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Started thinking about something I need to do for tomorrow at work and from there started unraveling more and more necessary work until I had basically generated a set of strategic documents and decisions to make, and became stressed, the point of what I was doing lost - bad brain! Take it one step at the time (especially on Sunday) :)
Not so fun bed mites fact: your bed pillow might be home to 40k microscopic bed mites that come out at night to feast on your skin residues. (chapter 23, A Short History of Nearly Everything). Let me know if you want another!
Oh shit, just when I have to sleep...
Nice! Your skin has a lot of microbes including skin mites, too!
If I want another 40k bed mites or...
More, please!
UV light and and a vacuum will reduce the population. A water bed will do too plus take you back to the 80's
What is your best kept secret life hack? Mine: if you're feeling sick (high fever, food poisoning, etc) and don't drink coke regularly, a half litter of frizzy full sugar coke and a pan fried piece of bread (naan works well) will do you miracles
When I have the hiccups, I drink something warm, like tea, and it usually goes away
Well, it seems hiccups have some success, so my trick against it is, as soon as they start, I breathe in deeply and block my respiration there for minimum 15s. I don't know exactly what's the effect on my diaphragm but it systematically stop the hiccups after I exhaled. It never failed. For as long as I remember, meaning for the past 20 or 25 years at least...
absolutely +1 on the coke thing. I drink really rarely but when I'm sick it really helps and the people around me think I'm crazy! For me it can be even as small as one can.
Velcro ties on all cables. Can't tell you how much grief this has saved me as well as dramatically extending the life of my cables / gear.
Spend 5 mins a day planning your current day and review yesterday's work. This 5 mins of planning helps create amazing days and budgets mindless scrolling. It helps you progress professionally and personally.
Skip meals every now and then. Learn to tame your hunger.
Schedule a wifi router to automatically turn off it's wireless network at night, so that kids can go to sleep. Not a parent, but when I configured my uncle's router to do so, he was so damn happy.
How long will it take for America to stitch itself back together?
The difficult thing is that the answer is uncertain. It could be as soon as November (when the Presidential elections take place) or it may be beyond our lifetimes. I'm thinking the answer is somewhere in between.
It's a difficult time for sure. It's a bad reaction to an impossible situation and getting worse by the day. Many say the election will be the turning point. But I'm very sceptical about the occurrence of the election itself given the whole social distancing issues. But whoever comes next will have few big issues to solve including (1) Corona (2) Racism and Black Lives Matter (3) Respecting the Feminist Movement (4) The drug war (5) Visas and Immigration (6) Education
These are certainly troublesome times. It certainly does keep me up at night fiddling with ideas. The US might never stitch itself back together; it may end up with harder times. Our country may become something resembling the structure of the EU. Civil unrest is unpleasant. These are the things from a population that is blatantly refusing to work together. War is ugly, but we are exceptional at it. It could be the last one; the global destabilization would be real.
I look at and think 1) I could do most of productivity hacks in Gmail 2) I really want to build something new in Ruby 3) man, I miss Google Inbox
Working remotely for covid got my productivity through the roof; helps I love my job and there is always interesting or important or enjoyable to do. That said, I've realised my holiday count compared to last year has tanked, and I am getting headaches at times, I think due to the uninterrupted screen time absorbing information. So this week I'm off to Oxfordshire!
Have a great time! Even when working from home, we need some days off. It makes a big difference!
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