It's not easy not to think about things, but it's true that it's effective
That's a very grounded argument you have there. Never thought it like that before. And it makes much sense once you think about it from a practical point of view. All tech fails at some point. And your scenarios, though focusing on very fringe instances, are entirely within the realm of possibility.
> don't they pretty much always behave _exactly_ in the way you expect? //// No. The DNC actually got sued for rigging their primary against Sanders, won, and did the exact same thing in 2020. I would argue Democrats are more harmful to the country than Republicans, from a leftist perspective, because Democrats claim to be left wing while handing Republicans more power and the laws they want. Obama built the cages in which Trump locks the children...
To get things done, just do not think about it:
This morning the clouds darkened the city so much I had to double check that my phone didn't change time zones 3 hours ahead. Streetlamps were still on.
A 12 minute timer. I look at a task (folding laundry, doing dishes, etc) and tell myself I only have to do it for 12 minutes. It's not even a full quarter hour, so I can add in some bonus time if the timer beeps and I only need a couple minutes to finish up. Would you say more about your 7 minute workout?
But that's not containing the content, isn't it? It's merely the platform that serves content and allows adding more content. Or did I see this wrong?
Just waiting for the thunderstorms, as promised in the weather forecasts...
Although I fail to do it so often, i have a little "30 minute rule" where if something takes less than half an hour to do - i have to do it instantly. Laying in bed and remember you haven't sorted your laundry out? save yourself the anxiety about procrastination and get it over and done with.
I think there's a tendency to want to see new threads on the top when I wake up and click 'Trending'. And regardless if there's not much code -- would be nice to have the option to self-host an instance. :) Either way, I respect your decisions. This is great work.
maybe something like aws lambda or cloudflare workers?
Did you check the last 48 threads? Or do you prefer to read even more? There's no much code to open source. :)
Question to (python) devs. How do you handle cognitive complexity in the main function? I usually manage to design small side functions but vscode complains about the main one having either too much parameters or a high cognitive complexity. It's usually due to nested loops that I don't manage to separate.
I like the idea of exoskeletons for rehabilitation (e.g. make paraplegic people walk again) but I dislike human enhancement stuff. Why use an exoskeleton to lift 1000 lbs? Just use a remote controlled robot, or a fork lift! Want to run at 60 mph? Use a car! Just imagine if something goes wrong with the control system or the freaking battery connector fails while the user is lifting 1000 lbs above their head.
2-3 4 oz cups of cold brew these days (heat index)
Nice initiative but as it is open source we have the git repo at Maybe doing a mirror of this repo would be more helpful ! (:
I read the intro at: It's fascinating.
Hey! Can I jump on the request train? :D It looks really cool!
Sorry. Last weekend I went to the coast with some friends, so I haven't started to dive into this book. I also knew this book by reading his blog. Since I'm also not an expert on physical, probably I couldn't give you any further advice about this book. But I'll let you know if I find any useful resources to help me understand this book.
4b. Sometimes dreams degenerate pretty fast. Maybe you're fighting bad guys and you lose. I can use lucid dreaming to reset the dream, restart the fight with extra powers.-As far as I can tell, I'm not more tired. Quality of my sleep is good.-When I was around 5 or 6 years old, I remember going to sleep by visualizing a dice with a clown from a circus. The dice would have various dream ideas on each face. It would roll around a bit in the air. Then I would get sucked in one.
is anyone here into board games? I'm looking for a board game that emulates (or close to) economy. any suggestions?
Ah, ok! Yeah, I was wondering if it was about Kamala Harris ;-)
What are you guys currently working on? I have created a little Netflix clone recently(JS only): . Also i was getting into flutter recently :)
I brew it myself. Nothing complicated, just grind 4oz regular, 8oz decaf, and 4oz French chicory, dump in a pitcher and fill with water, then let it steep overnight. Definitely nice to have when it's 90oF!