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😀 Tom I'm reading a very good book, Speculator by Doug Casey and John Hunt. The cover makes it look like a cheesy novel, but it's actually very good.
🌲 Tho me. but i rarely have anything to say :(
😀 Tom That's not always a bad thing. I'm glad you're here.
😀 Tom Anyone active here? Anyone check Subreply daily?
🌲 Tho me. but i rarely have anything to say :(
😀 Tom This season of The Expanse just isn't doing it for me. Is anyone else feeling the same way?
🏒 Lucian Marin In winter of all seasons?
😀 Tom It was 80-something degrees Fahrenheit here on Christmas day (unseasonably warm this year). Regardless, even if it was cold, winter is the time to buy motorcycles because that's when most people want to sell them (after the summer is over). Most people want to buy them in the spring (before summer begins). I was searching the used motorcycle ads, but didn't find what I wanted, so I bought exactly what I wanted new. Thankfully the dealer sold it to me at MSRP - I've heard other places are selling above MSRP due to lack of stock because of supply chain issues.
😀 Tom Seven years after getting my motorcycle license, I finally bought a motorcycle!
🏒 Lucian Marin In winter of all seasons?
🦆 Vivek What's the book called?
😀 Tom So You Want To Be A Wizard? by Diane Duane. It started off very good, but then when it got to actually casting a spell, it wasn't that good. I haven't read past that part yet, but regardless, it has got my creative juices flowing.
😀 Tom Just discovered a new book, it is inspiring me to come up with ideas for a novel I want to write.
🦆 Vivek What's the book called?
😀 Tom That's cool. I've been with my current cell phone service provider for 1 year now, and they sent me an email saying that I've used: 256 GB of data, 7128 minutes of talk (118.8 hours), and 4776 text messages. Per day, that comes out to 701 MB, 19:32 time, and 13 texts.
🌲 Tho my stats would be something like 300GB of data a week, 20 minutes of talk (a year) and 10 texts a year
😀 Tom I just started the last book of The Expanse series. I thought it was coming out later this month, turns out it came out last month, yay! I also just bought the whole series in hardback for my library :-)
😀 Tom Yes! I got my bluetooth mouse to work in two different operating systems without having to re-pair them each time. Also, Windows 11 start menu is crap, but the rest of it is okay after a lot of heavy customization that 99.999% of people won't do, including using third party apps to fix the privacy stuff (hopefully) and a couple of other changes. Of course there are apps to change the start menu, but not sure if I want to bother with that since I don't plan on using Windows except for Photoshop and Word/Excel when I really have to.
David Antoine I haven't upgraded to Windows 11 yet, the upgrade process on Win 10 is broken, I'll probably have to recover it, then switch to 11. Or I'm just going to replace it with a Linux distro but I don't know which one and distro hoping, even in virtual machine, is not something I want to do anymore... If I finally end up with Windows 11 I will use a "privacy" app as well and surely replace the start menu... It is strange, maybe they should have merge it with their search functionality, would have made more sense....
🌻 Robert Blinov Omicron is an anagram of moronic.
😀 Tom Please leave that on Facebook, let's not drag Subreply down to Facebook's level.
😀 Tom Today is my 7 year Subversary! Congrats for making it possible!
🏒 Lucian Marin It's your party.
🌻 Robert Blinov Wrote a large post about Covid vaccines: robertblinov.net/b...
😀 Tom Covid posts are ad nauseam. I didn't expect to see them here on Subreply too :-(
😀 Tom , I see that you got rid of the unique emoji requirement.
🏒 Lucian Marin It makes Subreply more joyful while it avoids display name impersonation.
🌲 Tho because everyone would be better off if there were no secrets. i couldn't say it better than scott adams, read his blog post scottadamssays.com...
😀 Tom Scott Adams is thought-provoking and interesting to read. I've read his stuff on-and-off for nearly two decades. I would be careful taking absolute stands from his ideas.