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Location can be in Country or City, Country format. Birthday can now be in any of following formats: YYYY, YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD. Both fields can be used to find people.
Evidently, the system deems my city invalid.
Today's update brings support for Apple Emoji in Settings. Emojis are now content parsed so that a :carrot: is a carrot.
Edit works anywhere except when you mention someone or someone replies. There's still some uniqueness checks in place, but overall things are more permissive. About page was updated with the new info. People, Trending and Discover gained content filters. All feeds became paginated. Extended the support for 2811 emojis. Using two different emojis mean 7.9 million statuses are possible. Little things like font size and icons were tweaked too.
That's awesome! Thanks for the updates, glad to see the tool and community growing. A question: once logged in, how do I get to the about page without typing the url?
Back to Google Play. play.google.com/st...
Gonna put it on F-droid?
Discover is now private and tailored to people you follow. Search is now the only global and public feed showing last post from each member. Resumes are now in testing, they might or might not work.
I wonder if replies shouldn't be private as well, I mean only visible to logged people. You would still see main posts (and only liked main posts as well) but you would have to login to read the whole thread... It would maybe be an additional incentive to register. Not sure if it's a good idea though... :)
Messages were moved under Activity and they are listed as discussions. Sub was renamed to Subcafe. The interface got cleaned up and presence indicators removed. One more thing... Subcafe is on Play Store (play.google.com/st...).
I'm honoured to be in the screenshot. 5 stars!
Nice, I'm on one screenshot too ! Appreciate it ! I'm also on Windows Phone 8.1... So can't use it unfortunately :/
Introducing presence indicators across the site based on last seen time. Available (green) for last 48 hours, away (yellow) for last two weeks and inactive (silver) for unseen people. Just to know who's available for replies or chat.
Nice touch. By the way, has the feature of editing posts, before they have been viewed, been removed?
Sub for Android is available at sellfy.com/p/2jeT as an APK download. It works like any Lite version of competing social networks. Some might consider it too basic, others might enjoy battery and data savings.
Sublevel has moved to sub.cafe and now it's called simply Sub. Even more services and experiments will come soon on the subdomains of sub.cafe while superthread.net is going to expire next month.
Superthread could have been good. But with the lack of activity it never could have been good. It needed more promotion. :(
Sublevel goes all in on brutalist design. The style is extended to all design elements on the site. Noto Sans is used because it supports 500+ languages, more than any system font.
I like it. Keep up the work :)
This is an update regarding GDPR. Sublevel is now open source so you can see how the data is stored. Messages are back so you can have access to them. The server is located in Frankfurt, so everything happens within EU.
Nice to have messages back as well as private notes! Hope that will stick for good :)
Sublevel can now be installed as a native app on iOS 11.3, just Add it to Home Screen from Safari and you're set.
Edit mode isn't time based or time limited. Instead there are some rules. The updates and replies can be edited if they don't have replies, likes or mentions attached to them. The replies can only be edited before they were viewed in the Activity section.
Interesting rule set, especially about the viewing.
Now no matter where you end up on Sublevel, you will see a neatly organized conversation view. As seen on or and many more places.
Looks good! The list of likes reminds me of tumblr.
The reverse-chronological reply layout is extraordinarily confusing.
Activity defaults to liked things from your friends like it was on Subcafe. Explore has a global replied feed and text-only threads like on Superthread. And for obvious reasons there's a photos-only tab on Explore now.
Probably a stupid question but what's the exact difference between the Explore/Current and Explore/Replied feeds? They seem pretty similar...
Sublevel was restored from October 23, 2017 backup. Superthread is no more, Subcafe will be shut down too. Sorry for the whole mess. All the good stuff from Subcafe is now on Sublevel including the new design and square photos.
welcome back!
I don't like missing all the content lost since 10/23, but at least things are back to normal. The Superthread name was starting to grow on me.