One of those Italian in London. Opinions my own.
Diva I'm in the next door borough - Lewisham! I've lived here most of my life. I wish we had AC..!
🧿 Andrea Not very far! I know Lewisham, it has a tree planting group I wanted to join before covid. Today is a beautiful day, not too hot and breezy!
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Diva Hey there! Yep, during the day, I close the curtains, stay indoors and keep hydrated. At night, I toss and turn, trying to sleep... Where are you, in this magnificent city of ours???
🧿 Andrea We just installed AC and struggling to turn it off these days! I'm in Southwark, been here a couple years - before I was in Wembley and before then Clapham. What about you?
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Miso What will the web be like in 5 years?
🧿 Andrea I think the real difference will be in the hardware we consume it through - glasses instead of phones, and vr instead of PCs - 5 years might be early, but it's gonna happen
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🤙 Migz What are your favorite memoirs/autobiographies?
🧿 Andrea I like the Elon Musk one. I really like the Scott Adams one.
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Miso How many coffees per day? I'm currently at 3 to 4, depending on how much work needs to be done
🧿 Andrea Used to drink 2 to 3 long ones during the day, but I've quit almost completely since two weeks ago - was struggling with headaches and I'm trying to figure out the culprit
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👨🏻‍💻 Moroni What tv shows are you watching? I'm watching Handmaid's Tale, Mr. Robot, Westworld and Dark.
🧿 Andrea The Umbrella Academy S02!
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Diva The forecast states that the temperature won't drop below 20 degrees Celsius at 23:00 for the next few nights in London. What hell is this?!
🧿 Andrea Hey fellow Londoneer! More concerned about the 36c during the day!
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Diva Do you think it is accurate, regarding your personality?
🧿 Andrea I think it fits more than others, yes
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Diva My colleagues and I are attending a workshop tomorrow, Inshallah. We had to do a Myers-Briggs personality test ahead of the event. I'm an ISFJ ("The Defender") - which personality are you?!
🧿 Andrea Enfj, the protagonist!
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🟣 Ox I cant tell if im being ignored or what: does subreply have a public firehose API or not?
🧿 Andrea You could just scrape /discover? All the information is there - what are you trying to achieve?
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🧿 Andrea Started thinking about something I need to do for tomorrow at work and from there started unraveling more and more necessary work until I had basically generated a set of strategic documents and decisions to make, and became stressed, the point of what I was doing lost - bad brain! Take it one step at the time (especially on Sunday) :)
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😏 Yt L. Thanks! I think adversarial generators are really interesting. I'd like to learn enough to put one together some day.
🧿 Andrea You could make a system that generate phrases and pass them to the Trump identifier to only approve the ones that sound Trump enough - then post these to Twitter
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😏 Yt L. Just woke up from a VERY vivid dream which culminated in a car crash. Spent a few minutes writing down my dream and now it's hard to go back to sleep. I keep my dream journal on my phone and using my phone seems to have awakened me. Not ideal - but if I used pen and paper I'd need a light...
🧿 Andrea Old style tape recorder? :)
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😏 Yt L. I recently setup - an idea I had for competitive rephrasing. Now I'm working on a machine learning model to differentiate male from female writers (building on some success I had with a model to identify Donald Trump -
🧿 Andrea Entertaining read - you could now build an adversarial system to spout trumpisms!
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🧉 Martin I wrote a little app to make looking at my API's JSON logs a bit nicer. It's only for me, but making nice things is so cathartic! So, who do I talk to about series A?
🧿 Andrea This looks awesome! The design is very sleek
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🏀 Pr Did anyone see ? Seems pretty interesting, although I'm a little sketched out by the connection to FB. I'm a fan of the 90's nostalgia aspect, but hard to really dive in if it's owned by FB...
🧿 Andrea "Fellow GenXrs look at me! I am Facebook and I'm cool again!" .... Yeah, nope.
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