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And here we are again; hello Monday! I'm hopeful but realistic about being back at work. It will be challenging but productive, fingers crossed
I didn't watch any news bulletins today and this has had a positive impact on my wellbeing
Grocery shopping is my jam! And cake; and strawberries; and ribs; and SO MANY THINGS
Woo hoo! Two whole days away from the madness
It's downhill to the weekend from here. Thank goodness!
Have a fun relaxing weekend!
Uh oh... Senior managers are on the warpath! They're saying a meeting is the only way to sort things out. DON'T DO IT! It's a TRAP!
What's your profession?
The dreaded pointless meeting! It affects all professions!
I'm senior management and I'm constantly fighting w/other senior managers about that... So team is not progressing because it's overworked? Easy fix: more projects and more meetings!
I can remember having a bug in production over the weekend, first thing Monday we get dragged into a 1.5h long meeting to explain what went wrong, actually fixing the problem had to wait until that nonsense was over with.
Meetings that start after 4pm - why? Just. WHY?
One Crazy Trick to Turn Poor Time Management Skills Into a Positive...
That's one hour after we have lunch.. sounds like a perfect time for me :)
It's a sign of a bad manager. They're pushing to expand your workday even more.
The servers were down at the salt mines for two hours at lunchtime and it was honestly the best part of the day!
A truly chilled day so far. I'm going to join my friends in an online quiz later. What are you guys up to?
Today, not much. Tomorrow, I need to set up utilities for my house, and tomorrow evening I play online trivia with my friends from Hawaii.
Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate!
Happy 4th of July to you too!
Thank you...about to have some apple pie!
It's FINALLY Friday! I'm so happy about it, but I am also EXHAUSTED...
Back at work and it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, as the Head of Unit is now back at the helm.
Very glad to hear!
A very Happy Canada Day, to all my family and friends in that wonderful country!
Happy Canada Day! Celebrating by staying inside and not doing much
I had a day off today, much needed for my wellbeing. Back at the virtual salt mines tomorrow, Inshallah
I hope it was an enjoyable, restful day!
It's FINALLY pay day! I'll be solvent for 24 hours and then... SIGH
I hope it comes Friday for me, if not, then Monday. I can't wait!