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I often have a hard time agreeing that development aid has to be conditional on the recipient country doing certain things as dictated by the donors. But with the people of Lebanon demanding action and an end to decades of corruption and mismanagement, is the international community right to demand reforms in return for financial assistance?
Just a short note of appreciation, for everyone who is making a positive contribution to this community and to everyone behind the scenes who are working on this platform. Or is it just you, ?
Seconded that. Including you, Diva.
I also am joining in the appreciation for Subreply. It's amazing that after a hiatus, it was able to be revived.
The forecast states that the temperature won't drop below 20 degrees Celsius at 23:00 for the next few nights in London. What hell is this?!
Hey fellow Londoneer! More concerned about the 36c during the day!
The tories.
A grim anniversary: 75 years since Hiroshima. Has the world learned the lessons from that attack? Well, it was the first and so far only time an atomic weapon was used; is this enough though?
Don't forget Nagasaki as well. Besides that, more than 500 atmospheric nuclear tests have been conducted up until the early nineties (+ about 1500 underground tests), releasing considerable amounts of radioactive materials into the environment, partially transferred into the oceans for the past decades. It caused the largest collective dose of radiation. Not sure if the health impact is known or if authorities want to know it. So from that point of view, we learned nothing...
The Pacific Proving Grounds was pretty brutal to the Marshallese living on and around Bikini Atoll. Although all things considered, the fact that humans haven't wiped themselves off the face of the planet with nukes is impressive in its own right.
I always struggle with that idea of collective learning. Why? Because there is no collective brain to hold the collective memory. History is not a collective memory we share, just an abstraction held by individuals and their individual brains. There is no we to remember, no we that forgets. That's why stupid mistakes happen again and again.
An early night is required! I say this every night, then I check all my social media networks; watch the 10pm news; get upset by the news; chat to my friends about the news and then it is midnight.. I'm not alone in this, am I?!
well.. when midnight comes... :)
I gave up on sleeping early. I felt the idea just gave me more stress than anything, especially now that I'm working from home. I tend to sleep whenever I feel sleepy. Sometimes it's 1 am, sometimes it's 10 pm. Last night I slept at 9 pm, and here I am - browsing Subreply at 3:30 am. :D
You're not alone. My problem is that I'm on the Internet for too long before I get going on my pre-bed routine so by the time I get everything done, it's just about midnight
My colleagues and I are attending a workshop tomorrow, Inshallah. We had to do a Myers-Briggs personality test ahead of the event. I'm an ISFJ ("The Defender") - which personality are you?!
Enfj, the protagonist!
I'm an INFJ
I never took a test to find out my type. But I'm very weary of those psychological theories that put people into nice little boxes. Looks like astrology for sciency minded people. (Maybe I'm putting myself in a corner here, and someone can now say I'm an xxxx type for having precisely this opinion)
infp, though I took another one that was supposedly more accurate and got infj.
With film and TV productions grinding to a halt during the pandemic, broadcasters have had to rely on repeats. This is not so bad when quality drama such as Line of Duty is re-run from season one, episode one!
Quiet days of rest and reflection should be mandated for our wellbeing. Just here, relaxing on Sunday, slowing right down. Hoping you are all enjoying your day!
I'm playing on my phone in the hot tub while my wife is making burgers. About as relaxed as can be right now. :)
Three key elements of a Summer playlist: 1) Anything by the Beach Boys 2) Something with the word "Summer" in the title - Exhibit A would be Summer Breeze by The Isley Brothers 3) Reggae or reggaeton tracks; let me know if you agree! Perhaps share your favourite summer playlists?
I think those are very good criteria for a summer playlist. I'm not very good at creating playlists so I unfortunately don't have other suggestions. I would just listen to your summer playlist!
These are some of my first picks for summer playlists: Cruel Summer.-Bananarama, Chris Rea-Texas. 311-Amber.
It had been a long time since I last listened to Kokomo, thank you for bringing it up! Also I just started a Summer playlist.
How hot does it get where you live during the summer? We had a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius today, and let me tell you, we're just not used to that kind of heat here in London, UK!
37-42 degrees Celsius and sometimes higher is usual for summers in Bakersfield, California USA.
Normally 35 degrees in (southern) Maine USA.
Usually we have a high of 27, with a couple of days over 30. I'm near Vancouver, Canada.
Where I am, it's hot all year around. 25 on average now. Maybe 35 on peak summer days. Recite, Brazil.
38-42 degrees Celsius with a very humid weather. Manila, Philippines.
38 degrees Celsius near Toulouse, France. For this country, it's high, usually, we have 30 to 33 degrees.
get used to it... or move to the north. It will get warmer and warmer.
After 2 weeks at 35-36 degrees, we had a drop of about 10 degrees yesterday. It's pouring rain and I am wearing an hoodie. Yikes.
