🖋️ Byron hello, world
🏒 Lucian Marin Where did you find you about Subreply?
😀 Tom It's been almost 9 years ago for me, but I think it was HN.
♟️ Inverse Replica I have completely separated my "public" life from my private life, i.e. use different phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and even hardware. Now, when the weekend starts or I am on holidays, I know that only friends and family are even able to get in touch with me and I must say, it's a completely different quality of life
😀 Tom That's sounds awesome!
😀 Tom Tried out CalyxOS for a while, now trying out GrapheneOS. (Edit: Initial impressions are good.)
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♟️ Inverse Replica GrapheneOS is a blast!
🏒 Lucian Marin I walked 23 km today. Rheumatologist told me not to hurt myself until this year is over. If I stay inside, I feel pain all day long. If I go outside, I feel less pain. Pain is moving from one joint to the other. I joined support groups for reactive arthritis on Facebook, people there lived with it for 25 years.
😀 Tom After assembling all my open tab URLs from Firefox for Android that I saved over the past two or three years, deduplicated them, and deleted the garbage URLs, I have over 11,000 URLs I've saved from my phone. 7,000 of them are just from HN alone.
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🐥 Jacob Chapman You could open a small number of URLs each day. Here is how I do it on the desktop github.com/chapmanjacobd/computer/blob/main/.config/fish/functions/opentabs.fish on Android github.com/chapmanjacobd/phone/blob/main/.shortcuts/tasks/open-browser.sh and here is how I sort my tabs: pip install xklb && library cluster-sort tabs.txt sorted_tabs.txt
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😀 Tom I thought I'd check out Facebook, and now my feed is 90% "suggested for you" pages. I found a uBlock Origin rule that hides those, and it's funny/sad to just it sit there loading content, only for it to be removed until it finally loads a friend's post. Now if only there was a rule to block "shared" posts from appearing.
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😀 Tom I repartitioned my laptop and reinstalled the OS. Maybe now I can finally go through and organize all of my old files. I've been on a quest to organize my life, and this is the next step.
🙂 Roy Hi. I'm a little bit late to the party.
😀 Tom Nonsense! You're here just in time!
Miso Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted here! Have a look at nex.nightfall.city if you are looking for an adventure!
😀 Tom Before I clicked on your link, your post reminded me of A Dark Room adarkroom.doublesp...
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🏒 Lucian Marin I took Ofloxacin for a minor UTI. Now I regret it. Told two doctors that I don't want to take it, but they prescribed it anyway. I have tendon pain in all my body, lower legs, knees, elbows. I walked 8800 km in the past two years and I also enjoyed speed running. Now I can't stand on my legs. Never take fluoroquinolones.
😀 Tom That sucks. That's an impressive amount of walking though.
😀 Tom Surfing the web without an adblocker is wild! I'm looking at a blog where 80% of the screen is filed by five different ads.
😀 Tom I remember it was big in the news when the world population reached 7 billion. The world population is now 8 billion, and I don't recall it being a big thing in the news this time.
😀 Tom I'm always afraid to send my dad a link to something interesting on reddit because I don't want him to get sucked into that cesspool.
😀 Tom Someone had a nice camera at an event I was running. After the event, I asked if they had any pictures I could share. They sent me some mediocre pictures. Just a reminder that a camera does not make a photographer.
♟️ Inverse Replica Now that I think of it, I have never seen Keanu Reeves and Tom at the same place.
😀 Tom Keanu is too intimidated by my presence to be in the same place as me.