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Anyone get more interesting in learning about the stock market after the whole GME thing (kinda still going on honestly)? I started trading options which has been fun to gamble on it.
has anyone been following the extradition trial of julian Assange? It's amazing how much of a charade it is: craigmurray.org.uk...
struggling with focus at work, even though my coworkers and team are very positive and helpful. Feels like I don't do anything really at work, but it has not been noticed yet - but worried that it will be noticed soon enough. I just can't get myself to focus on the tasks at hand because of how ambiguous they can be.
remarkable.com/sto... anyone gonna pre-order? looks enticing, but not sure i need it?
Definitely out of my reach. But the product, and the offer, surely looks appealing. Be it as it may, if you're enticed, try first watching/reading reviews of the former version to see if it's just a novelty item or a truly worthwhile tool. Maybe that'll help you make a more informed decision.
I wanted to get excited by this, but it's actually pretty big. Almost a sheet of A4 paper. Still lots of lag re-rendering the eink too..
Watching these RNC and DNC conventions leaves me feeling angry, especially in the aftermath of jacob blake. how can anyone listen to these windbags and not feel a boiling anger?
How? Through agreement, ignorance, or desensitization.
They are caricatures. Poorly drawn. Family Circus Zombies.
That's politics everywhere, at any given time. At that level it's too abstract to be existentially meaningful. So it's always a facade.
Agreed. I used to get excited watching them, but now I couldn't bear to watch it for more than a few minutes. It all rings so hollow
We only get to see edited highlights and sound bites here in the UK. For the most part, the US election usually dominates our foreign news agenda. It's a shame that this focus does not happen for other countries.
it's been a little while since I've been here. Been dealing with a lot of back spasms between my shoulder blades. really just kills any motivation, productivity, and just drains the life out of me. anyone else deal with any sort of chronic pain?
I have severe back pains from time to time. In my case, that is the sign I have to change my workout habits (it lack of them, to be precise). Once I do that, the pains usually subside. Problem is: I'm not particularly fond of working out, so I'm always on this merry go round of being/not being in pain.
Will we see any large scale economic downturn as a result of Covid-19? Yesterday the numbers game out that US GDP was down some crazy amount, but stocks rebounded. Will we see massive foreclosures / evictions?
Here in the UK, the expectation is that the number of unemployed will see a huge spike when the Government's furlough scheme stops. The knock on effect will see foreclosures and evictions for sure.
Any basketball fans? what are your thoughts on the first few games and the bubble? I'm actually enjoying the virtual fans, though the quality of play is definitely a bit down.
Did anyone see e.gg/about ? Seems pretty interesting, although I'm a little sketched out by the connection to FB. I'm a fan of the 90's nostalgia aspect, but hard to really dive in if it's owned by FB...
Such a shame about the FB aspect.
Man, I forgot we used to have GuestBooks on every page in the early 90s.... haha
"Fellow GenXrs look at me! I am Facebook and I'm cool again!" .... Yeah, nope.
pretty excited about this site, hope it succeeds! twitter never really stuck for me
The recent threads here are really thoughtful.