Coding is fun. ~ 28 years old in Canada
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I'm streaming some programming on Twitch
:thumbs_up: Damn, missed it. Gamer-style setup, I see.
The old url for Trending is now broken:
Great new video by Ted Nelson:
Here is my latest project: It's a static site generator for writing documentation for open source projects.
I got a couple repos in the GitHub arctic code vault. I guess my code will outlive me!
Saw this on the other day: You can watch 10 minutes of someone's window somewhere in the world.
Neat! What a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing.
I've been putting it on while I drink my cuppa on a morning
I ended up going through every single one of them until I found myself back at the start of the loop. Really cool idea.
You guys can listen to the music for the game I'm working on:
When I write a message, how come I get the error "Use spaces or shorter words". What's the condition to trigger that message? I'm way below the character limit.
Not sure why the limitation is in place (maybe something related to spam) but if there are a few words with slashes in between, I started using commas+spaces instead, and that fixed it for me. It seems to count punctuation as a part of one single large word.
I'm designing a programming language called Vyne. Putting my notes here:
wow! lots of unique stuff here that makes a lot of sense, looking forward to playing around with it