Zero Edge How to become rich - Step 1: Become a politician.
🦾 Lucian Marin Act like a politician, don't become one. It's all political.
🦧 Simon Gray For those still putting it out there in the universe, please respect most consider it more polite to flush.
Zero Edge How to become rich - Step 1: Become a politician.
🦾 Lucian Marin Act like a politician, don't become one. It's all political.
Zero Edge If you stared straight at a total eclipse with no protection you might burn the retina of your eyes. The burn would not be the same kind of burn you would receive from staring straight at the sun (which would be a filled circle) but instead would be a thin outline of a circle. I wonder if a person with this type of burn would have differing psychological traits than others. I wonder if they would be able to visually focus on things better than others considering they have a boundary circle permanently within their vision. I wonder if it changed the culture of peoples of ancient times if they happened stare at a total eclipse...
☕ David Antoine Looking directly at the sun is unsafe except during the brief total phase of a solar eclipse, when the moon entirely blocks the sun's apparent disk. You have to be careful not to look at the sun in any other circumstances. During a total solar eclipse maximum phase, you can even look at it with binoculars, it's incredible. But you have to be aware of the time and stop staring at it when the end of the total phase approaches. A "thin outline of a circle" burn would probably occur if you have the bad idea of looking at an annular eclipse during the max phase, with binoculars and no protection. Having eye burn damage suck. Zero uplift.
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🦾 Lucian Marin I might buy Quest 4 instead of AVP 2, that's how I see things. A Vision Air might be interesting.
🥝 Mr I would love a AVP2 for productivity. If Quest 4 can compete with a UI UX rework I'm all for it, but currently AVP is unmatched.
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📷 |\/| So, there's a carry-on luggage bubble?
🦾 Lucian Marin I tried Samsung Galaxy S24 in the store today. The design is amazing, camera is terrible and the software experience is horrible. I will stick with my Pixel 5 for the moment. Pixel 9 renders look promising.
😀 Tom I liked my Pixel 5, but a Pixel 8 Pro upgrade was free for me. I initially missed the smaller form-factor of the 5, but I quickly adapted to the 8. Getting a TPU case with a built-in MagSafe-whatever and magnetic PopSocket is a great combo.
😁 Laura Smythe I like this concept!
💬 Subreply Thanks to for donating two months of Vultr hosting.
🐢 Keb you know just chilling at my desk, completely naked :)
🙂 Roy Why won't this sadness leave me?
🦾 Lucian Marin My cure for sadness is walking but I cannot walk these days.
🫠 Matt Stein First post and no idea what I'm doing AMA.
🦾 Lucian Marin I was in hospital for 3 days. They didn't find a thing wrong with me. I still got joint paint after fluoroquinolone. After that I was fired. This is the worst year ever for me. It never ends.