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💭 Jonah Stick with your values. Good things come from consistency, and make sure that actions you take in your day-to day don't detract from both tangible and non-tangible parts of your value system. This works to minimize regret and feel better about the way you live.
💭 Jonah my most toxic trait is reformatting every doc I collaborate on
💭 Jonah I'm starting college in a few months. Does anyone here have advice for anything?
😃💬 Javier Some experience a culture shock in the dorms or the classroom. Expectations are high and unknown. Lectures may sound familiar or unfamiliar. If I had to go back I would take better care of my time management and clear, concise and attainable academic and personal goals. I would not be afraid to say no if comes down to do things that I clearly don't like.
☝ Jean-David Moisan What are you going to study?
Eric Most important part is to just show up to class & pay attention. No phone or browsing. Most exams will be straight forward if you're attentive. Finished college about 8 years ago and honestly found ratemyprofessor very helpful for picking good instructors.
Zero Edge Drop any class or professor (within 2 week cut off) that you think you will have a hard time passing.
💻👿 Kenneth Jensen Don't be afraid to change your major. Join a club or two, and talk to your professors; they're people, too!
💭 Jonah I just got on as well :)
💭 Jonah is also well designed, check it out!
🏒 Lucian Marin I wanted to built something just like this but with job posts and private messages. I like how they integrated we worked at the same company at the same time.
💭 Jonah is pretty cool
💭 Jonah FaceTime cross-platform is interesting. Web-based iMessage perhaps?
🏒 Lucian Marin I don't think it's possible. FaceTime doesn't require push notifications.