Subreply (@subreply) was created by Lucian Marin (@lucian) from the desire of a having a simple to use, English-only, public forum that has nothing in common with ancient and untrustworthy social networks.

Register your account, improve your profile, wait for approval then see for yourself if it's worthy of your time. You can change your mind at any time.

As part of a branding, design and technology change, replaces while your Sublevel account is actually a Subreply account. Sublevel launched in April, 2014 using technology available at that time.


  1. reverse-chronological order for all feeds
  2. unique name handles like 💪 John Doe
  3. mentions, links, hashtags and bangs support
  4. save content posted by anyone
  5. easy to find find and follow people
  6. light and dark themes based on OS preference


  1. stability provided by a unique set of limitations
  2. interactivity driven by replying to anything, anytime
  3. longevity provided by low cost server and high performance code


  1. 640 characters per reply
  2. ASCII for content, Latin for names
  3. only one reply to a reply to form a conversation
  4. only one bang, mention, link or hashtag per reply
  5. no support for paragraphs, keeps conversation tidy
  6. no popularity counters for replies or profiles


  • high frequency Vultr VPS running Ubuntu LTS
  • coded in Python using Falcon framework and Django ORM
  • Gunicorn in front of Nginx, PgBouncer in front of PostgreSQL
  • SVG icons by @dk, Route 159 font by


  1. edit or delete your replies before they are replied to
  2. delete received replies before they are replied to
  3. private following, followers and saved lists
  4. no redistribution of data, private or public based on GDPR
  5. email address needed for password reset, no spam
  6. straightforward and complete account deletion