🦧 Simon Gray Trying to smash through a terrible book about mindfulness to get to the comic stack on the other side.
🦧 Simon Gray Ignored fasting & productivity apps in a massively social weekend now gone. Returning to fasting mid week, I'm buzzing, can't sleep.
🦧 Simon Gray RUOK Day, when the intellectually unavailable reach out to the emotionally unavailable & the results are mayhem!
🦧 Simon Gray Last day at work in our old building. Moving into a shiny new glass tower... on September 11. πŸ›«πŸ™οΈ
🦧 Simon Gray Just realised my SD slots are more universally compatible on my devices than various gens of USB
πŸ’ Lucian Marin I want to move my backup data from external SSD to microSD but they are still pretty expensive to achieve the same speed.
πŸ₯ Jacob Chapman maybe for 2GB? sdhc and sdxc cards won't work unless the sd slot supports it
🦧 Simon Gray Using book week pics to judge the parents' literacy.
🦧 Simon Gray 🎢Listening to The Wiggles & finishing a bottle of red.🍷 I imagine Bluey is more of a 🍺 pairing.
🦧 Simon Gray πŸ₯±πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«πŸ’€ So tired. Having a bedtime so early it gets its own brag post.
🦧 Simon Gray Emergency republic meeting entirely justified by tonight's world cup semi results.
🦧 Simon Gray Exiting from X. Realising the 600 free posts view limit on X is affecting my "archiving" of an account I can't log into anymore for the .zip
🦧 Simon Gray Cooked on a weeknight. Mincemeat smell all through the kitchen, classy/trashy...=🍷win!
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Smells really good!
🦧 Simon Gray Calendar reports there is a national doll day somewhere today, along with a Hiroshima remembrance, no nukes, forgiveness remembrances. How far beyond 2023 will we keep conflating nuclear bombs with plastic ladies?
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🦧 Simon Gray Freshly registered. Looking forward to substituting original thought with reposted moronic memes...waittaminute.