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Something inconsequential bothers me: A novelist writing a series of books featuring an American, spells "curb" as "kerb". "Curb" is the U.S. spelling, "kerb" is the British spelling. That spelling seems unnatural to me, I like the way other British words are spelled, but for some reason, not this one. I wonder why the author uses that spelling. I've only noticed it in his recent novels, so I wonder if he's used the American spelling in the past, and if so, why he changed.
Something even more inconsequential and maybe a bit related to that bothers me: why so many Americans pronounce the word nuclear, "nucular"? It's very stupid and drives me crazy... How in the world the syllabes nu-cle-ar get transformed into nu-cu-lar? You don't pronounce the word clear, "cular", do you? It makes zero sense and I even heard that pronunciation from some scientists, which is pretty... Baffling. Whatever...
, did you let expire? It no longer redirects.
I have a new idea for a website to build. That brings the total to three websites I want to build. I need to finish some projects around the house first so I can mentally-focus on those website projects.
My method of web design: only make projects I know I can complete, work on one project at a time, and complete them. See for example
grr... It sucks when you want to sign up with a fairly-unique username on reddit, only to discover it was already registered 9 years ago, and has never been used.
Super annoying. At least you can get what you want on subreply, lol
In Texas, many are without water, power, and internet. With no lights and internet, I wonder how many people's sleep schedules that's going to affect.
If this is to last, I'm relocating now ;)
Darn gravity. Why did Isaac Newton have to invent it and ruin it for the rest of us?
Then we wouldn't have "sublevel".
Damn, the trick I used to get around YouTube's requirement to sign in for age-restricted videos no longer works. And it's a lecture about art at a public museum, why is it even restricted?
I guess it's a good way for them to try to get your ID information. I'm not doing it of course... Maybe try to find that lecture elsewhere. Rumble, lbry, bitchute, etc. Looking at the actual situation, I would not be surprise if they extend that to the whole content... That would be extreme.
Either someone read my comment years ago, or someone else has a brain: I saw a construction crane on The Expanse's future Earth.
Darn! I saw a quadruple rainbow about 10 years ago. I knew it was rare, but I didn't know it was that rare! I just looked it up, and apparently only five of them have been recorded in the last 250 years.
Lol, a MySpace clone:
Yessss! Took me back to 2005 ;-)
Check out my profile, :)
Too much nostalgia...
Is it any good? I mean does it have a decent user base to sustain?
nice antique. brings back memories
Shoot, I meant to post on my 6 year Subversary, but I forgot. Happy 6 year and 5 day Subversary to me!
Geez... I just visited Gizmodo's website for the first time in about 10 years. It's a shame.
Even now that you mentioned it, I won't open it. :)
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