🟣 Ox Any software developers here?
Oknaj Reporting in.
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🤔 Dave I can relate to that. In addition to being nearly exclusively negative, most news is garbage-quality and only cares about emotionalising and getting clicks. Here in Germany even the big newspapers with loads of history, prestige and influence have degenerated to a quality level which 20 years ago would have been associated with the tabloid press. Maybe I can muster the courage to purposefully avoid all news in the future...
Oknaj I believe money and political agendas had infiltrated the media. They do not stand as independent news sources anymore, they are not allowed to cover _ANY_ topic. Therefore, I consider them as propaganda machinery.
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⌨️ Joseph That makes sense, that's a nice machine :) I did end up buying an HD screen and put that on myself. Can't stand those low res screens. That's part of the reason I love thinkpads so much is that they are so easy to tinker with.
Oknaj I've read somewhere that even older versions of T4xx are more open for customization / easier to customize them - especially the IBM versions. I enjoy thinkpads primarly for their keyboard.
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Oknaj User interface is a little bit clunky. I can see people are confused by the way they reply. Post is intedent for OP, but lands as a reply of a reply to OP. It is hard to distinct what is OP post, versus what are the replies to OP.
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⌨️ Joseph What are the specs on yours? Mine was the i5 with 8GB of Ram, the lower quality screen and a 240 SSD.
Oknaj I have i7, 16 GB of Ram, high quality screen and 512 SSD. I decided to go all in since I use it privately / professionally.
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⚠️ Daniel Thoren Learning how to pickle custom objects in python
⌨️ Joseph Thinkpad T480. Bought it last year on eBay for about $450.
Oknaj Thinkpad T480. Bought it last year from Amazon for about $1600
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🧔 Justin I have a hard time imagining Trump seeing a second term, but he did win the election last time. Would a Biden presidency even be much better? But voting for a third party is "wasting your vote". Sigh
Oknaj Its because information which reaches you is curated. You believe its reality. There are websites which don't reach you. E.g. thedonald.win
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Vaku Hey there!
Oknaj Hey, how are things?
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