About this

Subreply was created by Lucian Marin from the desire of a having a simple to use, English only, public forum that has nothing in common with ancient and untrustworthy social networks.


  1. easy to reply to anyone
  2. save content posted by anyone
  3. 🧠💪 one or two emojis instead of avatars
  4. mentions, links and hashtags support
  5. follow local, active or popular people
  6. light and dark themes


  1. 480 characters per reply
  2. ASCII only because it works everywhere
  3. unique content, no duplicates
  4. only one mention, link or hashtag per status
  5. maximum of 5 consecutive statuses
  6. no support for multiple paragraphs
  7. no counters for followers, likes, shares, etc.


  1. easy to anonymize your personal details
  2. no redistribution of data, private or public
  3. strong password hashing


  1. be nice or else