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😝 Tom Just finished the second season of For All Mankind. It's a great TV series, highly recommended.
😝 Tom No one makes anything user-friendly anymore. Not iOS, not Android, not even cars or microwaves. WTF is going on?
🏒 Lucian Marin Simplyfing things at work isn't perceived as work. It's almost impossible for me to keep a job more than two years.
😝 Tom When I work with kids, I'm told that I have patience with them. I don't feel like I'm doing anything out of the ordinary, just treating a kid how they need to be treated. If people go out of their way to praise that quality, then it must be a rare quality. That's scary.
☝ Jean-David Moisan That's something I notice too in general.
😝 Tom I think if I were to have a shop as a hobby, it would be a bookstore.
😝 Tom We had a three day weekend in the U.S., so I took my Scout troop camping. This was the first place we've been were there was no cell phone signal. It was a great campout.
😝 Tom Holy shi... I'm now reading Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. It's very long, and a good read. A wasn't a fan of politics before, but now I am even less of a fan of politics. There is very little politics in the novel, but they have large effects. It is a good sci-fi novel tgus far - I'm only two thirds of the way through, and have been reading it for many days now.
☕✍️ David Antoine I wish I could get back my love for reading. I was reading a lot, exclusively science books (astronomy, physics, evolution, geology, etc.)... My work basically stopped my readings for more than twelve years now. Even with the pandemic slow down, I'm still not reading anything, except a few online articles. And too much YouTube. Damn internet. Even if that's not an excuse. I hope the envy will come back to me... 🙄
😝 Tom I'm halfway through the novel Delta-V by Daniel Suarez (edit: I finished it). It's pretty good so far (edit: it was great, highly recommended), and interestingly, it seems longer than actually-longer novels. I like that. I hate that I finish novels very quickly and the joy of reading them ends. I hope I can distill what aspect makes this novel "read so long".
😝 Tom I wish companies would just raise thier prices rather than sacrificing quality of their products. I don't care that they shrink sizes so much, but quality is more important.
😝 Tom Just read Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. Amazing. Just as good as The Martian. Weir redeemed himself from his previous novel, Artemis.
😝 Tom Something inconsequential bothers me: A novelist writing a series of books featuring an American, spells "curb" as "kerb". "Curb" is the U.S. spelling, "kerb" is the British spelling. That spelling seems unnatural to me, I like the way other British words are spelled, but for some reason, not this one. I wonder why the author uses that spelling. I've only noticed it in his recent novels, so I wonder if he's used the American spelling in the past, and if so, why he changed.
☕✍️ David Antoine Something even more inconsequential and maybe a bit related to that bothers me: why so many Americans pronounce the word nuclear, "nucular"? It's very stupid and drives me crazy... How in the world the syllabes nu-cle-ar get transformed into nu-cu-lar? You don't pronounce the word clear, "cular", do you? It makes zero sense and I even heard that pronunciation from some scientists, which is pretty... Baffling. Whatever...
🤘🐈 Matthew Maybe the author has a different editor who hasn't reminded them to do a :%s/kerb/curb/g op on their manuscript?
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