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πŸ’ Lucian Marin Google Pixel team on Instagram liked my pink wild rose macro photo and left a comment too. I wish they were here too.
Rsm Invite them!
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Where is Edge OS, Microsoft? Windows 11 is the new IE 11. Chrome OS is the future for enterprise and casual users.
πŸ“ Harry Bo If ChromeOS is the future for entreprise, it's not a good news. From MS to Google, i don't see benefits for the end user (worker or casual user). And the Gapps instead of MS Office, not a better choice (really a choice ?)
πŸ¦‡ Arr Well, Windows RT (especially on ARM) was kind of IE11-OS, with a very limited app selection.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Reminiscence. We all want to go back to a time when we were happy.
πŸ’­ Jonah even at the time we considered ourselves to be 'happy', we may still have been reminiscing about how we were even happier in the past
Zero Edge You can only see happiness because you know unhappiness.. It isn't such a straight line.
😝 Tom Nostalgia
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Every year before WWDC I want to create a web based IRC. A few years ago I made Superthread. Recently I was thinking about a Craigslist with LinkedIn features. I got Maxmoil name reserved. Should I code this?
😝 Tom I'm not all that technical, but I don't see what the benefit of a Craigslist/LinkedIn hybrid would be.
Cole Hudson I'm hard pressed to think of a feature that LinkedIn has that is desirable at all besides it's graph, can you elaborate?
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Google Pixel should have a single camera and 4x zoom. 2x zoom could be achieved with pixel-binning while 3x and 4x using machine learning. Actually, any smartphone should go back to a single camera.
β˜•βœοΈ David Antoine I would like something akin to the Nokia 808. It had a big 41Mpix sensor. Full res when good light is present. 8Mpix mode for low light and 3x zoom, if I remember. Or 5Mpix for low light or 5x zoom. Works with vids as well. Simple and effective. And audio quality was great. I still have 8Mpix shots of Bruges at night looking awesome and devoid of noise. It's almost a 10yo piece of tech... Only Samsung does something similar with its 64Mpix RGB sensor on the S21/S21+.
Frank Chidera I don't think so.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin The new iMac uses a 143W power adapter. Apple couldn't reduce M1 power to 100W to charge it using USB-C PD.
β˜•βœοΈ David Antoine It's basically just a Mac Mini but with a screen, keyboard and mouse/trackpad and a monitor. Should be under 100W easy. There's certainly another reason for it. Maybe just to get rid of an enormous stock of power bricks (so much for environment)... I do like the ethernet port on the power brick though, hope they put that on the next MacBook Pro.
πŸ₯ Mr it means more powerful computers are coming
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Should I upgrade from Sony XZ1 Compact to Google Pixel 4a? I do it more for a bigger screen in a compact form factor.
β˜•βœοΈ David Antoine Interestingly, I set a filter on gsmarena for phones under 150x70x10mm starting year 2019... And... It only returned 17 smartphones! We really live in a world of oversized "terminals"! The 4a is listed but also the more powerful Galaxy S10e which could be a nice choice (if you find a good renewed one)...
πŸ’ Lucian Marin First self-haircut went terrible bad.
πŸ”» Trinity they get better! you have to start somewhere. can always lop it all off and go for the mr clean look
Rsm I used to do it in college. Wouldn't dare do it today.
Miso I just did mine today! It's pretty terrible as well, so I can sympathize :D
πŸ’ Lucian Marin I want to add social links to profiles. What other social networks do you use?
πŸ“ Mega I think twitter would be a big one, and maybe reddit would be good to add. Not sure if instagram/facebook would fit but idk.
🌲 Trees i'm on twitter, and this week i signed up on vk. i'm also on reddit, i have pretty much the same username everywhere. i hate anonymity and privacy
πŸ”» Trinity far too many. i plan to delete a lot of the accounts on more mainstream services (imageboards and textboards are okay nearly always but the bigger the sites get the worse they are to use). maybe have a custom field system or something? it would be really cool to be able to have a list of maybe 10 services and be able to click on the service name to find others on subreply who also use it, though when people use different names for the same service that could get weird
β˜•βœοΈ David Antoine I don't use any other social networks except for this one... I feel like an extraterrestrial. :D
Seirdy Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc), personal website,, Hacker News, Teddit, and some others. I'd say that arbitrary key-value fields on profiles would be better; one column can be the name of the platform while the other an be a URL, similar to what most Fediverse sites do.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin I want a launcher for Android that has the app drawer as home screen and lets me hide certain apps.
πŸ“ Harry Bo You can have this with Bliss Launcher (for /e/). But you can't hide certain apps (or i don't know how to do this)
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸŽ§ Matthieu V. maybe you could have a look to KISS Launcher on F-Droid
🧐 Nrmn There's a tool called FASTER which is exactly that. It can be used as homescreen, you can hide and pin apps. And it's very fast.
πŸπŸ• Adam BlaΕΎek I also recommend KISS Launcher.
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