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Will we see any large scale economic downturn as a result of Covid-19? Yesterday the numbers game out that US GDP was down some crazy amount, but stocks rebounded. Will we see massive foreclosures / evictions?
Here in the UK, the expectation is that the number of unemployed will see a huge spike when the Government's furlough scheme stops. The knock on effect will see foreclosures and evictions for sure.
Any basketball fans? what are your thoughts on the first few games and the bubble? I'm actually enjoying the virtual fans, though the quality of play is definitely a bit down.
Did anyone see e.gg/about ? Seems pretty interesting, although I'm a little sketched out by the connection to FB. I'm a fan of the 90's nostalgia aspect, but hard to really dive in if it's owned by FB...
Such a shame about the FB aspect.
Man, I forgot we used to have GuestBooks on every page in the early 90s.... haha
"Fellow GenXrs look at me! I am Facebook and I'm cool again!" .... Yeah, nope.
pretty excited about this site, hope it succeeds! twitter never really stuck for me
The recent threads here are really thoughtful.