Father, husband, data scientist, productivity hacker, cyclist
~ 35.7y old in United Kingdom
random tech guy
~ 35y old in London
~ 34y old in United Kingdom
I always struggle to define myself.
Web developer who loves cycling. French living in London, UK.
A father of 4
Art, illustration and flying
not dead
~ 28y old in United Kingdom
Making things. Languages. Building a language learning app: yakk.app. Mi parolas Esperanton.
Biologist turned programmer. Unhealthy food, cocktails, bad takes. London.
Software engineer in BoC, Essex, UK
Junior Web Developer, London UK
Physics undergrad, likes the Fediverse, compsci, linguistics.
One of those Italian in London. Opinions my own.
Expat hermit; embracing chaos (and data), from my bedroom
sales engineer (network, security, IoT, analytics)