Father, husband, graduate student. Interested in mechatronics and discussing the future of civilization.
Rsm Fill in the blank: The best thing I do to relax is _______________.
👉 Léo Watch random youtube videos.
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Rsm Nothing. That's the problem. haha
👉 Léo Hahaha paradao aqui hein?
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Rsm Is there an option here to delete an account?
👉 Léo What happened?
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🐞 Lucian Marin Everything Microsoft touches turns to dust. Nokia, Minecraft, Skype, Yammer, LinkedIn, GitHub and list will go on.
👉 Léo Microsoft: the direct opposite of king Midas.
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👉 Léo The general failure and ultimate collapse of the Texas power grid should forever be remembered as a failure of unregulated capitalism. For the numerous failures and tragedies broadly attributed to "socialism", I think it is fair to blame this on on capitalism.
🏀 Pr Interesting, i generally agree. capitalism is terrible at planning for the worst case scenario. See also: the pandemic
Zero Edge Money = motivation in capitalism. What motivation mechanisms are there with socialism? I would think that part of the reason we have advanced so far in the past few hundred years is largely because of the motivations provided by capitalism. Can it go too far? Obviously.. True capitalism means monopolies..
☕ David Antoine Wind turbines are a minority in Texas energy mix right? And you shouldn't rely on it to cover your spikes for obvious reasons. For what I know, TX power companies ensure a strictly minimal energy outpout with no regards for potential crisis situatioms. In fact, in case of crisis, as the blizzard that occurred, they will profit off of it by spiking electricity prices due to high demand /black outs. The excuse being : oh it's such a rare occurance, why spending for prevention?
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👉 Léo Enough of (a tag that I had been using for "thought of the day"). Everything I post here is a "thought" anyways. Also, I quickly gave up on the "daily" aspect of it.
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👉 Léo running an entire data center to mine cryptocurrencies should be an environmental crime. If a rule like that were enforced globally, people would eventually innovate and come up with a "green" bitcoin.
Kacem will be the next crypto
📉 Bill 0 percent interest rates should be an environmental crime. How much excess have we generated as a society due to reckless spending in order to keep asset prices afloat in this global deflationary environment?
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👉 Léo Four years into my graduate program and I just find out that inkscape has a "diagram connectors" feature. I've spent so much time designing block diagrams by hand!
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👉 Léo I hate how in the US we have to buy medical "insurance". Insurance makes sense for things likes cars and houses, not humans. Cars don't have chronic problems or syndromes. Cars don't have preexisting conditions (you normally get a factory warranty). If a car is beyond repair, you eventually get a new one and move on. I think making something as complex as healthcare fit the shape of insurance is dehumanizing.
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James Kirk US is the only developed country to lack access to universal healthcare, right.
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Chetan Vashisht You should play scrabble!
👉 Léo I do! I am terrible hahaha
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👉 Léo My hobby: finding words that fit to arbitrary rules for no reason. Examples: words that contain all five major vowels (evacuation), long words that have only one vowel multiple times (stronghold), words in which the singular form ends in S (species). I like to do that in Portuguese and English... I don't know, it's just fun.
Chetan Vashisht You should play scrabble!
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👉 Léo That's great! Just yesterday I was running around looking for a packaging solution for my vaping habit (aren't we all?). Seriously though, we may need a report button.
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👉 Léo People say that capitalism has failed us, but capitalism's goal was never to please us in the first place. We failed to give capitalism the right cost function to optimize for. I think a good way to steer the optimization is to introduce penalties for undesirable behavior. That is, taxes! In the US we tax income, property, and profit. Unsurprisingly, the wealthy have found ways to hide all of those. We should tax wealth directly and carbon, sugar, empty apartments, etc
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😃 Javier Aircrafts are a good example of electric parts replacing hydraulic systems. Landing gears are electric motors.
👉 Léo That's a great example as well, thank you for the information :)
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Sarah Hli Nice! What paper are you trying to write?
👉 Léo Hi! It is a comparison of electric motors and other types of actuators. Essentially, electric motors are getting better and better, to the point that they can replace things like brakes. That is to say, motors are more power and torque dense than traditional brakes. I needed a reference that proves what my advisor had told me: motors are getting better thanks for multiphysics modeling and simulation tools.
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👉 Léo Feeling super happy. I just found a reference that says _exactly_ what I want to claim in a paper: electric motors are getting better thanks to multiphysics simulation. Thank you IEEE! spectrum.ieee.org/...
Sarah Hli Nice! What paper are you trying to write?
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