True Life: I'm on SSH
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I cant tell if im being ignored or what: does subreply have a public firehose API or not?
You could just scrape /discover? All the information is there - what are you trying to achieve?
Lynx browser users: What key "sends" my subreply status? I just get new lines on pressing enter or ctrl enter.
From 3y ago : "Either your browser has no JavaScript and renders the INPUT element contained by NOSCRIPT, or your browser support all the JavaScript used by Sublevel for its TEXTAREA. If you end up somewhere in between (e.g. by blocking JavaScript through uBlock, like me) the website becomes unusable". So maybe check your ad-block or JS status. Or just try another browser (I know it doesn't work with Opera Mini but Opera Mobile is fine).
Is there a firehose API for Subreply?
In search of niche hashing algorithms..
Have any specific use case in mind? XX hash is great for high performance:
Any software developers here?
Reporting in.
Yep! I think there may be a lot of us due to the attention this website received on Hacker News.
I'm a mediocre developer. It's not my main job, just a side hobby
I'm a mediocre developer. It's my main job, not just a side hobby. I mostly just copy and paste then elaborate a bit.
Yup! is right--this place got flooded after getting attention on HN and also getting posted to
One more reporting here. We're probably too many :/
Does computational neuroscience count?
Hello, yes!
Human here. I code stuff. I can prove i'm human, no need to report me to special agencies.
Not a true developer but getting heavy into NetDevOps - API controlled networks
An appeal to young programmers, and the JS generation: Embrace the Stdlib. Endless webs of recursive dependencies leave endless chances for your creations to be turned against you. To abandon the toolset that our fathers gave us is to call their work incomplete as we myopically integrate the creations of our smarter neighbors. Stdlib is the Genesis, Stdlib is everything. The wheel does not need be reinvented to be better. Own your code.
And always measure what we've taken to calling the "left-pad index" when you're building something.
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