True Life: I'm on SSH
~ 95y old
đŸ§ŋ Andrea You could just scrape /discover? All the information is there - what are you trying to achieve?
đŸŸŖ Ox I am specifically looking for an answer from
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đŸŸŖ Ox I cant tell if im being ignored or what: does subreply have a public firehose API or not?
đŸ§ŋ Andrea You could just scrape /discover? All the information is there - what are you trying to achieve?
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đŸŸŖ Ox Lynx browser users: What key "sends" my subreply status? I just get new lines on pressing enter or ctrl enter.
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☕ David Antoine From 3y ago : "Either your browser has no JavaScript and renders the INPUT element contained by NOSCRIPT, or your browser support all the JavaScript used by Sublevel for its TEXTAREA. If you end up somewhere in between (e.g. by blocking JavaScript through uBlock, like me) the website becomes unusable". So maybe check your ad-block or JS status. Or just try another browser (I know it doesn't work with Opera Mini but Opera Mobile is fine).
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đŸŸŖ Ox Is there a firehose API for Subreply?
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🤔 David Have any specific use case in mind? XX hash is great for high performance:
đŸŸŖ Ox im hashing JSON documents and currently using SHA512, looking for something faster or more interesting.
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đŸŸŖ Ox In search of niche hashing algorithms..
🤔 David Have any specific use case in mind? XX hash is great for high performance:
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🧉 Martin A few years ago I decided to learn Esperanto (the constructed language). I now spend anywhere from a few hours to a few days per week speaking it with friends from around the world. AMA :) (or just shake your head disapprovingly)
đŸŸŖ Ox Do you know about the Monero project? Esperanto is their language of choice
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🤔 David Since you mentioned engineering podcasts are there any which you particularly like and would recommend?
đŸŸŖ Ox software engineering daily, changelog podcast
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🧉 Martin I know it's something we often do in conversation (where it bothers me much less), but it's so much more jarring in a podcast. And of course it adds nothing but noise for the listener... it's merely an indulgence of the host at the cost of a smooth listening experience.
đŸŸŖ Ox Also, vocal fry and upspeak seem to be creeping into podcasts, along with interjecting politics into everything. Sometimes I just want to listen to an engineering podcast.
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🧉 Martin Most of my backend code these days is Go. I like it because it's so minimal. While it's sometimes frustrating to not have various fancy language features, I like that it mostly stays out of my way and feels pretty "boring". Meanwhile my frontend's node_modules is a trillion GB and I feel compelled to keep a fire extinguisher nearby when I run the bundler :)
đŸŸŖ Ox Go is very handy, for that reason, because you can hand the code to someone without explaining and they know right away what it does. Boring is okay, I can agree with that, especially if the alternative is a sprawling tree of interlinked dependencies.
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🧉 Martin Nim looks interesting. It's as if I've seen it become much more popular in the last few years, but until I just checked, I had no idea it's actually 12 years old.
đŸŸŖ Ox It is pretty fun, similar to C++ or Go in function, but feels a little more "scripty" and less cryptic to write.
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🧉 Martin So, what's everyone up to today? In my remaining few months of "funemployment", I'm working on a language-learning app idea and hoping to get something out there before I run out of time.
đŸŸŖ Ox Working on learning Nim
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đŸŸŖ Ox Any software developers here?
🤔 David Yup! is right--this place got flooded after getting attention on HN and also getting posted to
Jakub Janarek One more reporting here. We're probably too many :/
🌚 Cosmo Does computational neuroscience count?
🕹ī¸ Louise Human here. I code stuff. I can prove i'm human, no need to report me to special agencies.
Dan Heath Not a true developer but getting heavy into NetDevOps - API controlled networks
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đŸŒĒī¸ Angelino Desmet You might find this insightful: I Hate the News - Aaron Swartz
🚴 Aditya And always measure what we've taken to calling the "left-pad index" when you're building something.
đŸŸŖ Ox I had just this example in mind while writing, among others.
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🚴 Aditya Is the code powering this website available anywhere? I didn't see anything immediately on GitHub anyway. cc