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Recently decided that unsubscribing all unnecessary e-mail, even from products I kind of like, was a good idea. E-mail became useful again. You really don't realize how much of it you get until you start to pay more attention to it.
I'm using a Gmail filter that searches and labels mails that contain the word "unsubscribe". It skips the inbox then I check it later to see if I received something worthy.
Jelly beans and plain yogurt. A new guilty-pleasure?
To be fair, I have similar experiences with Chrome and Firefox, so IE isn't the sole offender of "wat?" when it comes to strange behaviors.
Yesterday IE opened its dev-tools inside my Chrome window on a different monitor. I could only laugh at the absurdity of it. How MS can fuck something up so much is beyond me. I have a screenshot on my work machine for keeping.
Collecting and publishing "scientific systems" articles here at medium.com/the-acc.... Currently playing a lot with Elm Lang, a nice little language with a focus on functional-reactive-programming UI.
Gitlab on continuous delivery: about.gitlab.com/2...
Unfortunately, fish has some showstopper that freezes the shell during auto-complete that I cannot debug, so back to zsh again.
Although today, I'm starting to run into a critical bug that freezes the intelligence of fish while editing command lines.
Maybe the bug is in your terminal emulator? Fish works a bit differently if it's started from bash. Also, a bad config can also cause problems. I use fish as a git client. For everything else I use bash.
I didn't think I'd switch from zsh to fish but there it is.
Soylent people (couldn't resist) might like to know about en.wikipedia.org/w...
Not sure how this applies to Soylent people. I have never looked at food replacements for dieting, and don't need to lose any weight. I want it to give me 100% of my needed nutrition just so I don't need anything else.
Z.cash's ceremony design for destroying a private key: z.cash/blog/the-de...
The Soylent problem makes me wonder if this isn't some kind of mass-hysteria that is being fanned by the media/internet. But other people have theories that Soylent has an effect on your gut-flora which might account for why only some people get sick and others don't. This stuff is complicated and the media is not especially fond of explaining things... that cuts down on the bottom line.
urbit.org/docs has done a lot to improve their documentation. Their code however still leaves a lot to be desired with vocabulary--you need a lot of background just to read what the canonical C implementation is doing exactly. The persistent use of single-letter and three-letter identifiers with little mnemonic meaning is guaranteed to require a lot of "reprogramming" of your mind.
I've heard about it but haven't looked at the source code until now; it's not very friendly.
Twitter has really lost its sense of community since 2007. No one's looking for things, but everyone's promoting everything.
I had no luck promoting Sublevel on Twitter, that bad... :)
I've been pleased with abricotine.brrd.fr of recently. Works well for the smaller documents I've been working with.
I'll have to try that out later, I was just looking for a cross-platform editor and exporter.
I don't use PHP much any more, but I'm stunned at how prevalent it is in the web-based business world. Haven't updated my ZCE 4 and I understand that PHP is now v7.x. Shrug.
PHP has changed a *lot* since 4, I'd recommend you checkout 7.1 and the work the PHP-FIG group is doing in standardizing a lot of common stuff. PHP is starting to clean up their act and 7 continues that with a stricter type hinting. Since 4 to 7, we've shed a lot of the things that were giving PHP a bad reputation, like safe mode, magic quotes, ext/mysql (use mysqli or PDO now). There's full class/OOP support (rather than the fuckery PHP 4 had). Standardized PSR-0 and PSR-4 a
Hintjens is still alive and beating on the keyboard with "Confessions of a Necromancer" hintjens.com/blog:125