Lovely talk from Maxon on the actuators they developed for Curiosity and Perseverance:
Twitter is under attack. Subreply works fine ;)
Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc), personal website,, Hacker News, Teddit, and some others. I'd say that arbitrary key-value fields on profiles would be better; one column can be the name of the platform while the other an be a URL, similar to what most Fediverse sites do.
I'm looking forward to Slackware 15...
Hello there. <b>Test</b>
Ah yes, I see what you're saying. Although I think that's one of federation's greatest strengths -- I personally have not experienced trolls derailing conversations, but I reckon that can be an issue on any large enough community. Mastodon and Pleroma can definitely find better ways to help isolate users that want to be isolated.
On a 16:9 smartphone on Twitter app I can only see one tweet at a time. It's crazy how unoptimized apps are these days. You need the biggest screen available.
Interestingly, I set a filter on gsmarena for phones under 150x70x10mm starting year 2019... And... It only returned 17 smartphones! We really live in a world of oversized "terminals"! The 4a is listed but also the more powerful Galaxy S10e which could be a nice choice (if you find a good renewed one)...
One month and a half with a Gigaset GS290, Android /e/ (based on LineageOS). The only but normal problem is the lack of Google Play Services, needed for some apps. Being released from Google, not so easy
Is there a way to change what your little profile button is? Mine just says "meg" and I'd think it would be cool if it could be your chosen emoji.
Sometimes I use atom, I hate it because it's slow to open. Too lazy to change it as I rarely use text editors. Small tweaks are made with native tools as they are fast and effective. (right-click>edit results in TextEdit on MacOS and Notepad on Windows) Documents in full feature software. Software dev in IDE with debugging tools. Vim or nano when I'm on linux as most gui software on linux is god awful.
I'm super tempted to try ed :D
I have multiple bookmarks with different font sizes and colors. The browser spell-checks and can be printed in a jiffy. It does wonders when I try to show text to a co-worker looking over my shoulder.
Hey is there a way to delete my account? Sorry to go but I'm significantly paring down my digital footprint.
I used to do it in college. Wouldn't dare do it today.