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Diva Here's hoping 2021 is safe and healthy for all!
Diva Wishing everyone Season's Greetings! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
Burensasub Merry Christmas to you and your family!
😝 Tom Merry Christmas!
🎄 Ada and a happy new year :) thanks for the warm wishes!\
🔚🔜 Bort Simpson happy new year!
Diva Pumpkin spice season - yay or nah?
Nick The season? Yay! The pumpkin spice? I'll leave it for someone else.
Burensasub Yay! But only in moderation. The pumpkin spice trend is getting out of hand! ;-)
Diva It's nearly bedtime here in the UK, so I won't hear about the US Presidential debate until tomorrow morning; will you be watching?
Burensasub I ended up watching most of it. Don't feel the need to watch the next two
🧐 Nrmn Only saw some summaries. Man, I wish there would be people with some dignity up there.
Diva "Be nice to people on the way up; because you just might meet them on the way down." What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
😃💬 Javier "Know your future self" Not necessarily the best advice ever but one that becomes more and more relevant with age.
🤔✍️ David "Think before you speak." A platitude that is well-worth understanding.
🧐 Nrmn "Write code as if the one who takes over is a psychopath who knows your address."
Diva My neck is so sore. My WFH set up is sub par at best...
😃💬 Javier My neck pains at work usually relate to tension in my back. A good chair makes a difference. Even a yoga ball.
Diva Six months since lockdown started here. We have probably got at least six more months of restrictions. How about you?
Nick Same and same. 6 months is my optimistic guess. If there was money riding on it, my bet is 9 months.
Burensasub Just a bit over six months for us. That's what makes it difficult: we don't know for how much longer this will go on.
🍓 Harry Bo Total lockdown during 4 months, after, a summer with restrictions but free to move anywhere and since 3 weeks, lockdown for social activities (sport, restaurants, bars,...) but you're free to work. I don't understand the way of political decisions in France
Diva Do you remember?
Diva The British Prime Minister has announced that the second wave of COVID-19 is coming. I had hoped we had more time before it came back. Further restrictions, including local lockdowns are inevitable.
Burensasub Are cases sharply rising again?
Diva I watched the documentary "13th" four days ago and I'm still processing it. Mass incarceration is not good for society and it is not a deterrent; so it really is just a business opportunity for corporations. Dreadful.
Burensasub Of all the things to make a business out of, prisons are the worst (as well as health care)
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