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Ben J. We cannot figure the meaning of life by reading, we can only do that by experiencing all of life.
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Runningskull s/loose/lose
Ben J. Well spotted, shame it doesn't make an even deeper meaning being loose instead of lose
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Ben J. By always chasing the newest thing, do we loose the ability to appreciate the imperfections in what we have, and watch it grow into something we can truly take pride in?
Rockyracing Pfffiiew,.. I think rhetorical questions are always the hardest to answer.
Derek Grasshopper says: Green grass grows quick, brown grass grows ergot.
Dominik Dalek Without the wind, the grass does not move. Without rhetorical questions, the community is empty.
Runningskull s/loose/lose
🏀 Air Bud Very deep.
Simon Janes That which does not kill us gives us something new to complain about.
Hugh Spiller You're right. Let's go back to Myspace and make it really work this time.
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