It will soon be the last day of July, and while I'm looking forward to a new month, it is also quite clear that we're in the same old nightmare: Covid-19 has not gone away and it looks like the second wave of the pandemic is on its way.
It is stressing me out now, not really eager to go back to work in a few days, just when the situation is worsening. And our government here as badly manage the first wave. We are in for a rough ride...
It's been tough. I'm doing well relatively speaking but the overall situation has caused a lot of stress
My instinct about covid is to think 'oh, i'll be fine', which I have to actively fight. For example, I was really hoping to fly to go to a wedding this weekend, but I had to talk myself into understanding that "no mangoman, you don't know that it will just be 'ok'". I finally cancelled, even though I had friends who are flying.
I try to keep myself positive. We'll (hopefully) come out of this situation with some good lessons for the future. I'm glad I can finally find enough time for things I always wanted to do. I've also been talking to people a lot, and I've reconnected with some really old friends during this period. It's a good time to slow down a little and pay attention to the people and things you love. Take care and stay safe! We're in this together.
it's the same wave, the first never went away
My vitamin D levels are low, according to my doctor; but surely this is understandable given I have been mostly stuck inside my house since mid-March, shielding with my parents because of the lockdown?!
My husband keeps telling me I need to go outside more to get more sun and therefore vitamin D. I thought perhaps he worried too much but perhaps I should take his advice more seriously
Uh oh. I believe vitamin D deficiency is is a risk factor for covid. Have you tried taking a vitamin D supplement? I take one daily.
Have sun and eat fish, cheers!
You need social distance from other people, not from the Sun. Get out and play! :)
For the first time ever, I had my temperature checked before I was allowed to enter a building. I was pleased to see the staff wearing shields, masks and gloves too. I felt reassured. Is this a common experience for you? Do you feel protected or annoyed with these measures?
There's quite a lot of places around here that check temperature. The local supermarket even did it for a while when things were at their peak. I still see it being done at office buildings a lot. My workplace (although I haven't been there in months) has been using a thermal camera instead of the tempgun at the access control gates
I used to think that listening to audio books was "cheating" somehow; I don't really know why. But I am currently listening to a non-fiction book and I am really enjoying it. How do you feel about audio books?
Love audiobooks. I listen to either a podcast or audiobook every night 30m before bed, helps falling asleep too.
I don't think I would be able to enjoy Super Powereds as much as I would have if I read it.
I like them! I haven't listened to any since quarantine though. I used to walk about 30 minutes to and from work every day, great chance to listen to an audiobook or a podcast.
Learning should be fun, not work, so you can't cheat haha. Honestly, audio is such a great way to learn and absorb information. My only gripe is its inefficient sometimes, because I read faster than I that true for you too?
I feel ambivalent and uppity. If I was in book club and somebody tells me that they are so busy so they did not read Magic Mountain but listened to the audio book I would raise mi right eye brow and look the other way :).
For everyone that enjoys audio books, did you parents read to you when you were a kid? I often read books on my own and don't particularly enjoy listening to people read out loud.
I like audio books for stuff that you can just jump in at any point and catch up, like a podcast. While books that require more thoughts and you have to get back to previous points to get the context, listening alone is just not a good experience.
They're great! If there's a book I want to re-read, I often find myself picking up the audiobook instead. It feels like going through the same content with a different perspective and is really fun imo
I like listening to audio books that aren't too complicated to think along with, because I can do so while doing my chores. For more complex ones I'm really missing the option to highlight stuff that I have in physical books and ebooks. Any suggestions for fixing that problem?
I like them but I don't feel they're "the same" as a book. I don't quite know why, and I suppose I have a bit of 's response, too. Somewhere here is a terrible reply about how things that are more fulfilling are often "harder" but I'm not sure whether it applies here...
If it feels right, then it is
I personally haven't ever listened to one but I have nothing against it. I don't think there's anything better or worse about reading vs hearing stories.
Audio books have been great to listen to long Chernow biographies like Titan and Hamilton, but it felt less-than-ideal when listening to a book like Principles or Capitalism in America, where I want to highlight it to save it, take some notes, and read it again in the future.
There's nothing wrong with audiobooks. I've always loved physical books so I read whenever I can. I do like to listen to podcasts every now and then though.
Dont like it. Make me feel constrained. One dimension of my imagination is gone. It also takes less effort which makes deep understanding harder.
Sunday summer showers; but I am relaxing at Diva HQ, slowing down and enjoying simple pastimes like journalling. How do you relax?
Sitting out on my back porch, looking at the view from the back of my house.
Once I get my new house situated, I'll look into getting a hot tub for the back porch. Hot tub at night with a beer... extremely relaxing.
We've started a BLM book and film club in my unit. I am very impressed that it is a bottom up initiative, with positive engagement from POC and white allies.