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grr... It sucks when you want to sign up with a fairly-unique username on reddit, only to discover it was already registered 9 years ago, and has never been used.
Super annoying. At least you can get what you want on subreply, lol
In Texas, many are without water, power, and internet. With no lights and internet, I wonder how many people's sleep schedules that's going to affect.
If this is to last, I'm relocating now ;)
Darn gravity. Why did Isaac Newton have to invent it and ruin it for the rest of us?
Damn, the trick I used to get around YouTube's requirement to sign in for age-restricted videos no longer works. And it's a lecture about art at a public museum, why is it even restricted?
I guess it's a good way for them to try to get your ID information. I'm not doing it of course... Maybe try to find that lecture elsewhere. Rumble, lbry, bitchute, etc. Looking at the actual situation, I would not be surprise if they extend that to the whole content... That would be extreme.
Either someone read my comment years ago, or someone else has a brain: I saw a construction crane on The Expanse's future Earth.
Darn! I saw a quadruple rainbow about 10 years ago. I knew it was rare, but I didn't know it was that rare! I just looked it up, and apparently only five of them have been recorded in the last 250 years.
Lol, a MySpace clone:
Yessss! Took me back to 2005 ;-)
Check out my profile, :)
Too much nostalgia...
Is it any good? I mean does it have a decent user base to sustain?
nice antique. brings back memories
Shoot, I meant to post on my 6 year Subversary, but I forgot. Happy 6 year and 5 day Subversary to me!
Geez... I just visited Gizmodo's website for the first time in about 10 years. It's a shame.
Even now that you mentioned it, I won't open it. :)
Somehow I always forget to backup my Firefox open tabs when resetting my phone. I'm not devastated that I lost them though, so maybe I don't really need all those saved/open tabs?
What is using dating apps called? Online Dating, or App dating?
I'm using my web browser on my phone to look for an app. I find the app I'm looking for, so then I look around my desk for my phone so that I can pull up the app in the app store, and I can't find my phone >.< It took me longer than it should have. It reminds me of the time I was looking for my eye glasses, they were literally in front of my eyes.
I had a gallon of water in my hand the other day and I was simultaneously looking for where I put it. The human brain--so powerful and so weak at the same time.
To count the number of times I've lost my phone while on a call with someone....
Hmm... I'm looking for a receiver for some speakers. I'm checking Facebook Marketplace. I find one suspicious post. I click on the seller's profile, he has a bunch of TVs, computers, A/V equipment, electronic, etc for sale out of his run-down house. Yeah, he's not a burglar at all :-/
Anyone here ever use Chatroulette? I feel like chatting with a random person. Well... I just tried. After a bunch of guys immediately passing on me, one guy sounded like he was reading prose, but kept the same inflection as I tried to talk with him. I had a hard time hearing, and it didn't seem like we would have a good conversation, so I ended the session. was a bit better. Text-only, met a couple of people, but most there want to talk dirty.
Omegle is the popular one, I believe. Can't speak to its quality, never actually used it myself.
IRC is great for chat-only random person conversations.
I don't know why it's taken mouse manufacturers so long to develop a quieter mouse. I have a Logitech Pebble M350. The mouse click is like the click of a premium laptop trackpad. Solid and satisfying, not loud and harsh like every other mouse, including Logitech's own higher-end mice.
Like most computer issues, rebooting fixed it. I'm running 3 displays through a DP splitter through a TB3 dock :-) The laptop, splitter, and dock are all DP 1.4, and dock supports dual 4k 60Hz through a single DP port, so I thought it could run three 1920x1920 at 60Hz, but I can only get two at 60Hz and the third at 30Hz. That should be fine for my use. Annoying: it only works on the laptop's right TB3 port, not the left TB3 port. Oh well.
"Have you tried turning off and on again?" - IT Crowd. I'm glad you found the solution.
Hahaha, 's quote here is very apt.