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🐸 Simon I don't know what the second-hand market is like in Bucharest but here if you wait for a couple of months you can get really good deals on new Apple stuff (I got the 14-inch MBP for EUR1500 a few months ago). But it's true that if your keyboard is broken and you need an immediate replacement that is not really an option.
πŸƒ Lucian Marin Laptop is in service. I don't know what my next laptop will be, but M2 Air is a mess. I wish it had a native resolution at 2x like M1 Pro. But I don't like M1 Pro because is heavy (1.6 kg). I'm looking at Lenovo Yoga and LG Gram at 14-inches to run Fedora.
Vincent L. Instead of daily newspapers, there could be use in weekly, monthly and yearly event reviews. Maybe with some analyses but each should keep concise.
πŸƒ Lucian Marin Did you check the News section? Only the latest article from each source is shown making it easier to digest it all.
πŸƒ Lucian Marin What if there are two time dimensions? One flowing forwards and another one backwards. Like in a database, current state is linked to many possible outcomes and many possible outcomes are linked back to one entry point.
πŸ˜€ Tom I'm an idiot. So a while back I figured out how to get my Windows and Ubuntu partitions to share the same Bluetooth mouse without repairing it each time (the instructions online did not work), and now that I re-installed Ubuntu, I forgot how exactly I did it. I could have just copied the config, but I didn't think to. Here's to another X hours trying to figure it out again :-/
πŸƒ Lucian Marin I wanted to replace my 2018 MBA with an LG Gram 14 because keyboard is broken. Then I was thinking about messing up config files on Linux and I gave up. I have to pay around $175 to replace the keyboard. MBA M2 is way too expensive in Europe.
NicolΓ‘s Parada Awesome. Doesn't look anything crazy. Maybe it is just a well designed and simple database schema... How do you query the feed from SQL. Do you use fan-out, or fan-in?
πŸƒ Lucian Marin For feed I fetch ids of friends and pass them as filter to entries table. The only optimization here is that you friend yourself when you register. With Subreply and I want to prove that Python can be fast enough for real world usage.
NicolΓ‘s Parada Subreply feels pretty fast. Which stack does it use? Have you writen any technical showoff of it ? I've been making a social app on youtube and I've taken inspiration from subreply :)
πŸƒ Lucian Marin I'm using a Python stack: Falcon as web framework, Django for ORM, PostgreSQL, PgBouncer to keep DB connections hot, Gunicorn for async and multithreading HTTP requests, sockets for connections between each stack component to reduce latency. I pay for a high frequency Intel server to reduce latency even further.
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β˜€οΈ Robert Back when his acquisition of Twitter seemed imminent, Elon Musk sold $8.5 billion worth of his overvalued Tesla shares. Perhaps this was the whole point of the shady character's latest charade.
πŸƒ Lucian Marin Nothing Phone 1 has Tesla-specific functions like unlocking doors and turning on air conditioning. Did Elon invest in Nothing without telling us?
🌜 Milkman Riot Native or Cross-platform? i.e. Kotlin/Swft vs Flutter/React-Native/Xamarin
πŸƒ Lucian Marin I like to develop and design for web because I can provide the best user experience. But I want to learn Flutter, so I vote for cross-platform.
Zero Edge To send or not to send? That is the question....
Zero Edge I'm fluent in two languages: Old English (1990) and New English (2020). I'm fluent in two languages: Old Speak and New Speak (1984).
πŸƒ Lucian Marin I want to be able to speak fluent in any English.
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β˜€οΈ Robert Never argue with women.
πŸƒ Lucian Marin Never argue with anyone. Just tell them your opinion and let them decide.
πŸ—Ώ Jonah Tim ferris style question: best purchase of around 100USD (or equivalent currency) or less? I'll start. kindle paperwhite, read it every day before bed.
πŸƒ Lucian Marin Train tickets to amazing places. I went to see the sea on Sunday.
πŸƒ Lucian Marin "Not being able to love fully they will believe your love incomplete" -- Charles Bukowski. Not being able to live fully they will believe your life incomplete.
🌲 Tho My life is faaar from complete, and it's not even my fault (mostly) (shit genes)
πŸ—Ώ Jonah reminds me of this: "The goal of adulthood is to let go of the other possible existences and to make the best of the one. A successful adult is one who understands that it doesn't matter which life you ultimately pick, only that you live it well."
πŸ˜€ Tom I feel like I'm losing brain cells when I hear reality TV shows playing in waiting rooms.
πŸƒ Lucian Marin Not only bad TV shows makes you feel that way. I felt like losing my mind because newer versions of PostgreSQL are running on port 5435 instead of 5432. Subreply was down for an hour. But I upgraded entire stack to latest versions. Page loading is down from ~110ms to ~60ms on my end.
Zero Edge I guess it depends on the language? Are you mostly in JS or what? You don't step through your code when testing it?
πŸƒ Lucian Marin I write mostly Python. I use debug mode that comes with web frameworks like Django, Falcon, Flask. Sometimes I use iPython to debug code. In JavaScript, developer tools in browsers give you everything from console to network requests. It seems pointless to me to use a debugger in an interpreted language. I didn't write much code in a compiled language, so that's another story.
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β˜€οΈ Robert Waking up early enhances productivity.
πŸƒ Lucian Marin This year my neighbors wake me up every morning. I have to go to sleep a lot earlier. I'm more productive at night.