Subreply was created by @lucian from the desire of a having a simple to use, English-only, public forum that has nothing in common with ancient and untrustworthy social networks.

Register your account, improve your profile, wait for approval then see for yourself if it's worthy of your time. You can change your mind at any time.


Subreply is power by a high frequency Vultr VPS running Ubuntu. It's written in Python using Falcon web framework and Django ORM. On front of PostgreSQL there's PgBouncer to smooth things out. Gunicorn on top of Nginx is serving requests as fast as possible.


Since launched in April 2014, Subreply has always stuck to its core principles: balance, exchange and betweeness. The best example of this is that there are no popularity counters for content or profiles.


It's easy to reply and save content post by anyone. Avatars are replaced by one or two emojis 🧠💪 — smart right? Reverse-chronological order is used for all feeds, no need for tricks.

We got mentions, links and hashtags support too. Light and dark themes are supported based on your OS preference.


Unicode and emoji are transliterated to ASCII to be able to display content everywhere possible. Content is limited to 480 characters, 3 times the SMS length.

There is no support for paragraphs to keep conversation tidy. Only one mention, link or hashtag is allowed per reply.


Subreply is the only social network that has a privacy ensuring edit mode. While delete is an instant and complete wipe out unlike other places.

There's no redistribution of data, private or public. We're stricter than GDPR for our own sanity.