🏒 Lucian Marin We are at GPT-4 and it can go up to warp 10 like in Star Trek.
😀 Tom Like that one episode where they went Warp 10 in Star Trek Voyager? 😂
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🏒 Lucian Marin I can implement support for pictures, but the price will be $1 per picture.
😀 Tom I personally don't mind that price, but I have no pictures that I want to post. I like the text-only aspect of the site too. I feel like adding pictures might just make Subreply look more like Twitter or Facebook.
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🏒 Lucian Marin The new about page is written by YouChat and Bing. It does look a lot better even if the content is not quite original. I like tools that does help me focus on development instead of tiny, meaningless things.
😀 Tom It looks good. Fyi "Subreply does have" should just be "Subreply has". Also, there's privacy features? And while the interface is simple, I don't know about intuitive.
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😀 Tom I just had an idea for a story that is so novel and unique, I've never heard anything remotely similar to it, and I think it would be a crazy-good idea, if I can execute it properly. It blows all of my other tired story ideas out of the water. I will practice writing on those other story ideas first though, because I've never really written a novel-length story before. I'm so excited about this idea.
👽 Paul Webb Does Subreply have image/video support?
😀 Tom It used to have image support for donators years ago, but not currently.
🏒 Lucian Marin I want to introduce a chat feed on Subreply, maybe call it Live or simply Chat. Would you used it when events happen and you don't want to start a thread? I can support only mentions on that feed, no replies.
😀 Tom I think that any kind of social media that does voting or automatic suppression by user flagging is terrible. It doesn't become a fair, intellectual discourse, but a competition of who can bully the other better.
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👽 Paul Webb I lost a follower? Lol okay.
😀 Tom Does it give you a count somewhere?
👽 Paul Webb Oh wow, my account still works. What's up people?
😀 Tom In an international airport surrounded by snow, and I'm the only one in shorts.
😀 Tom Hot damn! I replaced my Pixel 5 battery using iFixit's kit. Zero issues. The hardest part was removing the old adhesive. My old battery which expanded, had an exit hole that gasses escaped from, thankfully no damage to the phone itself. The iFixit guide was missing a step, but I was able to figure it out (it didn't show how to install the battery adhesive).
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😀 Tom I'm on a dating app, and it's funny when someone posts a picture of themselves with their friends, and I recognize their friends from another profile on the same app.
🤚🏻 Vivek How was it?
😀 Tom It was okay. It was the latest one that was cowritten by the author's son. I noticed a stark difference in the writing right away, but it was still just as readable and enjoyable.
😀 Tom Happiness is reading.
😀 Tom Read a book in one day, today. I hadn't done that in over 20 years. This one was a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child.
😀 Tom I had a dream where I was in a rush to get ready for school, only to realize that there was no school because of the holidays, only then to wake up and realize I still had to go to work!