Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
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🌲 Tho oh :( i'm using qutebrowser on linux rn
🏒 Lucian Marin You can try solutions provided on GitHub issue:
🌲 Tho hey! is there any way to force dark mode?
🏒 Lucian Marin On desktop? I think there are some browser extensions. In Firefox you can set the dark theme. I don't want to add extra cookies. An account setting won't solve the issue on multiple devices.
♦️ Robert Blinov Being contrarian is valuable: improvement is possible only through questioning current best-practices and trying different approaches. And if a contrarian's approach ends up being the best, he will get quite a lot of demand for the little supply he has to offer.
🏒 Lucian Marin Contrarians use inversion mental model: invert, always, invert. Lots of hard problems are solved following this approach.
David Antoine More space between Profile, Social and Account in the settings would look better imho. That's the only thing that bothers me visually but I've not checked on the desktop version, I'm looking at it in the mobile format... EDIT : same on desktop...
🏒 Lucian Marin I fixed this too: 5 pixels margin instead of the space character.
🏒 Lucian Marin Rumors say M2 MackBook Air will be the colorful iMac in laptop form.
🌲 Tho i've been switching between an m1 macbook air and a thinkpad with arch and i3 back and forth, can't decide which i like better
🏒 Lucian Marin I want to get an M1 MacBook Air if M2 version has white screen borders. I can wait until WWDC 2022. An OLED laptop with Linux would be nice, but macOS just works.
♦️ Robert Blinov I like the new aesthetic! But I would add a little more space between Joined/Seen/Logout and the feed.
🏒 Lucian Marin The new profile summary block fixes this issue.
Novichok Just joined subreply today. Love how lean and clean everything is.
🏒 Lucian Marin Previously it looked busier, but I reduced it to bare minimum. There are some cool people around this part of the internet.
🌲 Tho happy new year everyone!
🏒 Lucian Marin Happy new year and thank you for being here!
🏒 Lucian Marin I introduced a profile ratio between replies sent and replies received. I hope it will balance out the network in 2022. I know some of you asked me for numbers on profiles, but a ratio is better than karma or popularity counts.
David Antoine Interesting , thanks!
😀 Tom Seven years after getting my motorcycle license, I finally bought a motorcycle!
🏒 Lucian Marin In winter of all seasons?
🏒 Lucian Marin What are you doing for Christmas?
🌲 Tho just chilling at home :0)
🏒 Lucian Marin That's a good idea. We need only need two fields for coin type and a wallet ID.
🏒 Lucian Marin I removed YouTube social link because nobody had one. Even Dribbble has only two links: one from me and one from . Should it be replaced with PayPal?
Miso It's the weekend already! What are y'all up to?
🏒 Lucian Marin I discovered that dataclass in Python doesn't work without type hints. NamedTuple class from typing isn't working either. namedtuple() function works, but I expected something like a Metaclass:
🏒 Lucian Marin Only on YouTube is possible for an ad to be interrupted by an ad interrupted by another ad. Ad inception.