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As someone who has worked in a LAMP / web admin environment for a decade without using Python, what are the most common use cases for Python?
Working in IT networking - Python is the defacto launchpad for NetDevOps. Most integrations, SDKs, tutorials to coax network engineers away from CLI are based on Python.
searching by a doesn't work, it returns any match of the string sans hashtag
question - what is the fastest/easiest way to drop some file on an Apache web server and be able to navigate to a page through a browser that gives you a realtime readout of every single system message? Things being output to logs, user activity, etc. Does something like this already exist?
I'm not entirely sure if this satisfies your requirements but I believe Nix provides some concept of a single page configuration. In terms of log files I'm not entirely sure. In my case when I need to move files to my Nginx server's webroot I use scp although I've tried to do some things with crontab and automated cloning from git with some limited utility (moving files to my webroot so they become publicly accessible - files that are otherwise in my self-hosted git server). is a fascist, racist hive of angry white incel nerds. you're on the wrong side of history
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