. Embody it.' (Epictetus)
9y, 40w Andybak
9y, 38w David Hall
Art, illustration and flying
9y, 38w Adrianh
Passionate about building effective teams and great products. Quietstars co-founder. Lean Startup lover. Agile & Lean UX
Computer Engineer, Music Enthusiast, Travel Addict.
Designer developer with a chemistry degree. Can also be found .
9y, 38w Matt Smith
Putting your TV online since 2005. If it's missing from BBC iPlayer, it's probably my fault. Work for the BBC but all co
9y, 38w K
9y, 38w Mc
I've probably built half an app for that
9y, 38w Ben J.
Programmer, Hiker, Traveller, Philosopher
9y, 38w Seb Jachec
9y, 38w Ghickman
9y, 38w Steve Rice
I play around with tiny squares
9y, 38w Rm
Pixel Carpenter
Web developer. Who isn't?
9y, 38w Alexwebgr
web developer
9y, 38w Adrian
Dev Project Manager